It seems that the blackfaces thing is getting so stupid. Really.

It was stupid before and its stupid now. Another recent case of blackface has came up via the web. A white teen age girl recently dawn her “so-called” blackface” and had a message for the black critics: “Worry about finding your dad.” Really? Is that her best excuse? My question is where’s her father and why isn’t her father beating that butt?!!!!! Straight out!

Personally, this person of a freak, and another person via Twitter is telling us critics who hate his work is telling us to find our black fathers. I know where mine is: retired, at home redecorating the house and helping myself and older sibling financially. Talk about sarcasm and stuck on stupid.

Now in response they are telling us to leave them alone: WELL GUESS WHAT! For all those who think that doing the blackface is no big deal, its time to learn TODAY!

Here is a test. Since they want to be black so bad, try finding a job if you look like someone who had been in jail. Try to show your ID when you try to vote. Try to get your hair braided up with dreadlocks and get pissed off when your boss ordered you to cut your hair. Try dating outside of your race and having Black Women or Black Men nagging at you about “staying in your race”. Or being constantly being call n*gger every single time you get looked at. Oh trust me, you want this? There’s more. For the non black male doing the so-called blackface, try getting into an elevator with a white chick per say, and if she looks at you per say, she might clutch her purse thinking you might rob her. Or being followed in a store by a security guard thinking you might steal something. Or DRIVING WHILE BLACK. Y’all want this?!! Really? Guess what, this is what we African-Americans go through everyday with black issues or issues in which most non black’s don’t get! And also what will it feel like if you were mad as hell, when the Trayvon Martin Case went to George Zimmerman walking the streets, and having the anger built inside of you that once again, the justice of the United States didn’t do no work in making sure he wasn’t being sent to prison.

Now you know what it might be like if you were a different shade of color being followed, profiled, discriminated the most, being called names, poking your suggestions of dating others, or being in area of issues that most don’t understand! KNOW YOUR ROLE!

And to those who are black and think it’s all behind us, with the Kanye West shrugs, you better recognize that this is a constant reminder and it’s no utopia for handouts! Check out this blog entitled, “Blackface, Racial Costumes, and Racism.”

Now the issue of facepaint is a decisive one. War Paint, I can understand. When Football players put some of the black paint substance on their faces before going out on the football field, I get it. Not a problem there. But when a blackface comes up, guess what? None of that matters. More reminders of hate.

Speaking of knowing our roles, this other picture I saw on facebook made me want to vomit. Matter of fact it was on Joe Madison’s Facebook Page.

I looked at a picture of three people, 2 whites, 1 black, and a noose. And the folks were smiling. Plus one of the persons had a noose around the neck of the black woman while the while woman and all were posing for the camera. Don’t believe me, go find that on Facebook. Or matter of fact, here it is:

 How DARE THEM!!!!

And a matter of fact, what was the black chick thinking having that noose around her neck, and having the white dude holding it? And in the other pics, the White chick held the noose and in the final pic: A basket full of cotton. Frankly, I find this disgusting and embarrassing. And for what, amusement? Many of us black folks who probably saw that picture might had the heads in shame. And in disgust like I said. Word is that the black chick is from North Carolina. No matter where she’s from, I don’t think that she might not have a job in the near future all because of this IGNORANT PIC!  And plus that goes for all three of them. Many think, “oh, it’s just a joke and we should get over it”. Frankly: We’ll never be over it. We have NEVER been in the shoes of our ancestors who had to go through hell in a hand basket just to rise up against stuff like this. I’m morely dissapointed in the black chick’s “token” demeanor in the acceptance of it. Just wait until Black History Month comes back, and the more we see pictures of Blacks being hung from trees, again it’s a constant reminder that there is more stuff to talk about. And why it needs to be talked about in the 21st Century. And I don’t care its 2013!  And I can’t say what for the Caucasian crowd. Partially, if an African American had an idea to play “Holocaust”, per say, they would be UUUUUUUPSET! Yeah, we know.

Again: they say we are in a post-racial society? Not a chance! Whenever we see this posted on Social Media, or anywhere else,  it a warning shot.  Partially, it’s a warning shot against blacks. Period. Just like all the profiling, and many others I’ve said on this blog for years. Plus my own experience.  Now I’m also reading some of the comments on Facebook that it’s a joke and get over it. And partially, it’s coming from blacks. Why would anyone who is African-American want to get over this?!!! As long as it’s a hot button topic, it will never be over!

Frankly even on Halloween, it’s an non-ending horror story of trying to survive.

If those wanting to know why the blackface is a concern, read this article from TheGrio.

Time to learn, Americans.


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