Oh, America. Really?

The highlight from the Dunn Trial really reinforced the mentality of fearing black kids, huh Even if it concerns Jordan Davis, perhaps? Last week. Michael Dunn was found guilty of 4 out of 5 counts in the shooting death of the Florida Teen. Oh yeah, it’s off to the big house for Michael Dunn, but that first degree act of criminality of shooting an unarmed teenager in a SUV all because of the music was too loud. Seriously?! And the “well observed” population of American feels that getting a gun would solve a problem.

And there are other “problems” why many have died under the so-called “stand your ground” law. Look at this cartoon pic courtesy of the Miami Herald,  and it’ll make you think:

Now pay attention to the markings. Everything from oh let me see:

  • Wore a hoodie
  • Reached into their pocket
  • Looked like he possibly had a gun
  • Said the Wrong Thing
  • Looked Like a Thug
  • Threw Popcorn
  • Hurt Somebody’s Feelings
  • Played Music Too Loud
  • Texted in a movie theater
  • Road Rage
  • Wore wrong type of clothing

All of these thus far, are the now majority reasons why many now are dying behind the barrel of the gun. Shameful.

And most recently, in Arkansas, a black teenage girl was shot to death, in a response of her egging someone’s house. Another example of this so-called law that has one, wage war on young black teens, and two why want someone want to kill someone over some egging prank? Usually you get the police to do this in investigations, but for this, really?! And the dude was black.

But getting back to Michael Dunn. Dude was saying that (what really got me) when he shot Jordan Davis, he felt he was the victim. What!!!! He was the victim? Where does he go off and say that he felt victimized over the so-called viewpoint of him fearing loud music in a SUV. That was his excuse?!! Oh hold up, in a statement, he also said this about shooting blacks, which was beyond shameful: From his letter or note from jail, he writes:

This may sound a bit radical but if more people would arm themselves and kill these **** idiots when they’re threatening you, eventually they may take the hint and change their behavior………

I hate to say this, but that what’s others like him might sound like when someone or something looks or acts suspicious. I’ve heard that many times. And still hearing it. I think the fear lies in inferiority. That also feeling kind of what, “standing your ground” in a sense of taking back something? This example is not taking back the night nor standing your ground, more like taking it out on someone else and making the family of the deceased feel worse. Michael Dunn was found guilty. 4 of 5 counts of Murder. The first count should have been counted as guilty REGARDLESS of the decision.

And so, the ongoing saga of going after black teens continues. And I dare say, what’s next? Many are saying to get out and March. Look here, I don’t have a issue with Marching. I don’t have an issue (unlike the “Negropean folks” on Roland Martin’s Facebook page being Antagonists like whatever) making a statement. Many are saying “oh, Marching is so tired. We need to get the Guns out!” For those who want the guns out, I’m pretty aware that the second amendment has the right to bear arms on speed dial. But I must warn this: If you retaliate like that, chances are the possibilities of that are just as deadly. What that means: you need to think before doing!

Just a final thought: Not all black kids are dangerous, possess fear, don’t have criminal mindsets and setting the world ablaze.

Speaking of #DangerousBlackKids that America should be afraid of: those who are enrolled in school in which has a 100% rating of sending black students to College. I read about that and hmmm……are they dangerous? Those who have been honored by their peers of scholastic achievement, or recognizable work in the community: are they dangerous?

Time to learn today!

And that, is my #trending commentary.

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