Richard Sherman | Seattle Seahawks

Richard Sherman | Seattle Seahawks (Photo credit: Football Schedule)

I had to laugh. Really.

Well, let me say in regarding the NFC Championship game between the 49ers and Seahawks. Yeah, let also say that 49ers had it coming! Yeah, and all you Colin Kaepernick Worshipers: no matter if you are in Wisconsin, or anywhere else: HA!!!!!! Oh, where was these same fans that was talking smack about my 13 time NFL Champion Green Bay Packers? Huh?!!!!  Where was Ric Flair?! Uh-huh!  No Where! Yep, the Seahawks showed the 49ers who they really are! Yeah I said it! #teamlambeau suckas!!! Oh, the #questfor14 should be instilled in #packernation.

Now I got that off my chest, let me go in on this Richard Sherman commentary. By now, we’ve all seen it, right? If not, let’s view this again shall we:

Really sensitive Americans?!!! This is what you’re mad about? Really?!!!

Get the “blank” out of here! Really. GET OUT!

This talk thing is nothing new. But what is new you got all these folks who went Twitter Postal on Richard Sherman on his commentary. Popping off and junk. WHAT really lead to this: is all Michael Crabtree’s fault. Yes, 49ers fans. Your boy Crabtree started this whole thing on Twitter back in the previous off-season, calling Richard Sherman fake and etc. Go back and read his Twitter timeline, or if he has a Facebook page, go in his timeline. That’s who you should be mad at. Not Richard Sherman. Many of us who have jumped on this was like “oh he should be shot, or that n*gga is dumb as hell. And he’s a member of Phi Beta Sigma?” Yes, for those who don’t know, this Compton, California Born Defensive Back, with 4.0 GPA out of Stanford is a member of the NPHC, Divine 9 Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated. Sigmas: I’ll leave that up to you. But he seems to be a smart guy of not going on twitter and using the old school mentality and telling it like it was. And those on Twitter (probably those who were non black and need to back on the learning tree)  had the nerve to call him that “n*gger.” We’ve heard Muhammad Ali talk smack about Joe Fraizer and Howard Cossell. But he was a fighter. Now there are those who might say, Don’t put Muhammad Ali and Richard Sherman in the same category. I’m not. I’m putting the mentality in this. Even when Warren Sapp and Brett Favre were jaw jacking at each other alot, but they both won their SuperBowl rings.

Oh, since I’m talking Packers again: guess what this reminds of. And you Bears fans should know. In a Chicago Bears media footage, Brandon Marshall had to talk smack  about the then-Packers Defense for over 20 Minutes. Talking about Tramon Williams, Charles Woodson, Clay Matthews, A.J. Hawk, and many others. Oh he went in for about 20 minutes talking smack about the Packers D. But the Packers got the W. And the next day, Brandon Marshall was crying like a humbled coward as he was. Losing!  Dude was crying after that game. But unlike Richard Sherman, the Packers D didn’t outburst.

However, like Richard Sherman they made a statement. Period. They won. 49ers lost.  Oh, that commentary was like a scene out of the 80’s wrestling promos. Richard was going in like Bad News Brown, Harlem Heat, Booker T, and any old school African-American Wrestler that was not afraid of going to the mic. Most of us that grew up in the 80’s: we know that mentality life. Others who came late, you better learn today! Back then, they didn’t talk smack they backed it up and settled it like men. Not whiny babies that ran home that most see today. OH NO! And they didn’t hide behind the keyboards like moronic cowards waiting for a pointer rating like today. Oh hell no! There was no need to go get your guns and express your 2nd Amendment Rights the wrong way.

Want to resolve an issue? Do it man to man. Woman to Woman. Man to Woman. Woman to Man. Employee to Boss (yes I said it! Too many, but not all bosses do get away with murder the workplace) Company to Company. And many others. DO IT IN PERSON! Prove a point. I’m not advocating violence or any other physicality. Just simply step up and get your point across!

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