Veterans Day Dog Tags

Even though that Veterans Day 2013 came and went, but the still of thanks still goes on. Yeah, I’m a day late on this 11/12/13, but still the ongoing thanks of appreciation of those done the deed for America’s Freedoms does appreciations well. So for those Vets that done it, here is your blog letter.

Dear Veterans of the Armed Forces:

It’s me Stephen. Yes, I’m a black blogger from Milwaukee that has not served in the Military.


To all of you who have put yourselves in harms way and to make it back alive.


For doing your deeds by firing your guns, your leadership, your duty, your honor, your sacrifice, and your ultimate appreciation for Americans and Americans-alike. No matter if you had to load up your medals, or formations, or had the chance to tour the world, or having the opportunity to serve while working, I’ll say it again:


Let’s also say, that yes, the struggle goes on. We non-veterans who never had the chance to serve, are still continuing to say, “I’m glad that I didn’t with all that war mongering.” Or “I’m glad that I didn’t get to kill people, or be a blood thirsty person beating someone out of Gitmo!” And that yelling in basic training: Why that?!!!! I mean dang we can hear!” You might hear that. I read not to long ago that the “mean yelling” per say had calmed down in the U.S. Army side of training things. Is it still the same? Not trying to dip, but just asking.  Yes, even yours truly who had to take the time to write this letter blog, had the talk about joining the Army, or a seeing a Navy Recruiter all because of a job offer. In reality, and I hope I don’t offend those who defended the country, really I don’t see myself doing this. And I don’t feel that it’s not of my interest. They say that the Military isn’t for everyone. But I do respect those who done it. And I respect those who are doing it now. I don’t have to like it. But in retrospect, appreciation. Now I’m 36-soon to be 37 years old. And I see that if I were interested in the Military in a different sense of mind, the only branches would be open like the Navy Reserve, Coast Guard Reserve and the Air National Guard. And I’m surprised that they take those up to 39 – 40 years old. I think also the Army needs to expand up to 40!

Like many others, I too have Veterans ranging from family, friends, neighbors, former and current co-workers, Alumni, and many others. Yes, even church members. Personally, I’ve heard one of my former church members that during his tenure in the Army, he killed people. And I’m assuming many of you who are Veterans had to do the killing while maintaining America’s Freedoms. I know this blog letter is mixed. But it’s my way of saying that even though I may not agree nor like the ideals of war, or ideals or killings, or ideals of having  that one guy all up in your business. I do respect the Armed Forces for America. Straight up.

So for those who are “currently” serving, yes your Veterans Day is coming. But not now! It seems to be some confusion about the currently servicemen should be honoring on Veterans Day. But truly, it’s really for those who have been there and done it. But your honorable service is appreciated always. No matter the branch or rank. And for those who have done the deed in uniform, I say again: THANK YOU! I know that you Vets had alot of folks near and far thanking you for your service. I did that also for a family member that I know served 2 years in Vietnam. I can’t speak for those who haven’t done it, but it’s about respect and appreciation of what you have done. And let me say this: be proud of your service!  Be proud of your commitment to defending America. Be proud of your admiration from those who haven’t done it. And be proud of you! Be proud of your Army days, your Navy days, your days as a Marine, your Coast Guard days and even your Air Force Days.

I also want to say thanks to the Vets of Color. Those of African-Decent who served and still give back. I know that Veterans Day doesn’t see color per say, but I have to give it up also to the Black Vets that made the move to serve! Since the very beginning, African-Americans have served in the Military in high numbers. And there were African American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guard Members who probably served, but never got those mad respect like the others. Why, because they were black! But overtime, there were those who did serve got recognition. Even in small things that churches or community centers that do displays of Veterans Day Celebrations to enhance that recognition! No matter what they did. It’s the truth. I hear this all the time.

Enjoy your day, Vets. After all, it’s all about you and what has God put you to call for!




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