My Take: Rocking the Braids, Dreads, African Attire. But no freedom to wear in the workplace?

Posted: December 12, 2013 in #blacktwitter, African American Stories and Viewpoints, Black America, Black stories that all should know and realize, Local, National, News and politics
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I hope that all are taking part of the holiday season. But I have to bring up this issue:

What is up with these organizations or well known companies that don’t hire or retain an employee who is African Decent, or African American per say who have this “concern” and folks on the other side having this so called big concern! Really, 2013? – Going into 2014?

Check this. In Wisconsin, back a couple of years ago, and I’m going in on this, there was a black resident bishop who served about 8 years of her tenure. But during her tenure, she wore African Attire most of the time. Oh, there were “critics” in the Annual Conference from UMC in the state, per say who had to comment about her attire being too African related mostly and not drawn to American in a sense. My former Resident Bishop, despite of that still rocked the African attire and braids. True story, I should point out.

What I’m reading, and hearing about organizations or companies not accepting the braids, dreads, or African Attire, is really mind boggling. Yes, in the military, females can wear the braids, but men, nope!  Which is a non concern. But I was watching NewsOne Now, and the issue was brought up. Even with a concern about a black woman who was highly qualified for a job, but was turned away all because of an Afro. REALLY?!!! It was just ridiculous to hear that there are certain workplaces, christian schools (of all of them) that don’t want their black daughters to have puffy hair. Only way to remain in the school is to cut it or have it straighten. Plus also a black woman was relieved from her job working at BP, all because once again: African Attire. And the issue of “white supremacy” has raised more times this year in regarding African American related issues or news. Oh, we know its the truth. I know the truth. Lots of folks like to say, oh 2013……..B.S.! It maybe 2013 or soon to be 2014, but I think the issues of concern will still be a hot button topic. With issues of this, years don’t matter. They don’t. We were reading this in the 1980’s, the 1990’s, the 2000’s and now the 2010’s. So where’s the secret passage way? Hello!!!!

I mean if the workplaces have Ethnic heritage days, where workers can wear their ethnic clothes from their respective cultures, then that’s one thing. But for stuff like this, it’s just another day dealing with appropriate attire. I can say this, the African Attire is far more better than sagging your pants. And it has nothing to do being dressed better like an American. And it’s not nothing against dressing up in a suit with a tie. Now tell me, is that best for business or image?


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