Usually I don’t do this, but recently the New York Times did a visit to the Brew City and gave a review about our city’s well known sites. Of course, whenever a visitor does come to the city, the well known sites are on the list. But however, there a couple of sites that WEREN’T on the list. And I know very well which ones that should be on the list of sites. For all the readers of the NY TImes that did read the Milwaukee Review and to the writer, you might want to reivew this also.

Dear readers of the New York Times:

It’s me, Stephen. I’m a black blogger from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

By now, many of you probably had read an article about our city of Milwaukee. In terms of where to go, where to eat, and where to shop, entertain, and more. And I’m sure the well known areas of Milwaukee that were listed in your article were very presentable. Such as Leon’s, the Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee Public Museum, Pfister Hotel, and many others that help made Milwaukee Famous. Yes you mention about Polish Fest and Irish Fest. But you failed to mentioned, Mexican Fiesta, Festa Italiana, and a hidden jewel: African World Festival. – Just to remind you that Milwaukee does have black people. Just saying!

One other thing about this: you failed to mentioned this company: Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

How does a writer from NY Times forget about Harley? For instance, when the company had its 110th Anniversary this past summer, it rolled out the red carpet for all the bikers near and far to view. The best part of visiting Harley-Davidson is one, you have to checkout the Harley-Davidson Museum. For those who are the Motorcycle Fanatics. And while the visit, you might want to checkout the restaurants of Cafe Racer and Motor for the lunch and dinner, and if possible, feel free to spend your money at the Museum’s gift shop.  Another spot to visit: La Perla. It’s on Milwaukee’s south-side near 5th and National that serves Mexican Food. We also have the Iron Horse Hotel. (Heard of this?!) It’s not just for visits, but for stay and dine in. You probably may have read about this years back. Yes, it’s a hotel for Bikers. But with those who don’t have a motorcycle can stay, and yes it’s pet friendly.

One correction in your article about the brewery tours: Miller does this. Pabst has not. But the Pabst Mansion does offer the tours on Wisconsin Avenue. The mansion has good setups around the Holidays, especially Christmas. Another spot to go, and this is for my African-American crowd: You need to go to Bronzeville and check out Growing Power Market on MLK drive. You have heard of Will Allen, and years ago he was honored by President Barack Obama for his work in Agriculture. Also for the African American crowd in a cultural sense: Even though we don’t have a African American Community Center, (which is up and coming) but we have a Wisconsin Black Historical Society in which houses many different exhibits of Milwaukee’s Black History that is well known. Plus also, hidden. And as far as the arts in the city, you know Summerfest, our 11 day festival.

On rare occasion: The US Bank Building does have tours on the Observation Deck but that might be ideal on the list. As far as food, heard of Kopps? Yes even thought at one time, it was under scrutiny, but the food, especially the burgers are good. I can go on and on. Hold up. we do have some arts and entertainment sites of the Riverside Theater, the Milwaukee Theater, and also the Hyatt Hotel. What is unique about this hotel is the revolving area near the top. You have to take a visit for that one.

So in conclusion, yes the City is some areas is behind. And usually I bust out with the “tail end sentences”.  But in some ways, it is trying to move forward. Maybe if the next visit does come might involve a new streetcar, and a upgrade from MZ Transportation to be in the 21st Century to add along with the visitations from other cities.

So technically yes, the sites and areas are sufficient for visits as previously reported. But like everything else: there is more than usual to check out.




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