Happy New Year! Welcome to 2014-The year of the Horse

It’s another year. Another time to run the gambit. Another chance to resolve. Now, let me do the “Traditional Stephen’s Spot” listing of things that I want to see and don’t want ever see again in 2014. Seven to see, and seven I don’t want to see!  So here we go: 


For the seven I want to see:

1) I want to see more job opportunities for us Americans. Especially African-Americans who are still struggling to find work. And also since the Affordable Care Act is in effect, get checked!!! No more waiting around to see if your existing condition or physical is non negotiable. Just saying. In regarding work, Milwaukee NEEDS MORE CAREERS  THAN JOBS that can stick! We know that Wisconsin is a Work at Will state meaning that your job could be gone like in 3 weeks or 3 months. Get a Career that can stick on you for 15 – 20 years to help to pay off a Student Loan Debt.

2) I want to see more chance of citizens to get active. Not just on a “seasonal effect.” But everyday. Like getting folks out to vote, perhaps? Or better yet, get your relatives together and do some stuff. Family meetings, trips, outings or many other things you haven’t tried.

3) If you going to use “your” in your sentence: CORRECTLY USE IT! Especially those who use Social Media. I mean many of the spellings need to be screaming to say, you need to go back and relearn how to spell! Jeez!

4) If those on the Hyper Sensitive Side thinks that certain things or objects will bother them, in the year of what they don’t understand: Heed my advice – Please, and I mean this in a sense of understanding: GET YOUR LIFE! I don’t have to like what story or topic that is not pleasing to me, I use the K.I.M. effect. As in Keep It Movin.  Can that be done? I don’t care if it’s Technology, or what was said on Facebook, or what was indicated in the past. Or maybe what could have been. I know that the ghosts of the past might play a role of barriers, but still move on it! Ain’t nobody got time for hyper sensitiveness! I’m just saying! Word to those who are “GHOST FOLLOWERS” if someone on a list is criticizing you or a group of you that is hating you that you don’t show your pics public on platforms like Instagram or Pinterest, I’m just saying: Check them out first, and if you like what they display, then you can like and show! And if not, move forward. That’s right I said it! And furthermore, what is a Ghost Follower, anyway?!! School me on that.

5)  The Black Clubs of Milwaukee must stand up to the intolerance of racial angles from those who think the clubs are for those who shoot up and get drunk. 2013 was one of those years that it was talked about. Let 2014 start a new fire to strike back for the clubs in the brew city.

6) VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!!!!!!  2014 is a Midterm Voting year. If those of us were sick and tired of the “Tea Party Tidalwave” from 2010-2011, get out and vote. Even though that Obama is not on the ballot, but your Aldermans, Mayors, or yet Governors are on the ticket for their jobs. Wisconsin: if you don’t like Scott Walker – GET HIM OUT! Have that “Anybody but Walker” on your mindset when going to the polls this year.  This part is for America only.

7) Come up with new stuff.  I mean that is an ongoing thing. Help out your Alumni groups of forming new ideas. Along with churches. 2014 maybe one of those years that changes could happen upfront. Or take time.  Or get this: If you like your Zodiac side to get acquainted, get involved with a gathering locally. Doesn’t have to be your zodiac season, but it could be fun to have an All Zodiac Day in your city. For example, If the Sagittarius folks in Milwaukee can get together and hook up for an event along with Leos and Aries, call it a Fire Zodiac Sign event! I’m just saying. Think about it! And if you are a type to get the party started for a dance, get the crowd pumped up. Ain’t nothing wrong with it. I know the Grown and Sexy folks do it alot, but these young Thundercats?!!! Y’all better learn! Plus also if a person or persons on Social Media says F—-your Christmas or whatever, take the highroad and say, peace and blessings. It’s not a sign of disrespect. Jeez! Don’t hate on a guy or group just because THEY Had a Christmas Season party and you didn’t. Maybe……you know what: I will be addressing this more. In another blog story.

NOW: The things I don’t want to see in 2014:

8) If the issue of Racism is on the table, don’t assume it’s a thing to say “Oh, I’m colorblind, it’s a post-racial society”. I don’t see no utopias!

9) Only for Milwaukee: We have this reputation of there’s nothing to do. WELL FIND SOMETHING TO DO! OR MAKE SOMETHING TO DO! As long as it keeps you here, it matters. We know Milwaukee has a high rep of being a Segregated City, and folks leave out in droves. But for those of us who are here, fight back!

10) I don’t want to hear officials to call into radio stations to “Tone it down.” If you hear that, they are WAY TOO SENSITIVE! Don’t listen! And I don’t want to see nor hear folks talking down or not be educated about their history. Um….this goes for us black folks.

11) NO MORE CREDIT CHECKS for jobs please!

12) If those who say they will not vote in any election: you just made the laws setup for keeping you out of the halls and more jobs might not be accessible. Hey Milwaukee, are you listening? Don’t do that.

13) No more showing up at job fairs all slouching! I’m putting my clothes stuff here. Come dressed up like you want a job. No jeans, nor haltertops, no fuzzy slippers or pajama bottoms,  no B.S. crap on resumes. I don’t want to hear none of these “companies” ranting about competition. Ranting about the next guy ahead. Ranting about Social Media hand overs. NONE! This goes for the Wisconsin folks.

14) And the thing that I don’t want to see in 2014……….if a well known dance like the running man, or a well known dance that a certain ethnic group stole to make money to market, it’s already been marketed! It’s been marketed through creativity not just to sell and get a youtube rating. Don’t front!

But other than that: Happy New Year! Let’s get it poppin!

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