So far, I’m glad that SNL got the message of getting more black folks on the sketch comedies.

I’m sure that many had a chance to view this. And I’m breaking American yet again when I say, I get it. For the 28 reasons skit from Saturday Night Live, I get it. Here’s the reason. Many feel that Black History Month is all about the achievements, and goals for us African-Decent Citizens. Not just African-Americans. However there are those on the outside looking in, who feels that “oh Black History Month is all about the blacks talking slavery!” Excuse me? And there are those who feel that the occasion is about making us black folks concerned and guess what that is coming from some black folk feeling this segregation from other folks of culture. For those who think that Black History Month is all about Slavery, there is no money in the mailbox and you just got punked. This also is a reminder that us black folks need to be engaged in our history more just getting those Air Jordans. Now I have nothing against Air Jordans, BUT if we can know the date of the shoes coming out, and many other things, WHY NOT that consistant reminder of who is Lonnie Johnson, or that yes a black woman was featured on a phonograph record back in the 1920’s was a historical moment? You don’t know? Research!

Oh by the way, this skit in my opinion proves a point. Now many think it’s a bit lazy. But after looking at it a couple times, part of that in a mindset sense, is the truth.

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