Wow, the day after the Superbowl, and there was a hate fest over a soda commercial. Should I rant on these so-called Americans? Oh yes! And it’s time to rant.

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First: for the Seattle Seahawks, yes you won the  Superbowl.  Your first ever real SuperBowl. Enjoy the ticker tape parades, the post celebrations. Enjoy what your coaches, and players have to say. Enjoy the speech of the MVP. Enjoy it all. Just remember as being the champs, you got a new symbol called a bullseye. You are no longer the hunter, but the HUNTED. Everyone in the NFL, including my Green Bay Packers will be gunning for your strap next season! So as long as you got the strap, it’s like what Stone Cold Steve Austin said about the WWE championship: “Either put up or shut up!” But congrats anyway.  Plus, partial credit goes the Wisconsin Badgers Football because Russell Wilson, Montee Ball, Chris Maragos, Darrell Bevell, and O’Brien Schofield all played in this year’s SuperBowl. Plus also: Russell Wilson is now the 2nd black QB in history to WIN a SuperBowl. Talk about Black History Month. 

Now: Americans – some of you really suck this morning. I mean really suck this morning. I was looking at the Coca-Cola Commercial last night. The one with America The Beautiful in the multi-language thing going.That I think was one of the best opening commercial that the company has ever done. I drink Sprite Zeros. However many of you, had to respond in this negative fashion of being stuck up losers on a softball team that has a bad reputation. Oh let’s review that commercial shall we?

Really Americans? Really?! You mad at this?

Obviously not surprising.

Many of us don’t know that the CEO of Coca-Cola right now, is an American Citizen of Turkish Decent. Um did you know this? Where you at on this, Americans?! Hating on a commercial of a soda product. I’ll bet many of those who did enjoyed the commercial were just pleased. Maybe “breaking american” per say. It’s just like the Cheerios commercial last year when you have a white mother, a black father (in which mostly got the most hate) and the biracial child, got all the hate, but they pushed the envelope. And guess what citizen haters of the country, they had did another commercial. Oh, so that means that the cheerios stock will stop again just because you hate interracial families? Like Chris Rock said, who ever you have might end up in your family! We Americans talk all that smack about the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal, and about that phrase that Dr. King says that not judging by the color of skin but by the content of the character, remember that?!!! Wow Americans. America to me has long way to go to be a true melting pot, and I dare say having a “American History Month”. Oh I’m going there. Based on the Attitude , America does NOT deserve an American History Month right now. So technically, I’m “Breaking American” myself on this blog. Plus while were on the subject, America The Beautiful is NOT the National Anthem, it’s really the Star Spangled Banner! They say #boycottcoke; I say #Boycottcokehaters! And many of you probably went to Twitter and voice your frustration. Plus also: do you have a job today? Some of you might be fired! Or what happened in class today? Did you get suspended or kicked out of school after your rant like this: (click below)

Second: Bill O’ Reilly and his fans needs those meds, STAT! The President took it to the Fox News junkie who thinks the spin stops with him. But I think Bill O’Reilly really sucked in that interview. He is just another pundit sent by Fox News just to stump the President. Face it Right Wingers, with all the talk about Benghazi, the IRS, the Affordable Care Act, and having the fortitude to work hard to get America pumping up in working hard, you lost! It’s like dealing with the same song messages all over again like we need to address. It’s already has been addressed! Mainly it was just another ploy to try to throw Obama off his game. But it backfired. We know that this is what the Conservative folks crave. Admit it. They are just haters of Obama. Mad he got in TWICE, and with all the things he’s doing they hate. They will have to understand that this is not “their” country! The tea party always talked about “Taking their country back.” Back from whom? Oh, here’s another rundown of the video:

Bill had to interrupt the President like over 40 times! Really Fox News? Time to pull a Bill Maher and “Flip a District.” Matter of fact, can America flip a Fox News? That was just flat out disrespectful. Un-American. It was nothing more than get at the black man in the White House. And he has done this before and who is audience? Oh, the right wingers. Nevermind.

Finally, I have to get off my high  horse on this one. For all the Black Females out there ranting about hair, STOP! Please stop. Once again, Pam Oliver was the punchline of not having her hair straight. Really black women? Oh, no surprise. That same crap that haunted Gabby Douglas. When I see working women like Pam Oliver working, I don’t care regardless of her hair looks. She wasn’t going to a fashion show and having a few drinks. When you’re out in the elements like she was and not having your hair covered up, of course it’s going to get a tad messy! DUH! What is so hard about that? We can’t (and I’m including men in this) control that. Oh here we go. Let me say this to end: Black women: you don’t do Pam Oliver’s hair. You are not her stylist, her barber, nor her fashion consultant. You don’t even own a freaking licence to grant permission to do her wardrobe for hair selections! So do her a favor, and those of her family a favor and just shut your trap! Nobody cares about your hair concerns! Jeez. Worry about your own darn hair! 

And that is my rant.

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