I’ve been on the stories in Milwaukee and national lately. Really I have.

First, about Downtown Milwaukee. Recently, a vote for the proposed for a strip club has been shot down via the City of Milwaukee License Committee. The place is called Silk Exotic. Yes, for clarification it’s a strip club. A place where, oh heck, it’s a strip club! For the record, I have never been to a strip club in Milwaukee. NEVER. And I’m saying this as an resident of soon to be 37 years of life. Expect the age change by December 5th. Anyway, there has been this against thing against the club being downtown in general. Personally, I really don’t have much to say about it. But hey, whom I am to judge?

Already, there is a location of the club near Highway 45 and SilverSpring Dr. Which is near the Jokerz Comedy Club, and a Harley-Davidson Dealership. Plus there are other locations within the state. Already part of the no’s that don’t want the club have included the Milwaukee Bucks, The Marquette Golden Eagles, the Milwaukee Admirals (IHL Hockey Team here) and the BMO Harris Bradley Center Board all said negative that the club should not be downtown. Today, I read a column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and writer James Causey (an alum of my old High School)  commetned that Silk Exotic shouldn’t be a dilemma.

To deny a club just because a few people don’t like what it represents is wrong. If Silk wanted to open a club in the central city, I don’t think we would have the same outcry.

We have heard about this human trafficking talk in various forms before. But he does hit a nail on the head about the same style clubs per say, that are in or near the black neighborhoods also. Ever heard of the Cheetah Club in Milwaukee? Yes there is a strip club in that name on the North Side. Also, there is a Gold Diggers Gentlemen’s Club near Hopkins and Hampton. And  usually with these clubs, you really never hear nothing about them. And they are, once again in the black areas of Milwaukee. Oh and they are on Facebook too. Should point that out.
Plus on this hair thing: I think that some schools are WAY OVER Sensitive! According to TheGrio Website and many other outlets, a young African-American Girl is facing expulsion in her school all because of her hair being natural. And the girl is only 12 years old in Florida. Keep in mind also that the school is a Christian School. Uh-oh! Really?! And if the hair is not cut nor straighten, her days as a student would be over. Oh Really?!!!
Ask me this, how is a “puffy hair style” a distraction? Explain that to me. If the puffy hair is shaped or in this case in good taste with harm, I don’t see it as a distraction. I mean have we been here before? With braids, dreads, heck at one time, High Top Box Fades were a distraction. But they were all inherited in African-related styles. Even AFROS! A lot of us have heard of Ezperanda Spaulding. The jazz singer who plays bass cello, but her hair is big! I mean I know she’s grown, but hey she’s rocking her fro. Now what does that have to do with this young girl, Vanessa VanDyke that faced her school’s rules about her hair? Personally, this is not the only hair story in school that was talked about this year. Another girl this year, a biracial child in Georgia was teased in her school, because of her hair was in a weave form. And she was 8 years old. That is shameful!
I see this. It’s different. Not everyone is not going to school with straight hair. Some might go curly, braided, etc. If those don’t like it can kick rocks. The schools or some schools today are just one again “WAY OVER SENSITIVE!” All because some see things are Afrocentric is not them. Personally, it’s all hate. No, it’s more of misunderstanding just as equal as hate. Over some hair. Just last year, Gabby Douglas was ranted with her hair was pressed back in the Olympics. And who had the nerve to go on Twitter and rant? Young black girls, in saying “oh, her hair looks terrible, I feel sorry for her.” They ain’t helping nothing! Miss me with that mess. Please.
Just recently, in regarding Vanessa VanDyke, her “criticism” of her natural hair with her school was lifted. So yes, it was a victory. And I hope that victory should send a message that we send our kids to school to get an education, participate in activities and events.
But not being sent for some mess like HAIR!!!!

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