I’ve been saving this for days. Even months, and even years. And I’m going in on those who really feel that the church is all about money. Let me tell those that partially, it’s not. The majority of those who stay home, and I’m not attacking everyone feels that the churches in the country, or the north side of Milwaukee, is all about the cashflow. The moolah. The greenbacks. Or in this case: Money.


Is that what these folks think? I was on my Facebook news feeds earlier in the month in which Milwaukee and the rest of the Midwest was under the deep freeze. Or the real Polar Vortex. All in all, I kept reading over and over again about Churches should be open during the deep freeze. However the person kept going on and on, and having the notion about “Oh, you churches are all about MONEY and don’t care about the homeless!” What?!! Who thinks that at a time like this? Money. For the record, there were churches reported that the doors, and the American Red Cross were opened up.

For the record, my Wisconsin UMC Denomination did something that was swiftly: they sent out email messages out to the community churches in the state ahead of time, making sure that EVERY United Methodist Church Congregation in Wisconsin was aware about being prepped for the cold. Even getting tips from the State Of Wisconsin Department of Health.  Plus also, the message in the Email had also included that the churches should also open the doors for the needy during the cold weather that took place. Now, my home church wasn’t open. Also we don’t have a church building currently of our own. If the call came in, I would have referred to my sister churches in Milwaukee for availability. Not my Sister’s Church. My SISTER CHURCHES. Now for those who want to know, what is a sister church? Think of it as another Church that has in working partnership with your home church.

Several years ago, my current pastor gave a sermon in which I had to get some quotes from the speech of Mustardology and the importance of Offering. Oh yes, SOME OF US CHURCH FOLKS GET IT! And it’s a good thing that I do tweet in the pews every Sunday:

  • “Are we here for money or for souls?”
  • “The church just doesn’t need money. It needs inkind.”
  • “It should be never a method in raising money to pay the bills.”
  • “All churches need money to operate.”

Can I get a witness here?

Look at that last line bullet: All CHURCHES need money to operate. And also the second line  – The Church just doesn’t need money. It needs inkind. – Hey all of you so called activists, you anti church going folks who always had to rant about money. All of you who feel that staying home on Sundays is a needy thing: Don’t mean to judge but, cut us Church folks some slack for once! Is your company about money? I say that because I think the “majority” of the non-church goers who criticize those who go, they might be in your circle who are or once your neighbors, friends, family members (yep I said Family Members who used to go) classmates, or some up and coming activists, per say. Not all churches are not about the all mighty dollar. Not all churches are about using money for evil deeds. Not all churches are about money over congregation, or staff, or community. And certainly NOT ALL CHURCHES are like the movie The Undershepered. Anyone seen that movie on TVOne? If not, go to your Walmarts, Best Buys or where ever you do your money spending on Videos.  Speaking of Family Members: I was reading my hometown news article, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and in the article it was a article about getting men back into church. When I was reading the comments (mostly the ones that wanted me to vomit) I read comments like, “oh, I had drilled in me, and my family made me go”. Some stuff like that. Well – If you were living in your mama’s house or parents house, or grandparents house and if you were a child: YOU HAD TO GO! IT WAS THEIR RULES! GOD, what is so hard about that? DUH!!!!

Mainly speaking of money, I know where my money goes. And I made sure that it helps the future projects of the building, scholarships, grants, inkind donations, and get this free will offerings! HELLO! All important needs for the Church! Even to get deductions for my Taxes! Can I get an AMEN?! I’ll show a document to prove it. Keep this in mind: We church folks, at the end of the day are in the struggle as you are. We go to work, school, travel, raise families, enjoy the single life, get our club on, ride motorcycles, conversate virtually, enjoy football, and many other things that the non-going church folks do. Even serving in Fraternities and Sororities and many other groups that you also like to appreciate. Since the month of January is here: Kappa Alpha Psi, Zeta Phi Beta, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, and Phi Beta Sigma. – You all better have a good founder’s day month and the struggle continues. I will agree that yes, NO CHURCH should not be under any domes. No church should not be greedy or selfish. No church member should not look down on those who don’t have credentials. No church should not turn away those who are in need of jobs, health, or a place to go for the youth, and homeless! AND NO CHURCH should not be criticized from those who feel it’s all about MONEY!

Every company, business, organization and even those who are in the self business is about the cashflow! Don’t front. I’m just saying! Now if the folks like to line up around the store for Air Jordans, or a new TV, or a new Iphone. Or that movie that is a must see like 12 Years of Slave(which is good) , what about donating your tithes? Just like to see LL Cool J, or Jay Z. Or that actress on your favorite show. Uh-huh! What about that?!!




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