Oh, let me go in on Wisconsin. Even though I mean it with love.

No, its not about Scott Walker and his on-going repeats of the 250,000 private sector jobs. We know that wont happen. And mainly his reign as govenor may not last long IF folks wanted him out.

What this is about two basketball players in Sheboygan that were under fire over this photo:

I’m sure that everyone in Wisconsin or closely related to Wisconsin had to ask, why is this making news? Check it. You got two basketball High School Players. Black/Biracial in all getting suspended because the signs they were flashing in this photo was gang related. Now I live in Milwaukee and know what gang symbols look like. These signs for those in Wisconsin who don’t follow, or Caucasian related in Wisconsin, these are NOT gang signs! One of the boys towards the left, has his fingers that looks like flashing “Ok” or in this case, 3’s. As in 3 pointers. I’ve seen NBA Players do the same thing. LeBron James did it. Reference the 2012 Summer Games over in London when getting those three pointers against Lithuania. Don’t act like you know!

Plus also in a recent photo, a member of the Republican party did the same thing out of John Boehner. But he did his sign more differently in his pic.

It seems I have to ask, why do stories like this have to be all up in the air? Over some fingers? We see the Divine 9 Fraternities and Sororities flash their hand signs as greetings in welcome. No problems there. Or when the Military or Police does the Salutes after standing at attention is a form of respect. Um……what’s up with that? But back to this “gang sign” thing to me is just ridiculous. And most of the news folks had to make a news article out of it. Really?! And it considers with people of color? Dude, I’ve seen nazi salutes that make me want to get angry! Uh-huh what about that?!!!

In regarding the boys in the pic. They were just probably posing for the camera in a fun way, but the exaggeration and overreaction was just blown over. Also in regarding this, the boys’ suspension was lifted and was allowed to play in the Basketball game. Even though the team Sheboygan Falls High School lost to their rival Plymouth, but their presence on the court was felt like a civil rights movement. In which the groups like the ACLU of Wisconsin stepped in and supported the boys in their cause. I know this is probably going to be one of those stories that most will get and say “Oh I remember back in such and such and I didn’t flash no gang signs at a game.” Well that’s just you. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Have I ever done one of those Three point signs as if I was shooting 3 pointers in a game, yes.

Does that guarantee me being in a gang? No, and for the record I have not been in a gang!

Will this thing be able to pass? Absolutely.

Oh, and by the way – remember that thing about reaching out and talking to the black community? Well, that maybe a given. Even in a state like Wisconsin in which mostly 6 percent of Blacks living it. And many look at this as another form of racism.

We’ll see!

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