My Take: Yep. I have to respect with the adage: “Watch what you post.”

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Just a reminder: December is Aids Awareness Month.

I’m  assuming that everyone is gearing up for Christmas this week. Even yours truly. However there is an individual that is recently will be getting a lot of coal in her stocking and the reason? Fear of going to Africa, AIDS and due to the ethnicity of White.

Justine Sacco is the name. Her actions – not game.

This story recently this week came out in which she put out a tweet that was highly sensitive for those who are in needy concerns. Caring concerns and most of all, giving back in support. Apparently, Justine had a job working as a PR Executive for IAC. This organization also is in assistance with, The Daily Beast, and many other websites of ownership. Her past job will have to result in use of firing, by basically saying this on Twitter:

Let me say this: #WhiteGirlPLEASE!

Really Justine Sacco?!

Many of us Social Media heads who work in important jobs or organizations, they take their jobs SERIOUSLY. Especially with the companies who deal with AIDS with countries like Africa. We all know also that Africa (medical wise) has the highest percentage of the disease. In 2012, according to the Huffington Post in regarding Africa itself:


* Sub-Saharan Africa remains the region hardest hit by HIV, with 23.5 million HIV-positive people in 2011, about 69 percent of the global total.

* The number of new HIV infections in sub-Saharan Africa has dropped to 1.7 million in 2011 from an estimated 2.6 million in 1997.

* There were 1.2 million AIDS-related deaths in sub-Saharan Africa in 2011, similar to 2010.

* AIDS has killed at least a million people each year in the region since 1998.

* Nearly 6.2 million people were receiving antiretroviral therapy in sub-Saharan Africa in 2011, up from just 100 000 in 2003.

There are countless others. But this is one example of the epidemic that has harnessed the continent.

For this so-called white chick to make a debauchery of an issue to make a joke of it, was in fact way over stupidity. Stuff like that can get you demoted, or even like her – FIRED!  Think about what is concerned here! AIDS!!!!! This ain’t no barbecue! Yes, the folks who use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, IMO, Instagram, and many other connections of Social Platform, yes we do display or say what’s on our minds. But however there are those who are our bosses and supervisors are looking at this stuff and probably scratching the heads like, “why did we hire this person again? I thought this person or applicant was to be obedient, and be willing not to speak about the company or to set a reputation of the company in a positive manner”. But then again, there are knuckleheads folks of any color that will talk about their bosses or supervisors to say, “My boss is so dumb and stupid. And don’t know nothing about the craft. Always pissing me off!!!!” #needtoquit #mybossneedstobeshot

This is one example, and if the post is set to Public, while everyone looking, that employee will be having a “Come to Jesus” meeting. Or in this case of another example: you might be questioned.

So she got fired. YEP! And make no mistake that many organizations are or will take heed of this example to well, scan the postings online. Oh yeah, I’m DEEPLY against companies in receiving email logins and passwords from applicants to see what they are like  -In a Interview sense. I don’t want the next company coming after me all because of handing over my social media logins and see what were like. I’ll say it here: I’ll login to my account and let them see what I talk about.

What we post or comment, should not be a factor of our jobs, organizations, or many other connections. Have I talked smacked about my current job? Even though I wanted to but I had to decline not to post it.  I know the truth. I’ll keep it to myself until I retire, or write a tell all book.  Or maybe just keep it under wraps. But I know my limits regardless. On this blog, the posts and comments I do here, they don’t reflects my organizations, connections, acquaintances or many other connections that I have personally. I leave them out of this. I might bring up an example, but I have to keep it civil. But however, I am free to say what is on my mind.

So yes, we are entitled to speak or post freely, however it’s best for business that some postings should not be shown. I mean think about it, there are those who might question and comment from afar. Justine’s recent post is just that: Pure ignorance. Maybe when Christmas comes, she’ll get gifts, but expect some early COALS in her stocking!

Time to learn, Citizens!

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