Milwaukee (Photo credit: Ed Bierman)


Many of us already know about the Sold Out game up at Lambeau. But that’s not what is on my mind.

What is on my mind, the freezing cold wind chill negative temps that will strike Milwaukee and the midwest between Sunday and Tuesday. It’s no surprise that yes, Milwaukee is in the thick of it. I mean it is part of that Wisconsin life of seasonal weather. But in regarding that, there are things here in the city that are preventable. I know it’s a weather related thing, but again it’s also a safety issue.

1) If you have a place to go, go handle it. Ain’t nothing wrong going out and getting that bread or drink, but make sure that the agenda(s) is well taken care of. Even make sure to keep track of your time.

2) DRESS FREAKING WARM!!!! No you cannot dress in your jammies or your shorts from last summer. Not working here. Remember, every piece of your skin must be covered up from head to toe. I don’t care if you have to wear snowpants. Don’t front this up!

3) Since the most of the businesses or schools will be closed up for Monday in Milwaukee, you already know. BUT if your place of business or school is not on the list, I highly recommend that you should contact your school, manager or supervisor to see if your hours for that day are limited for work. Or closed for the day.

4) Check on the Elderly. No matter what.

5) Some of the organizations like the City and County will be operational. Even the libraries will be open with warm heaters up.

6) If you have space heaters in the house and if you have to leave, turn them off. When you get back, do the opposite.

7) Food and Drinks: Are you freezers and refrigerators stored up with grub and drinks? Better get some NOW! And also get some for your car too just in case. Water is a must have! As well as hot cocoa/tea/coffee

8) Speaking of your car, make sure your vehicle has the emergency stuff just in case. And your cell phone must be charged up always!

Now these are the tips I think would beat the cold or to survive the cold just in case if those in Milwaukee or in the midwest didn’t get the memo. There always going to be those who say, “Oh I didn’t know…..” Well you better know.

Educate yourself in the elements!

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