Well well well:

It seems the Tea Party had struck a nerve with the President yet again and other Americans. Did any see this mess? I mean having those don’t tread on me flags, and what’s this? A Confederate Flag? Uh oh, who would do such a thing? The bogus Tea Party.

When I saw that picture on Twitter, I mean; really? All because of the shutdown. Oh check this, they have to bring in barricades and stacked them towards the front gates. And having that Sarah Palin, and Ted Cruz supporting that mess. Of course, they’re republicans, and fans of the Tea Party.  Right.

Obviously.  These wackos are just plain stupid. HOW DARE THEM!

HOW DARE THEM of going in front of the White House with the Confederate Flags thinking it’s their own house. Last time I checked, it belong to all Americans. Including me, in which I haven’t visited yet.  I’m ashamed of the Vets who are apart of that crowd that follow this mess. Yes, they have served the country, but this crap they supported is blatant stupid!  Oh, I’m going there today! They don’t speak for me. And this guy, Larry KIayman, or Klanman or whatever his name is, telling the President to “put the Quran down.” This idiot of a tea pariter is just confused. Obama is a Christian. His father was Muslim. Get it straight, people. Talk about denial of reality. These are just mad haters. That’s all. All parading around with the Confederate Flags. To those with the “Stars and bars” many would call that an reminder of racism and slavery. Having said that, is bringing back old nightmares. Many black folks will tell you that. Also there are those who felt say either it’s a southern heritage or it’s a family heritage. But no one would tell you, that those use the flag also had a history of being traitors. Reference CNN on that one.

But seriously, again the Tea Party in my view, are just haters of anyone that is not them! Similar to the KKK. Oh yeah, I’m going there. I’ll bet there are those who are black and follow their philosophy. Not surprising.  They might be in a situation where they can’t speak for all Black America. Frankly their tea party ideology don’t speak for me. And I’m an African-American male. And plus they don’t give a care about me anyway. The same with the rest. I mean how in the hades are they fooling with the get up looking like Thomas Paine wannabes and having guns strapped with a mix of Don’t Tread on Me Flags, now mixed the Stars and Bars?


And I’m glad some of the “Tea Party Foolery” got arrested after that so-called protest was well “gated” outside of The White House.  Talk about “stuck on stupid”, and this is supposed to be “American enough?” REALLY?!!!! I dare anyone of these yahoos go back and realize that mostly, this is their doing. They are hating the fact that an African-American Family is in the White House. Barack Obama got elected again. But all now, they wanted to keep it non-black just like the last 43 presidents. They in my in estimation want guys like me to stay in the back. Never to lead or to analyze. Newsflash: Tea Party, We can lead now. Obviously that does not resonate with the likes of many others. What really got me was when Larry Klayman was dissing Obama, he had the nerve to talk about MLK. If Dr. King were living right now, and after the B.S. he had seen out of the Tea Party, he would shake his head in disappointment.  And no, he was NOT a republican.  Some might say, why bring the angle of the race card in this? I hate to say it, but that race card, racism has and unfortunately is always on deck. It may not be real for some, but it is real in a sense of understanding. I know there are some “colorblind” folks that might comment, but remember this: I don’t see no utopias yet! None! If those really feel that following the I Have A Dream Speech 50 years later is a good speech, while this is going on, we don’t know jack about MLK. Speaking of that, listen to this speech soundbite. I hear this on WNOV in Milwaukee, and it’s real talk, EVEN in today’s era, and what is going on right now.

Hmmm………can the Tea Party sample that? Probably not.

Now recently, if those haven’t heard, the House GOP rejected yet again another bill that will not help stop the ongoing Government Shutdown. We know who’s fault this is right?  Percentage wise: it’s on the GOP. It’s on John Boehner and the GOP-Led Congress. With the Tea Party Influence and the Heritage Foundation. All because of the Affordable Care Act that IS the law of the land. Got approved. And to their accord, the country got “punished” all because Mitt Romney didn’t check in the Oval Office.  WELL TOO BAD REPUBLICANS! And in the last act, guess what, the year 2014 is around the corner. If those who were responsible for this act, their jobs are on line. If those who were effected by the shutdown through the jobs, WIC, Domestic Violence Assistance, Food Share, Veterans Benefits, and many other needs to keep the country going, in any way, make sure the ballots are delivered and punched in the voting booths. LITERALLY! Plus that will be a potential revenge factor from 2010.

Trust me, it’s sad to say that it’s time for this current group of holding Obama back, needs to go. Just early this morning FINALLY some resolution in having some sense. Both Parties has agreed to a bi-partisan deal temporarily to increase the debt limit in order to pay for our bills (and I mean OUR bills), plus also to reopen the Government by the order of the President. And if you are one of the 800,000+ workers, you must be dancing right now. “Go get your paper, mane!” As the young cats say now. Feed your families, pay your bills and stock up on Scholarships and grants for the future college scholars.

So has the GOP learned its lesson after this dumb, so-called, Government Shutdown? They better learn today. This “shutdown” nearly costed the country, and sent a red flag to other countries that the United States got dumb and stupid because their leaders can’t even get themselves together in order to function. Speaking of the Republicans,  from Wisconsin: Ron Johnson (aka RoJo), voted no along with other 17 Republicans of the ending the shutdown. Which is no surprise that RoJo voted against that. If Russ Feingold were in that same chair, that would have been a yes. Literally. Plus also: other Wisconsin Republicans like Jim Sensenbrenner, Paul Ryan, Tom Petri, and Sean Duffy also said no. Just also a thought: Sean Duffy at one time was on San Francisco’s Edition of The Real World. Yeah him.

But oh, no we know what happened with Wisconsin’s end in 2010.


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