“OMG…this speech is so full of sh*t. Wish I could get up and walk out.” – Rep Christine Snicki, Milwaukee, WI via Facebook. 

Last night, here in Wisconsin, the Governor gave his annual State of the State Speech. And based on the results of the speech, it sucked. Literally.


Based on the reactions on Twitter, yes if your’e a Republican fan of Scott Walker, you’re probably saying and thinking that yes he had a good speech. BUT………if you didn’t like him nor care about Walker, you really need to be disappointed. Last night in the speech, there were alot of misses. ALOT OF MISSES and plus there was not a mention about the largest city of Milwaukee. Not one mention of the engine of the whole state. Really Walker? Really that 50% that voted him in? Technically if you going to mention about the whole state in YOUR Speech per say, you have to mention about Milwaukee. Walker said something way earlier about we don’t want to be like Milwaukee. That to me is so segregated. And his speech of not mentioning Milwaukee proves it. I dare ANY so-called Republican fan challenge me on that. Or matter of fact, challenge ANYONE in Milwaukee that opposes him to prove him wrong.

Another scene: Look at this.

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Now you probably thinking, oh, whats wrong with this? It’s just a bunch of workers in Madison at the State of the State Speech. We get it. But what you don’t see are NO representation of anyone that is African-American! Yes, there are black workers, black employees in Wisconsin, but why weren’t anyone that was black on that stage with the rest of the folks who have the medical, welder, and many other jobs. Mainly, this is what Wisconsin is lacking. And if anyone thinks it’s all B.S. stop dreaming! Now if you feel that what I just say is all sensitive, it’s not! I’ll bet when Jim Doyle was in office, you had black folks representing at the State of the State Address. But this year, really Walker? No working black folks?!! And this is the symbolism of employment progress in the state?


Oh, check this: Wisconsin Resident Christopher Barber in the pic who is a welder, in his past: has been a sex offender, been in jail, probation revoked, DUI’s in all. And still got a job? REALLY WALKER?! Oh, if he was a black dude, guess what might happen? Don’t worry I’ll wait. I’m just making a statement.

Also, one of my state representatives had a real comment about Walker’s Speech. If you missed it, I’ll post it here yet again. Be warned: it’s uncensored.

Now why this? If anyone feel this, hey it’s real. Personally, I have not met Rep. Christine Snicki. Nor I do not know her. But I will say that in her remark, she is having all of  Wisconsin talking. Mainly she disagreed with Walker’s speech. And I know in the vernacular of her remark may have uproared the entire republican community, LOL!!! It’s real talk. They think it’s an overreach. It’s not. Now if Rep. Christine Snicki was a black woman many would probably called her oh, she’s an angry black woman. RUN!! Sort of what Richard Sherman said in the NFC Championship. And folks are still talking. Partially, many of the so-called Americans think Richard Sherman is a thug all because of his “outburst”. Really in a statement: “The only reason it bothers me is because it seems like it’s the accepted way of calling somebody the N-word nowadays. Because they know.” Now Christine herself is no thug. Like I said, I don’t her and she went straight hood on her remark. (hood pass alert) She may have (and did) apologize for her choice of words, but as a way of concern, she’s not holding back. Many have felt it. But it took one voice to start a fire in which I think that the Republicans like Walker, Vos and their fans must answer too. If they don’t answer, then the ending result is getting them from office. So Wisconsin (and Milwaukee) we got 3 to 4 voting dates in 2014. If you don’t like Walker’s policies: VOTE!

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