Stradivarius Violin

Stradivarius Violin (Photo credit: caribb)

Oh, it’s been an interesting week. The scene here in Milwaukee media has been focused on one piece of instrument of a Stradivarius. Also known a Violin. I have to comment on this during my on-going 28 days of Black History celebrations. But trust me, this letter will be heard. Time to strike!

Dear City of Milwaukee, and the MSO:

It’s me, Stephen. You know that blogger guy here in the city?


We had to pay attention to the case of the missing/stolen Stradivarius for one week.


And some parts of the America had to be like, Really Milwaukee? A VIOLIN?!!


WELCOME TO WISCONSIN! We welcome imanginary businesses, and save violins that are priceless from crime better than human concerns of unemployment and education. Plus minorities. Oh the humanity…….

I have to comment on this in which partially I do understand about the situation of a missing instrument. Heck, I used to play a violin back in my elementary school days during the summer way back in the 80’s. Don’t front blogger readers, there was a time back in the day I had to play a violin for learning not just fun. Which led me to pianos and Saxophones. And for those who want know, I know a difference between a violin and the name of Stradivarius.

But in this scenario: Not so much.

I want the city and MSO to know that this ABP search for a instrument, shouldn’t be that serious. Ok, it’s a priceless antitique and I understand it’s not a Hotaro Sword from Kill Bill. I get it. So to say in the question, and I have to agree with my Newsfeed Social Media folks on this one, why was the freaking City of Milwaukee, FBI and mainly the law enforcement, why was this INSTRUMENT was so overly important than the deaths of Corey Stingley, the missing of Alexis Patterson, and the concerns of unemployment which is still high in the black community, TELL ME TOM BARRETT! TELL ME CHIEF FLYNN! TELL ME MILWAUKEE COUNTY DA JOHN CHISOLM!

I want to know, and plus, I’m speaking as a instrument person myself!

So the Stradivarius was listed as a priceless instrument. Almost 300 years of it. I get it. But I have to say in highsight, human life is important also. Now I own two saxophones. Both to me are priceless in my own right. But they aren’t as priceless as having a Stradivarius listing over $300,000+ dollars! And plus, I got them through family. Now the MSO. I get it. I have heard of you being the best in the business. But you have to understand that this could have been prevented. It’s also very shocking that it had to go through all this. I’m sorry about it. But I’m just saying that this is partially is not that important. Plus also,  I want to know why was this necessary. Explain to those who had to laugh at this. Explain to the black community who had to rant like crazy over in the words: a piece of wood. Explain why was this was all blown out like crazy. EXPLAIN!

And what was really crazy, one of the persons who did the crime, was cutting Tom Barrett’s hair and was black. He goes under the name “Universal Allah”, and was a barber. Another black man, Salah Salahadyn was in this as well plus he pulled a heist like this one before, but this was about 20 plus years ago due to art theft. I know what others might be thinking, why would two black men want with a Stradivarius that was estimated about (according to Fox 6 News) 6 million dollars? Plus armed with a taser that can be tracked as far as Texas! Yes, they had a taser on them, and with the serial numbers, they can be easily be tracked to the owner of the weapon. Sort of like your tracking number, or better yet, try the Social Security Number. For all those who have taser at home just remember that.

Finally, now that Stradivarius will be soon reunited with it’s owner of the MSO and yes, the owner might be making an appearance once the smoke clears. Now for Fox 6, Channel 4, 58, 12 when you do interview this person, ask this: what does he know about the major concerns of Milwaukee? Like black homicides, or crime. Or any other concerns like Unemployment and the fear of Trains in the Republican Party! Or having a black community center!  Ask those questions. Then we might be getting somewhere!



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