Yesterday, the world mourned the passing of Nelson Mandela. Even on that, it was on my 37th birthday, December 5th. Yes, I was celebrating another year no question about that. Happy to be alive and kicking with the Family, Friends, and Sagittarius folks alike. And I’m assuming that those also, who have the same birthday as I do on the same day, were celebrating as well. However, even with the passing of one of the worlds best leaders his life, it was kind of a concern, but a joy at the same time.

I was introduced to hearing and watching Nelson Mandela during middle school. I don’t know if anyone in the Gen X land remembers this movie, but does anyone remember the Mandela movie in which it had Danny Glover and Alfrie Woodward? The movie even though came out in 1987, but it portrayed the events that Nelson Mandela endured during his tenure in South Africa for human rights. Plus also to his enduring prison sentence which was at the time he was sentence for life. Now, this was before 1990 when he was released. I viewed the movie in the 6th Grade. And it was a different perspective in which the talk of racism Apartheid and oppression wasn’t even brought up that much in that time. Yes, I and like those with me were young.

A year later, yes we all read the news about Nelson Mandela was released in 1990. February of 1990 to be exact. And since then, his presence (not charity Jay Z Fans!!!!) opened up even more in his crusade of human rights, and to help raise a global concern! The global concern of human rights, civil rights is just as a number one concern, like here in America. We know here in America, the struggle continues. Even he said it: “The Struggle Continues!” We are on a ongoing struggle with racism, oppression in some sorts, bigotry, and many other concerns that continues to haunts us. Even to the things of healthcare, and improved transportation of high speed rail that most feared that would bring fear, per say. But this subject is not about improved transportation here. Partially it about now asking, what’s next?

I had to ponder that on my birthday. What’s next? In history, yes Nelson Mandela made the list to die on December 5th. I get it. But guess what? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart also died on December 5th way back in the 1730’s at 35.  However for the what’s next thing, that’s is something we need to ponder always. We always will ponder that no matter what. Many of us are pondering new ideas to combat racism, bigotry and many other concerns. Even VOTER ID’s! And all this suppression to make us vote for that person without any choice of picks.  We get it. But it doesn’t need to be this way all the time. In Milwaukee, we were wondering the same thing, why do we keep electing folks in office after they haven’t done well…..”nothing?” Why did Scott Walker had to get elected AGAIN when we know that the work he does will not benefit all of Wisconsin, except those in the few? Like the proposed 250,000 private sector jobs. Uh-huh, now what?!

We all need to take a lesson from Nelson Mandela. No matter what you think, or assume. But he did laid out a plan. He laid out his plan, his vision, his goals, his objectives and many other examples. Was he successful? Did he tried his best? And plus also was his agenda a positive one to follow up and conclude with our own positive ideas? In church on Sunday, this Sunday,  I’m assuming that many Pastors or Bishops or many others of faith will be focused their sermons or testimonies on life and thanking God. And I’ll bet many of you who are pastors or bishops, or lay servants who probably looked at this blog of mine are probably finishing up the sermons or testimonies right now by making some last minute changes! It’s ok. Many of us get it. But whatever you express to your congregation on Sunday, likely it might have a “Mandela Effect” per say.

I can hear some of this now. “Yeah, Nelson Mandela did his thing of ending Apartheid in all, and being the first black president of South Africa. But we got problems over here! We got 95 year olds dying here! We got on going struggles HERE!” Just a couple of days ago we all heard about the death of Paul Walker, and asking the question of the future Fast and the Furious Series on the big screen. Well let me tell you: Paul Walker maybe gone at 40 years old, Nelson Mandela had ran his last lap at 95 years old, but the ongoing work of what they have established still continues. Hopefully Fast and Furious will continue for those who want to see another product, and as a far as Mandela’s legacy, his vision has been planted. But its up to those who are still here, and those who about to come into this world to make sure that HIS objectives are on point. Many know that Mandela probably has relatives of the next generation of now, have his name or closely bears his name. But what are they going to do to further his cause he left behind? What will they do? And also, what will be their objective in completing their task?

Oh, I’m reading these comments about him being a terrorist, or a radical. Radical, I can understand, but terrorist? Really?!!! Hmmmmm……most were saying that about Dr. King, or maybe yet, President Barack Obama.

Yes, Nelson Mandela ran his race for 95 years. Even he had to try to extend his hold one more time this year, but he ran his race.  Now, we have to do ours.


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