Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers (Photo credit: Mike Morbeck)

Let me get this off my chest: Blackouts, Smashouts. Really?

This sunday, the Green Bay Packers will be in a WildCard Battle against the San Francisco 49ers. Yeah, those same 49ers who have a Milwaukee Born Colin Kaepernick Quarterback that made his name for himself as a dark horse twice against the Pack. But this Sunday, the Milwaukee Born Niners QB is going to get a cold homecoming Frozen Tundra Welcome when he and his crew visit Lambeau Field. Yeah, I want to the Packers to get the W and get the wall of the Niner Empire out of the way. I know, that yes the lost of Week 1 and last years playoffs really caught an eye opener. Look at it this way, the Packers and the NFL and even their rivals now know who Colin is. Yes, he is Milwaukee Born, but the Niner fans probably and really don’t care about where he was born, they want to see a football battle. Do I care that Aaron Rodgers is  a Chino, California born citizen? Absolutely not. I want to see a battle at Lambeau! Wind Chill – Ice Bowl – Temp in the negatives – hey let’s get it!

If Colin Kaepernick per say played in the Green and Yellow at QB, let’s just say the Packers would be at a point where the Niners are right now. Think about it.

Now let me get this out of the way: the last time the Packers (NOT SLACKERS!!!!) had a blackout for a game and many of you were probably born around 1983. It’s been about 30 years since a blackout happened for Titletown. And it was against the Rams. Keep in mind it was 1983 and no I wasn’t a Packer/Observer fan yet. That took me years to get that far. Now if the blackout were to happen by the due date of Friday, January 3rd, then no one here in Milwaukee, or anywhere else in Wisconsin wouldn’t be able to see the game. BUT ALAS! What about the Radio? I mean I read the news about the TV portions, but NOT the radio portions. Here in Wisconsin we got 620 WTMJ. Yeah that station that carries Charlie Sykes and the Right Wing mess. But I only listen to them only when the Packers are playing when the Church Services are over after 1:00pm. And plus, updates scores online.  So, this Packer/Observer fan IS NOT WORRIED about a blackout! If there is one, I would  not worry. If the blackout doesn’t happen, then I’ll leave it alone. Oh, if those of us have those Apps, use the Tune-In app and find the station WTMJ.

So with that, I guess us Packers Folks will have to get informed a little of the old school  and new school: Radio and Twitter.  If a blackout occurs.

Go Packers!

Oh, yeah to the Anti-Packer folks who just don’t like them, let me say as a backer; this if your team has not WON more than 10 Championships, and if your team is one of those “gadget teams” that don’t care about tradition: HUSH! I don’t care what the team is. If your “gadget team” does win a LOMBARDI, then they’ll get my respect. But for now, end of discussion!

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