Sasheer Zamata

Sasheer Zamata (Photo credit: benzado)

Congrats, SNL. You have responded.

Since the tail end of 2013, the show was facing scrutiny about not having a black female cast-mate in the last 6 or 7 years. We know Maya Rudolph. But that not all we know. I remember Ellen Cleghorne from the 90’s. But by the time this week comes to an end there will be two words of taking down the notes: Sasheer Zamata.

Oh, and for you notebook writers, as usual write this name down:

Sasheer Zamata.

Got it?

I’ll say it again – SASHEER ZAMATA.

That her name, and comedic stuff is the game.

Now for those who are well think that this is just a easy thing, it’s not. Like I said earlier, SNL has been a void in the last 7 years or so without a black female castmate. And yes, we all heard what Kenan Thompson about SNL not looking hard enough for searching for a black female to do sketch comedy every week on a Saturday Night. But I think that skit that Kerry Washington did really let a fire lit under neath the cushion of the SNL Board of Directors per say and to get with the program. Granted that yes, SNL in it’s 38 years on the air has to maintain a fresh perspective of the change in time and eras. Just to think, that this weekend of that happened on a MLK Holiday Weekend.

So many might say, oh I’m using Martin Luther King Jr in this? Really? In a word, yes. It’s all about equality. It’s about fairness. I mean is this an opportunity country? I’m just saying. And on the flip side, there were some bold radical like and revolutionary moves that got this started up for Sasheer to get this spot on a longest running comedy series since 1975. Plus also, there were 3 writers that were hired and they were all African-American. Oh, I know that In Living Color has not approached that mark. Matter of fact it didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, ILC was a cool show. Men on Films in all!

Getting to the meat of all of this, I looked at the show and even though she was in a few skits, but to me she did pretty well. Even though, and black folks we know how we are when someone of our culture gets that one debut we tend to have this notion of like “Oh she should have more skits.” in a critical type fashion. And on that, I was reading some tweets on Twitter about that. Really?!!! One thing to remember that we can be our own worst enemy when things like this comes up! Remember Don’t Sleep on BET? Just a warning, African-Americans! Also remember, this is her first break.

So African-Americans: BE PATIENT! Sasheer’s time is here and let her new career grow not only with talent. But with a grace and gift that the Almighty has blessed her with. Not only that, give her a chance! If those feel she’s been “token”, really you don’t know what you’re talking about. And to the SNL, the cameras are on point!

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