I’m sure many in the country has been asking: What’s up with Wisconsin now?

Not much as usual on this end, except the weather, and having a Milwaukee Bucks rookie making waves. Plus also gearing up for spring training with the Brewers.

BUT: as many of you know by now, Scott Walker is back in the news.

Remember those things that we’ve been hearing about him having those secret email messages about doing work on company county time, and the denials of it. Remember all of that? Remember about the smoking gun that came blazing out of the Walker camp of denial? Remember how us Wisconsinites had to beat our drums and protested like hell in the capital of Madison, even in the rotunda, even on tractors all trying to get this “Governor” out of the chair in Madison?

Well we tried. And partially failed. The reason why said partially failed because the main reason, Walker is still working. And the Republicans in the State still have the majority. And the Democrats on the other side are trying to get a plan to get of using the 2014 vote to get their power stroke back on track.

The extra red alert of all of this pain of emails: there were 27,000 plus email messages that was taking place when Walker was gunning for the chair. According to the rules of government and I’ve heard this before: that was going against the rules. Not using political or acknowledging political stances while working on county time. Those of us had or currently have those working in government know all that to well. Apparently, Tom Nardelli, and Kelly Reindfleich should know that. Partially, if Kelly wasn’t that well, “dumb” of what she did, then probably she would have not done that. Does this make sense?

Well now the governor has given his commentary and feels that its all behind him. It’s doesn’t mean nothing. In the eyes of the Wisconsin Democrats, One Wisconsin Now and many others, this was something that was brewing for a while, but those didn’t want to hear it. Well its time to confess! Again were in midterm election mode. And again if Walker goes out of Wisconsin with this email trail behind following him in which he cannot escape, THEN GUESS WHAT? There is no escape. That would adding embarrassment onto the citizens and the state! This is coming from a guy who promised to campaign on a imaginary goal of getting 250,000 jobs by his first term. The same guy who threw away 800 million dollars for high speed rail that would connect Milwaukee and Madison and additionally with other cities and towns for jobs. But did that happen? No! And a hidden thing in all this? More segregation! Don’t lie Wisconsin! And additionally of slashing those off of Badgercare, and Act 10 concerning Collective Bargaining. Plus slashing education. I’ll bet Mayor Tom Barrett had to be looking at those emails and be like, “I had to lose to this man in all of this?”

When I was a teen at Milwaukee’s John Marshall High School, in the Band mind you, we used to go down to Northwestern University for their annual band day shows. This was in the 90’s by the way. We had met with some band students from Illinois, and they were asking us where were from and we said Wisconsin. Their comment: “Oh that’s the Dahmer State!” They kept saying that over and over again. Plus also Jeffery Dahmer was killing and consuming young boys at the time as a serial killer. Well now, Wisconsin can be known as the Worst Walker state. And his work of “damaging the Badger State” thus far, proves it.

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