Addio a James Avery, per tutti noi "Zio Z...

Addio a James Avery, per tutti noi “Zio Zucchino” (video) (Photo credit: KoFahu meets the Mitropa)

Since popping the cork and having saying Happy New Year, America has lost of its best actors, James Avery. Yeah, he was a November Sagittarius that played Uncle Phil very well. And Sparks, and the voice of Shredder of the first cartoon of the Ninja Turtles.  So this first blog letter of the new year is a tribute, but also black folks, we need to talk.

Dear Us Fans of James Avery:

Its me Stephen, you know that black guy out of Milwaukee that blogs with the 9000 hits? Oh yeah, Happy New Year.

We recently lost of our best actors. One of the Black actors that got his due through film and TV. No question I’m talking about James Avery. Many of us who watched Fresh Prince in the 90’s remember his character very well. UNCLE PHIL!!! We know. He made that character very interesting not only in a uncle sense, but a fatherly type sense. James’ acting to me was that take charge and keep folks in line. He was great actor during that period. Before that, not to many know but does anyone remember the late 80’s version of Ninja Turtles cartoon? Not the ones that is out know, but the ones that came out like 1987, 1988 – ish? He was the voice of Shredder and trust me, I had no idea that a black man made that character SOLD!

Just like Earle Hyman who was the voice of Panthro and Mumm-Ra of the original Thundercats back in the mid 80’s. He sold that in his voice so well. Black man!  For those of us in a life game sense, James’ race ended at 65. He don’t have to worry about no more open heart surgeries or complications of it. No more illnesses or diseases or walking around in a cane or wheelchair. None of that. He is a saint that has gone home. And even though it’s been a couple of days, but I must say, you never know when the time comes. Every New Years, I play a song called Ups and Downs by Snoop Dogg. Its a Bee Gees Sample from Love You Inside Out, but I must say it’s a reminder song that yes in life, and every year, there will be ups and downs. Even in 2014, there might be and will be Ups and Downs in all forms.  But also in the song, Snoop reminds us that his grandfather used to always say: Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad, and you have to do bad in order to do good. In James’ life, he probably went through the same storm. But he did his job.

Now I have to comment something here: And this is for the black folks who chimed on Roland Martin’s Facebook page. You probably saw a picture of Daphne Maxwell Reid who played the  other Aunt Viv between 1993-1996. And still folks talk about Janet Hubert of her from the first season. Didn’t she and Will had a squabble about him not making it in the film game? But as I was looking at these comments, some of them were decent. But the rest, you’ve got to be kidding! Many of the so-called commentary were too worried about her looks instead of respecting the remembrance. Really?!!! We worry about pics from Skype about a person’s look of being puffy with sadness and this is best you can say?!!!

I thought I wouldn’t say this, but…….#BlackFolksPlease!

This actress just lost one of the best workers in her craft and they have to rant about looks! This ain’t about looks. When you get old, you get old. That’s life. Period. Yes, we can try to detox the body or exercise like hell, but hey age can be a shellacking reminder of us our bodies are changing. So get over your sensitive selves! Jeez! Is this supposed to start up the New Year or what? Those that don’t know what I’m talking about, go to Roland’s FB Page and scroll on the tabs. I’m serious. Some of these folks really need to get a life. Or Get their lives in check!

In closing, let the legacy of James Avery live forever. Let his work and life and values show that we can be a “Uncle Phil” of our lives.



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