English: BJ Raji, nose tackle for the Green Ba...

English: BJ Raji, nose tackle for the Green Bay Packers, taking the field at Lambeau Field. (In background: #56 Nick Barnett, #21 Charles Woodson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As we know, yes the Packers season had ended this week. In a nail biter, close game to the now new reformed San Francisco 49ers. We get it. Even the Colin Worshipers get it. But before I get to this letter, I’m going to repeat these words in letter with the highlights: yes the 49ers got the Packers number, for now. 

Dear 2013-2014 Green Bay Packers:

It’s me Stephen, yes I’m an Observer/Fan of the organization and a black blogger in Milwaukee.

We know. We know. The whole nation knows.

Yesterdays lost in the elements also asks us where do we go from here? In a sense of talent and health. Knowing the fact that yes, it was almost so close to get the 49ers and move past the “Niner Empire” per say and move on to the next round of the NFL Playoffs. But we know, we know. And yes, yet again the Milwaukee born Colin Kaepernick proved once again that yes, I will say it, he got another number of the green and yellow. FOR NOW!  Sooner or later.  I’ve seen it with Michael Vick 10 years ago, he came in with the Atlanta Falcons and kicked butt in Lambeau, in the elements, against the then-Brett Favre led Green Bay Packers. For you the, “Colin Kaepernick Worshipers”, this isn’t new. Michael Vick was scrambling like that way before him. So yeah, I’ve seen this before. And like before, the Packers will have to adjust to the new way of getting and slowing down mobile QB’s with the Pistol, Gadget, or whatever kind of plays they do now.  More like copycats.

Us fans and observers know about having numbers before, I mean “we still own Detroit” since 1991. Cincinnati owned us for years in their own backyard. So we know about being “owned” on both sides. Yeah, us Backers/Observers will still hear that until that one day, that number will be busted up.

On the flip side, I think the whole season wasn’t that bad. Could have been more improved with the management game play, and keeping injury free. And the plays should have been more improved, but it wasn’t that bad to me. Not ashamed. Yes the part of Aaron Rodgers being injured in the first Chicago Bears game, came a screeching halt, but he came back to beat the Bears to prove a point to win the NFC North Championship. By the way, “We run the North!”  The same with Randall Cobb coming back. The almost same with Clay Matthews. But also, I have to say I’m very impressed and feel bad for Eddie Lacy. Yes, he was a rookie. But he was learning. Next season, I think that Eddie Lacy will be more focused and more determined in getting it than his first season. Randall Cobb went through it. Also Datone Jones will be a force to be reckoned with. Just wait, NFL.

Speaking of that, there are those who are antagonists who are still saying, and many on Social Media or others who probably said, or just saying this. And I’m going to paint this in a preliminary stance:

Example 1: LOOK AT THE SLACKERS AT LAMBEAU!!!! GETTIN’ Beat by the 9ers AGAIN! HA!!!!!


Example 3: The 9ers have the Packers Number. YET AGAIN!!!!!!!!


Example 5: The Cheeseheads got whipped again. I told you Packers!!!! STOP DREAMING!!!!

Oh, I can go, on and on and on. And by the way those who are opposing teams of the Packers, you probably said these things yesterday. What I have done here in these examples, was like a preliminary preview. Just like when President Obama laid out previews about what to look for in the commercials when the opposition was gaining ground with Mitt Romney. But Obama still won. He was telling us ahead of time. So yeah, I knew yet again that the antagonists no matter if you live in Wisconsin or not will have something bad about a legendary team like the Packers. And I’ll bet that yes, that the folks who antagonize the team, is either a fan of a team that is not in the playoffs, a poor record, or just that – Haters. Sort of like politics. Yes I know it all in fun. I mean Roland Martin says Hate the Cowboys alot on his Facebook Wall. And speaking of the Cowboys, that game against Green Bay with the then-Matt Flynn led crew was a classic. Admit it Cowpokes. So yes, there always haters, jokers, players, who just do that. But hey don’t they have something better to do?!! It won’t last long anyway. FYI. And there are those who can possibly say, I don’t like the Packers as much, but I respect them as a legendary organization.

Where do the Packers go from here we ask? I say this:

1) Get the Offensive line revamped! AND PHYSICAL!

2) The DB’s need to fine tune themselves for improvement.

3) STAY HEALTHLY! Another reason why the 9ers won.

4) Better execution. I like the “Randall Cobb/Aaron Rodgers” Cobra Package Play. Make it more poisonous!

5) WR’s – Need to work on catching the ball. I know it’s a fundamental but still pinpoint them. Jordy Nelson is a positive playmaker. And as far as the next man up, they have to learn the game also. Jarrett Boykin wasn’t that bad, but still he needs to peek in more in the absence of Jermichael Finley.

6) Defense: GET PHYSICAL! Most of these teams are getting hard hitting. Claymaker is one guy. BJ Raji is another. Ryan Pickett, and Johnny Jolly are others. But who else can step up? Speaking of Johnny Jolly, I’m happy for him making his transition to get back to the NFL. Not to many can do that.

7) The Running game has been decent. But along the way, keep it moving! With the combo of James Starks and Eddie Lacy I say keep them both. But as usual, Dujuan Harris and Jonathan Franklin shouldn’t be forgotten.

And the final thing to improve: CLOCK MANAGEMENT! With all due to respect to Mike McCarthy, there were some Clock Management Concerns. Work on it, coach!

As far as the season, well despite of the losses to San Francisco, Cincinnati, Chicago, Detroit, Philly, NY Giants and others, there were positives against Washington, Minnesota  (with a Tie) Detroit, a comeback win Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas. So I’m going to say this: It wasn’t that bad, but like anything else like a Sagittarius on a bad day, just keep aiming the targets. Plus also that game of thrones thing with the “Winter is Coming”  theme, not bad. Plus I like this for next season: #respectthelambeau.



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