Oh yes, I have to say this and I think it’s time to comment. Note to the black folks living in the badger state, we got to get our own opinion poll. I mean there are approximately 6% of African Americans in Wisconsin and most of that is in the Southeast Area of the State. Now many would probably agree that yes, not many blacks in the Badger State don’t agree on everything and also yes everything. Even if it’s politically. Uh-oh. I did say that?

Now I’ve been heard about the recent Marquette Poll, or the Raussman Poll. This percentage of citizens this and this percentage of that. And mostly I’ve heard the question on black radio stations like WNOV, and asking, “Were you polled?” or “I was never polled on this topic.” Most of the folks in my opinion who do these polling statues, are white. Think about it. I’m just saying. And check this, how many of these polls in Wisconsin were done by African-Americans? No matter which side they see? AGAIN: there is 6% of African-Decent living in the Badger State.

Speaking of WNOV, the Black Newspapers of the Community Journal, the Milwaukee Courier, and Milwaukee Times, I read and hear stories that most effect the African American community. And without any disrespect, I don’t listen to Conservative Stuff that deals with African Americans in Milwaukee. I just don’t. Period. However if there are willing Black Conservatives that do a united front with the Black Progressives or Liberals per say without expressing hate, that would be different. Did I knew someone who is black and was/is a conservative? Yes. Do I have to agree his or her viewpoint? No. But do they bring up issues like black liberals or progressives, of course. Duh! The lonely 2%. When Scott Walker or Tommy Thompson was running for the seats, did you noticed that there were FEW African-Americans in those support crowds? Serious question: what has Scott Walker DONE for Black People lately in terms of Jobs, Healthcare, Finance, and many others that are concerns? Not many! Obviously, that 250,000 jobs thing is not clicking. Or how many do feel that Tom Barrett, David Clarke, the senators, or congressmen, or Chris Abele has not done anyone a favor in the Black Community? Now what I have done here is a small sample of a Black Wisconsin Opinion Poll.

Forget the Raussmen Polls, and those so-called Marquette Polls. They don’t mean nothing to the Black Community, per say. What does a poll mean to the Black Community? Again, you might want to read the black community newspapers. Even the blogs.  Online radio that relevant to Wisconsin Blacks. Or anything that a tie in with the African Decent Badger folks. So I’m making a pitch ONLY and ONLY to the African-American Citizens in Wisconsin,  no matter if you are in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Racine, Waukesha, Kenosha, Mequon, or any other city or county that has a few or a lot of Blacks: It’s time for this state to have it’s own opinion poll in extending our concerns, our viewpoints, our objectives, or many other things that mostly no other ethnic group in the State cannot even talk about. I don’t care if you are on Conservative Radio that cannot even reach out. Yep, i’m going there. Now, for those who are non-black, please don’t get an attitude! This is morely on the Black Community than any other community. Literally. In these ideal black Wisconsin polls:

  • What should go on them?
  • What should they be connecting to?
  • What are the concerns that Black Wisconsin Residents are aware of?
  • How do they feel about the current state of the administrations of Walker and Barrett?
  • What is the current state of Black Wisconsin that deeply effects African-Americans?
  • What is the current state of Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Waukesha, Kenosha, Racine, Ozaukee, and many other cities that deeply effects African-Americans?
  • How would this be presentable to the elected officials in the Badger State?

Again, this is only for African-American Residents of Wisconsin.

Many of these questions should be connected politically with African-Americans in Wisconsin. And I want to say YET AGAIN, the state has 6% of black folks in it.  I see this everyday. But what is the concern of us African-American Badger Folks? And yes, there are those who think that Wisconsin has no black people. You guys who never sat foot in Wisconsin, probably never seen African-Decents residents in Racine, or Madison, or Milwaukee IN PERSON! Don’t act all country!

On a serious note, black folks in Wisconsin think about this: it’s time for a need or our own (and I mean OWN) opinion poll. Where we can rate our issues, our objectives or many objectives that we know very well that most don’t. Would that get most folks talking and doing?


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