Preface: This week, Sagittarius Season is coming to a close. BUT, before that happens, I would like the ALL the Sagittarius folks to pat yourselves on the back, and thanks to the creator of the heavens and earth for another year. Yes, we need to be thankful for another year to celebrate our Sag related November/December Birthdays. Consider this another Sagittarius Check-in! (Part II)

Sagittarius Symbol

Sagittarius Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stand up Sagittarius!

Stand up Archers!

Stand up Centaurs!

We still roam. We still roam. We still got soul and doing fine. 

We’ve been roaming since birth and will do ’till the end of time.

Always get YOUR arrows and bows and get ready for an attack on deck.

Enemies lurk all around, so always be on your best set.

Scan and shoot your targets, as the hunters we are.

No matter if it’s near or very far.

We are a fire sign that continues to burn and blaze

Making sure all or some surroundings don’t clearly faze.

We are a half half bunch, that most don’t find very valuable, and a gist of formation.

It’s not just individuals ruling, it’s about US: the Sagittarius nation!

Oh, we got that high drive of philosophical thinking, and mostly for the love making folks in the bedroom,

Through the twists and turns, we can sweep them up like a push broom.

Some of the others call us Sags arrogant, stubborn, selfish and cruel.

What you don’t understand, on the flipside, we’re very straightforward and very cool. 

Some might not get us Centaurs, in roaming for knowledge, 

We deal with being different everyday, so it ain’t college!

We can be nice or feel our fire ablaze,

FYI Folks: Our bi-polars could be in effect, in a rage of the cage. 

Us Sagnaiton folks wants freedom all around

It’s the “thoroughbred” in us, that makes us sound. 

So whenever we see you at work, at church, the club, or in the house, festival, event, or a hotel stay.

Just rest assured that WE ARE SAGITTARIANS! That have Power, Intelligence, Optimism, and Soul, every single day!

Sagittarius Black

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