Shout out to my folks who have the Zodiac 9th house in effect. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s Sagittarius Season. The Zodiac of the Archer. The Centaur. No matter if you’re a November Sagittarian or like me, a December Sagittarian. It’s our Season, until about December 22nd. My best advice after the Sagnation season is over, don’t just rep your sign for the moment. Rep it every day! Rep it in the morning. Rep it in the afternoon. Rep it in the evening. Even rep it in the midnight hour. Rep it in all the seasons! Rep it at your jobs, or your neighborhoods.  And yes if you’re not a Sagittarius, but if you rep your sign to the fullest all day every day, fine. However, for us, Centaur folks, keep doing it big! Aim and keep those arrows up! Keep up and maintain that swag which includes work, and just be the best at it. And if you have a “Birthday Twin” don’t be afraid to acknowledge that. Everyone has a birthday twin. If those have a December 5th Birthday like me, I hope it was and is (in an observance sense) a good one.


Finally, let me say this and I’m going to get a little preachy here. Maybe not. Here is I like to call:

An ode to Sagittarius

We are Centaurs!

We are Archers!

We are Philosophical and we see!

We are Sagittarius!

We are the Sagittarius Nation!

We are the 9th house!

No matter what Swag, Saglife or many other lives we have and take.

We have fire! And must use that fire to improve, build, maintain, and soar.

We use the Bows and Arrows, to aim and shoot at our attempted targets.

We may not get all the targets, but we do aim for our goals, and objectives.

We are half and half. With the mind of human knowledge and strength of a thoroughbred. We are blessed with gifts from God. We are jovial. We are artistic.

And we are considered “dark horses” at times as well as having freedom, and being straight up with knowledge and TRUTH!

No matter if we are American, Canadian, African, European, Asian, Hispanic, Mexican, Greek, Australian, or Middle Eastern. Or many other citizens in the world.

Now many may not understand, may not like, don’t want to comment or simply disapprove.

Some may like and approve, but we are out there doing things in all WE do.

No matter if we are artists, leaders, religious folks, tutors, teachers, writers, musicians, or many other lines of work.

No matter if we are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic, or any other religious affiliation. Or non-religious.

No matter if we are working for a business, own our companies, or volunteering our time and effort.

No matter if we are neighbors, parents,  sons, daughters, relatives, veterans, servicemen, classmates, best friend, church members, or that guy or girl that is doing good from the hood.

No matter if we are straight or LGBT. Happily married or living the single life. Even if you are Black, White, Indian, Hispanic, European Decent,  Asian Decent, Japanese Related, or if you are a man or a woman.

No matter if you hold it down for the brothers, or keeping it real for the sisters.

No matter if we rock & roll, rap & hip-hop, r&b swing, get bluesy on guitar,  jazz it up in the clubs, “turn up” in the dance clubs, and/or lead that party in a dress or a suit with the DJ in the back! Can I get a witness up in here?!!! I told you I was going to get a little preachy up in here!

“The party” is the lifeline of the Sagittarius folks!  A “blessed” lifeline!

No matter what, or what is, or who is, I know this and you the Centaur/Archer family should know: We are and forever will be: Sagittarians.

Welcome to the 9th house!


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