Well here we are again. While many are cooking, and football watching, and parade seeing, and or I hate to say, trying to get those Black Friday Deals, alerts or planning to go to the clubs and to shake off those calories, and many other turkey stuff, let’s pause to see what are we thankful for. And keep in mind, some of what I’m about to write is all positive. Been doing it since the MyFoxMilwaukee Blog days. Y’all remember them days! 

If you have a good job, be thankful.

If you are active in your clubs or jobs, be thankful.

If you have a car that can get you to your job faster, be thankful.

If you don’t have a doctor YET, but still want to make an impression to get back to exercise and diets BEFORE seeing that doctor, be thankful that you can still care about your health.

If you volunteer your time out of your schedule, be thankful.

If you have been active with your family with all the difficulty, be thankful.

If you have a veteran to support in your life, be thankful.

If you support the troops, and staying active with their families, be thankful.

If you have decided to join the military, or a well known fraternity, sorority or well known organization that gives back, be thankful.

If you are member of Delta Sigma Theta, or Iota Phi Theta that has celebrated milestone years, be thankful!

And yes, if you are still active or support the NPHC, be thankful.

If you are getting help by trying to pay off your student loans that lingered you for so long, be thankful that someone wants to help to get your loans down.

If you have been approached by someone who wants to give you a job, be thankful.

If you have retired, be thankful.

If you own your own business without those bugging you, and you are successfull thus far, be thankful.

If you have attended a class reunion, be thankful that you went and got some ideas.

If your church has been flooded, and had to move where the folks are mostly, be thankful.

If your neighborhood has a good reputation of looking out for others, even in this 21st Century, be thankful.

If your house has been good on Thursday nights because of Scandal, and you let some folks in to watch, be thankful.

If your club or bar is hosting an After Thanksgiving dance off, be thankful.

If your store this weekend is part of the Small Business Saturday stuff, and you want to spend your money there than at Wal-Mart, be thankful.

If you met new family members in which you have talked so much about, be thankful.

If you got a new “volunteer promotion” be thankful.

If you had or will invite folks over for Football, be thankful that those don’t have TV’s can come over and watch out of love.

If you still do your talents and gifts of whatever, be thankful.

If your craft had to be upgraded for today’s standards, while educating the young bucks today, be thankful!

If you have been to the dentist or will go to the dentist, or will get checked up in any fashion as possible, be thankful that you might keep your teeth!

If you like what I’ve been saying on this blog, be thankful!

If you are from Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay or any part of Wisconsin that is feeling my blogs, I’m just thankful that you had checked in to see what I have to say. Even if it’s black related.

If you have visited 30 Americans in Milwaukee from this past summer and had the chance to see the different African-American exhibits, be thankful that you saw some fine art.

If you had the ability to create or pick up new ideas for your group or yourself, be thankful.

If you had or will register to vote for 2014 and beyond, be thankful.

If you had good interviews on the job, be thankful.

If you still fight for Civil Rights, and I mean REAL CIVIL RIGHTS, be thankful.

If you found a church home that you can grow with, be thankful.

If you believe that your city can be more improved with all the distractions, be thankful that you want to stay and help out to MAKE THAT CHANGE instead of moving out.

If you had moved out for better chances than the last city, be thankful that yes, you have to do what is best.

If you had family members, friends, neighbors, classmates, or close friends who recently passed this year and still miss them like crazy, be thankful that YOU can celebrate their lives by learning the lessons to move forward during this hard time of the year.

If you are in a relationship, or getting married, or got married to the one you love, no matter the race, no matter the sexual preference (LGBT) no matter the personality, be thankful. Gotta say that for a universal thing.

If you rep your Zodiac sign to the fullest, be thankful. Yes and it’s Sagittarius Season!

And……If you’re like me that is still single not looking to be taken, be thankful! Yeah I said it!

Finally, if you are one of those who work hard punching the clock, working hard everyday, getting credit, having the opportunity to showcase your talent, and getting recognized all year everyday, that is definitively saying BE THANKFUL!




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