Today marks another conclusion of the celebration of Black History Month. And it’s still needed to learn.

Like many before, there will be more “Black History Month related” topics in a sense of ongoing learning of our culture and the ongoing events of filling in the cracks about the culture. As usual there will be those who won’t care, and those who say “well we need to learn this everyday” mentality. Well I have to ask this and I will be asking this question every single time: What do we do everyday? Look around. We do our routines, our schedules, agendas, Church mentality relations, making the punchline on Facebook or any Social Media Platform. We wait until the new shoes comes out, or wait if Jay Z drops another Video with Beyonce, or the ongoing saga in the mind of Kanye, or the ongoing things that don’t reflect the reminders of Black History. We say we should learn this everyday, but do we mean it? I don’t care if you’re old school. Heck I don’t care if you’re a Millennial Reader of mine, or Gen Y or my Generation X. I hate to say not all of us DON’T reflect our history of black events and figures EVERYDAY.

March is coming and that’s Women’s History Month. Women, will any of you celebrate it? Or will some of you will break out the “we celebrate it everyday speech?” Trust me, I want to know.

Black History Month 2014 to me will mark a year that we’ve seen more celebrations celebrated, and a MTV footage of Charlamange Tha God having to go out to the NY Streets interviewing some folks if they knew any Black History Month Figures. Oh, if anyone had not seen that clip, it was a slap in the face. Not at Charlamange. But at the folks who didn’t knew nor recognize who Malcolm X was, nor Rosa Parks, and of all folks: Condolezza Rice. But they knew who Tyler Perry was. Oh, I have to say as a black person, we pride ourselves of knowing our folks today, but we need to recognize and learn those who came before us. I wasn’t alive when Sojourner Truth or Nat Turner was deep, but I recognize their contributions to anti-slavery during the time frame. I was young not to know Oprah Winfrey during her talk show era, but I know her now as one of the best black female millionaires and a OWNer of her OWN Network. Yes, I know who are The Roots are, as well as Kendrick Lamar and others doing their thing today. Speaking of The Roots, they made history being the first in Hip Hop to be the official band for the new Jimmy Fallon revamped remixed Tonight Show. And those scenes, done by Spike Lee. Another Black First. Bar none. Ice Cube was honored this week by BET for his work in film and rap music. Now hold up, Cube is a Gangsta Rapper. And he’s getting awards from the BET Honors? That to me a first time in it’s events history, that a rep from the rap game has got a Honors award that was very appreciative. Remember the name of this Actress: Lupita Nyong’o. Please do.  Michael Sam: We know his platform being the first recent openly Gay Football Player. Look, let him have his platform. I would be more interested in his sack record than his stance on liking Men. The same with Jason Collins dawning the Brooklyn Nets uniform making him the first-ever open gay NBA Player. Even though its only 10 days. Black Olympians of Aja Evans and Lauryn Williams, made their mark in Black History Month 2014, 12 years after Vonetta Flowers busted the doors down in 2002. Plus for Lauryn, she became the first to both medal and win in the Winter and Summer Games. Now since the U.S. Men’s Hockey Team didn’t win their golden shares, but the Canadians did. And one of the team members, P. K. Subban won a gold medal and made the list as one of the African-Canadians to achieve that goal. And also, February 26th marked the one year anniversary of the death of Milwaukee’s own 1290 WMCS, The talk of the town. That was a big blow to the community especially to the black community itself. Since that time, WNOV 860 has been the lone wolf of Milwaukee Black Talk Radio. Others like Black Coffee Radio and have also filled in the gap during the work week and weekends.

Many times in the social media land in Black History Month, I like many others used the #BHM2014 thing to continue my tributes and acknowledgements. And I’m sure many have done the same. Hey, it’s not racist. It’s just an acknowledgement.

In TV this week: I respect and love the work of Tamron Hall! (#WCW) Not only for her work, but also this week, she became the FIRST EVER Black Female Co-host on the Today Show. And she got cupcakes. Hold up! She got to be the first to make the list and received dessert? Now that’s a Black History Moment with a twist. Also Joy Reid of MSNBC got her own show called The Reid Report this week, and to my assumption she is the second or third black female to have her own show on the cable channel. So yes, we black folks are working it. Plus also, the last thing of Black History Month 2014: #MYBROTHERSKEEPER. If you recalled from the State of the Union address, President Obama highlighted the initiative in which it got no praise. I wonder why. But in his later remarks this past week had re examine the effects and concerns about young men and boys of color. And don’t get into an argument by saying it’s racist or being self hatred externally. It’s really a concern just like school violence, and drugs in the Suburbs. Don’t lie! So the phrase Am I my brother’s keeper from New Jack City is not just a line in a movie, now it’s needed more in a reality. Plus, remembering the fight between the then-Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston of 1964.

I have to comment about using the phrase “being the first.” First off, when you are the first at something, you have made it. You are setting the standards anew. You are recognized of being the first for a positive reason with starting things off and having this notion of setting the example. I can hear folks say, “we are still saying the first? That’s racist.” Or “The first African American this, or that? Whatever. Go to school!” – Just for that, I read that off of facebook from a black person. A female per say. This being the first thing is not a way to divide folks. It should inspire folks to be the best in their craft or upcoming. When I read about some of today’s folks like a Tamron Hall, or a Vonetta Flowers, or The Roots, and yes the President himself making moves while being the first, that inspires me! That tells me that I have a chance to get my checks in. That I may not lay down for no one that is evil, nor deceitful. The door is still open and I’m taking my chance to get to that door before something ignorant closes it up.

Black History Month 2014 is just a reminder of what has transpired and what will be next to look and preview. However, when the centerpiece does come off the table for #BHM2014, there will be more references. There will be always facts. There will be always reviews. There will always be having the first, next, and last. There will be always having noticeable reminders. And most of all, the aftermath of Black History Month 2014 for the rest of the year should empower our communities, businesses and other ethnics to push for their respective months to celebrate. Even having Black Music Month in June.

So I say yes: Black History Month STILL matters. Even all year around. And on my stance on this, I’m not like the folks to keep the learning stuff in February only. Nor I’m not like the folks who say that are pro “we should celebrate this everyday”. I’m in the middle. Why can’t we celebrate and observe our culture events and figures all year long and keep Black History Month as a centerpiece of acknowledgement? Can that be done, black folks? I don’t care if you are a black preacher that is polarized. Yeah I said it. But even with this comment, not everyone is going to be in the middle. It’s either left or right. So, I’m staying in the middle to keep balanced.

The struggle continues.

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