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I’m going to call out some folks. To those who had a chance to trying to be black in a blackface, I got some words to say: They are some punks!


So for Halloween, some have this chance to take upon to dress in a blackface, which in reference is a mockery of blacks and the black race. And have this notion to be like someone who was tragically killed. I’m talking about Trayvon Martin. I have looked at my Facebook Feeds, Twitter Time Line today, and I was just disgusted with emotion in which many or some  had to stoop so low in order to do this. So making a mockery of Trayvon Martin in that sense in just pathetic. I don’t think his parents, nor his brother wouldn’t be pleased with the fact that their son and brother is being mocked by a bunch of folks who dawn the blackface, dress in a hoodie with a stain on it, and have a pair of tea and skittles in thinking that the Trayvon Martin dress up is a good fun thing for Halloween.

And that Africa Disco thing with the blackfaces? HIGHLY Disgusting.

I need to say this and this only: COWARDLY!

I hope that this is not some so-called Halloween pranks. I’ve seen Halloween pranks before. But this was and is NO PRANK! This was justified as being ignorant. Oh, I can see this now, it’s on the comments or its on Facebook: “It’s just a joke. We’re not racists. We are colorblind and we have black friends…..”


All of those who say they are COLORBLIND, do you condone this?!!! You better. If this doesn’t that makes them liable for NOT sticking to their principles. And as far as the history of the blackface: it’s a mockery. Pure mockery. And those have done this, you have been called out! Literally.


Roland Martin on Facebook once commented that racism is in America’s DNA. And where was this comment? I want all and the black folks to look at Many Rivers on PBS. Study up.  I think its time that the true understanding of African-Americans needs to come into light. This mockery is like a criminal act. And yes, there are consequences in which criminal acts are proposed. In this one, word is that the female got fired from her job in lieu of this.

If those who are “clueless” about the blackface thing: start reading the freaking history of why blackfaces are a mockery of blacks. Partially, if an African-American male were to dress up in a KKK outfit per say,  or Jeffery Dahmer, or Terri Schavio, or any other person who was suffered or killed for no reason who was non-black, what would be the ending result? I don’t want to think about it.

Am I shocked and surprised about this? Not by a long shot. But it not surprising that it’s even more out there in the era of Obama.

#LEARNAMERICANS! Many of us haven’t learned today! Nor ever. BETTER START NOW. 

The bar is closed.


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