This morning I was listening to the forum segment about the race angles of black and white. And while that was going on, there were some callers frankly in the North Shore area and miraculously a active member and leader of the Milwaukee County Sheriff told the host of the forum, Sherwin Hughes to “tone it down”. Insert laughter here. Here is a letter to the extremely sensitive crowd who feel it’s a matter of not feeling the love.

Dear Milwaukee Sensitive Residents of Black Radio:

Its me Stephen. You all should know, I’m a black resident blogger of Milwaukee County.

Before the segments begin, the station always has a disclaimer: “The views and opinions of this show does not reflect the management and staff of 860 AM, and Courier Communications. But the sole responsibility of the guest and this particular program.”

Frankly today, many of us were listening to The Forum this morning. I’m assuming.The subject of a McDonalds Owner and location was under the subject of drugs and marijuana. Mainly it was centered in the area of North Shore. Plus also one of the representatives after he had his say, he had to tell Sherwin about “toning down” the dialogue in which he brought up in relation with Confederate Flags, KKK, and racism. Ummm, excuse me. Why was this person listening to WNOV in the first place during the 9am – 12pm hours of the show?

And check this: even Sheriff David Clarke had to call in and say “It’s David Clarke. Tone it down.”

I want to make a comment about this. I want to tell all the folks, the hyper sensitive folks something. Just my opinion: THIS WILL NOT BE TONED DOWN ON ANY FRONTS! NONE! Many times I said that Milwaukee is the most segregated city in America. That is a fact. Even if those live in the North Shore area gonna learn today. Obviously, most are afraid. They are scared. When I listening to the entire 3 hours, Sherwin had made strong references that many agreed about the understanding of black and white citizens. Even a black Vietnam Veteran! Where’s Sheriff Clarke on that? No where. Where are those who had to gall to call the station, after not what they want to hear based on strong and TRUE references? I said this on the MyFoxMilwaukee blogs that many will get mad when the truth comes out. Even if an owner gets all hyped negatively about a McDonald’s harboring Drugs and Mary Jane!

Speaking of Toning Down: Where is the “Toning down” of prevention of drugs in businesses?

  • Where is the toning down of high unemployment among African Americans IN Milwaukee? WHERE YOU AT CONSERVATIVES?!!!!!!
  • Where is the toning down of admitting the fact that this region and state is still segregated? And having Transportation issues of getting to the jobs? Hello, folks!
  • Where is the toning down of preventing teen pregnancy, not being in the poor category IN Milwaukee? EXCUSE ME?!!!!!
  • Where is the Toning Down of Drugs being going into the suburbs and while many get off easy, but hard in the larger metro areas?
  • WHERE IS THE TONING DOWN of the so-called others who thought that a school like Malcolm X shouldn’t be an Community Center after it was legally PASSED by MPS?!!
  • Where is the toning down on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Comment folks who blast things that they don’t and get a freaking pass? Such as one JSOnline commenter at one time had talked about that an officer should have punched Jeanine Tracy harder while being handcuffed in a squad car!
  • Where is the toning down on these Conservatives Radio folks like Mark Belling who labeled Derek Williams a thug after being handcuffed in the back of a squad car? Couldn’t breath in all. Neck broken. And died on the scene.
  • Where is the toning down of the Hilton Garden Inn, and Alderman Bob Bauman, about the accusations of black nightlife like 618 on Water, and many other clubs that mostly cater to African-Americans,and Urban Hip Hop Music?!!!  And having those NOT LIVING in Milwaukee had to jump in? UM, EXCUSE ME?!!!
  • Where is the toning down of the State of Wisconsin that is getting sued by Talgo because of the refusal of the High Speed Rail project, that many of the leeches of the Tea Party Wisconsin based, plus Scott Walker shutting it down? Hmmmmm………don’t see it here!

What’s up with that? Milwaukee County Residents?!!!!! You all getting all hyper sensitive about a black man’s strong truthful reference, and don’t want to admit it. Folks like Sheriff David Clarke needs to understand that he is going to get talked about. Period. I mean, if various folks can talk about Chris Abele, Tom Barrett, Scott Walker, Senator Lena Taylor, or any other official, so Clarke is off the list? REALLY?! But if Sherwin is wrong of what he said about him, maybe the second black Democratic (but mostly REPUBLICAN supportive) Sheriff needs to be a man about it and defend his record!

I would say this: BE A MAN SHERIFF CLARKE! To a person that ended the D.A.R.E. program years ago. I’m saying this as a black resident of Milwaukee County and a TAX PAYER!  MAN THE FREAK UP!

Plus also if there is anyone that doesn’t like Milwaukee Black Radio, in a progressive sense,  I swear to God and I really mean this. If they feel that the topics and subjects about what comes from Sherwin Hughes, or any others on WNOV, and it bothers them, and I don’t care where you are in Milwaukee County or in the Greater Milwaukee Area, JUST TURN THE DIAL!!!



What is so hard about that?! I mean it’s like if you don’t like shows that have “TVMA” on your screen when showing disclaimers, CHANGE THE CHANNEL! DON’T COMPLAIN! GOOD LORD! What is so hard about that? Or matter of fact, Get your own station! And you can talk about whatever whenever.  And that goes for anything with Social Media, Pictures, your Newspapers, Local News, National News, Internet Radio or any other means of getting the news of the day or week. Even if is on the blogs. Don’t read it nor comment. Simple! There is no anchor tied to anyone’s carcasses here. There are no guns held to the heads. Jeez.

And further clarification: the auditorium is open, get your tickets out, and HAVE A SEAT!




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