Really Americans and everyone else?!!!! You’re mad at this?

Posted: December 12, 2013 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Decision Factors, Editorial, Life, News and politics
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Oh….It’s time to roll up my bow and arrows like the Sagittarius I am. Roll over the dumb stuff that that many folks do, even concerns our President.

Get out of the way or get run over!

At this time, many around the world are paying respects to the legendary former South African President and world leader, Nelson Mandela. For those of the blog readers in Africa, going through the difficult time, and having the world focused once again on South Africa, prayers and sympathies are lifted.

Now let me go in on these so-called critics yet again of President Barack Obama. This time when he was at the Memorial Service for Nelson Mandela. By now, in a social media feeding frenzy, we’ve seen this photo:

Really, ya’ll mad at this?!!! Seriously?!!!

Get the blank out of here!

Pick some seats and sit down!!!!!

I am straight laughing at all the critics even that loser Sen. John McCain who described the “controversial handshake” as in his words: “Neville Chamberlain shook hands with Hitler.” Really, go sit down Senator!

Really this is no surprise. Even having the foot on the desk, bowing in the orient, taking a selfie picture, or this so-called controversial handshake, or making an American appearance in Myanmar there are folks in this country are just HATERS! Dang, just cut Obama some slack! It’s not about him. This was all about paying respects to Nelson Mandela. Forget the politics, forget the propaganda, forget all the NOBAMA mess. Forget all that. Forget the Tea Party. This is about world leaders and dignitaries just showing some solidarity for one of the world’s best leaders in sympathy and remembrance. Plus a celebration.  And the folks in South Africa showed love for Obama when he spoke and gave his speech on Mandela. And also, Kirk Franklin showed up. Uh, where we at Americans? Oh that’s right, some of us are dead silent and love to hate.

Just because Obama shook hands with Raul Castro of Cuba at Mandela’s homegoing, doesn’t mean a thing personally in my view. Now for those who still want to know, what is a home going? Remember that blog I wrote about Whitney Houston and her homegoing? Reference that. And plus it’s very common in black churches, or any black related memorial services. Let me sum up of what Dick Gregory said at Corretta Scott King’s Funeral. When we are born, we enter the world through a small door. But when we die, we go out the big doors. As in the casket, the pall-bearers, the flower women, the minister giving the scripture Psalms 23 with the family following behind. We’ve seen it before, don’t lie.

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