Four Way stop time. This is where I go four stories in one blog. Let’s get it.

First: The GOP is accountable for the Shutdown.

Just admit it. It’s not all the Democrats fault. It’s on John Bohener. Period. It’s on Eric Cantor, Sen. Ted Cruz, and the other 80+ Representatives in the Congress who are holding America hostage all because of this HealthCare Bill. So technically, they believe that the President should dump his health bill to reopen the government?  I have to say, this 113th lead republican congress just don’t want Obama succeed to finish off this HealthCare Bill. Many said that the website glitch would be a problem, HOWEVER when you crash a website with so many folks on it, it’s a good thing! It’s a good thing because it’s a deal that most folks are really interested. Also, why would I say this? I say this that there are folks who are concerned about have adequate and AFFORDABLE HeathCare Insurance. Not many aren’t going to Aetna, or Blue Cross Blue Shield, or maybe Humana or Assuarnt Health. I’m just speaking the truth. This Obamacare thing might be something that most are looking for. Or it could be for something that most have been searching for something different. But no, the majority in the Republican-Led Congress with the sprinkle of Tea Party leech juice (YEAH I SAID IT!)  feels that it’s going to bring America down. Really?! How is this is supposed to bring America down, all because of the ACA? That doesn’t make any sense. But here’s some thought though, all those health ideas that got inserted into the ACA, really came from the Republicans. Remember “RomneyCare”? Hmmmm……..Why would the Republicans in sense of thought don’t want the HealthCare thing in which they started, don’t want it to be implemented with President Obama’s legacy of the ACA? I want to know! Matter of fact, this is no surprise. Go back to 2008 or 2009 when the Red Squad all had this agreement that whenever anything Obama tries to pass, they’ll block it or will not approve. That has been their priority. But we are seeing it for what it really is. Racism at best. Now for those who think it’s all smoke and mirrors, wake up! This is another angle of racism in which most don’t want to touch. But it’s out there. Even the President knows or is aware. But knowingly, its not going to make the 44th President resign. Oh, no! Not a chance. Yes, the Obama-Biden Crew may have been slowed down, but they are not stopped. Just remember after George W. Bush made the mess, it’s up to Obama in trying to make the house clean. We see it. But do Rush Limbaugh or any other Right Wing Maniacs see that? Nope! Does the Tea Party reference that? Prove that to me.

Oh check this, the issue with this also it’s affecting the Military. No Travel Expenses, No Death and Burial Insurance. Why? Let me guess: the GOP Shutdown and the hate of the ACA. Recently in the last couple of days some of our troops were killed in Afghanistan and couldn’t get the expenses to get a decent burial with Military honors. Really Republicans and Tea Party? Reference The Ed Show and PoliticsNation. As a son, grandson, nephew, cousin, and extended relative of veterans and active duty military personnel, I find this shameful and pathetic. And most of all: VERY-UNAMERICAN! Just remember, that 2014 is a couple of ticks away. Who’s ready to get the ballots out?


Oh let me go here. The Detroit Lions cannot win at Lambeau. Matter of fact how many times is that, 23? Since 1991, this is the “owning” in which that part of the 90’s mystique still resonates at Lambeau. Yes, there were those who say on the Lions side of things felt that the Packers got lucky after that 22-9 victory without Megatron, aka Calvin Johnson. If those don’t’ know that yes, Calvin Johnson has been beaten in Lambeau before. So, what’s the deal? Reggie Bush, got a first education of being stopped by the Packers Defense. IN LAMBEAU!  We Packer Backer/Packer Obsever Fans know about the House of Horrors. There was a time when the Packers couldn’t get a win in Philadelphia. Got one. Actually two when you count the NFL Playoffs in route to SuperBowl 45. Second, beating Dallas at Lambeau, And the one I do remember the most: Beating Tampa Bay in Florida when a guy named Warren Sapp was still playing against Brett Favre. But Detroit: The last time they beat the Packers in Lambeau was in the 90’s, but it was in the “then Don Majkowski era”. After that, when Brett Favre took over, you know the story.  But shifting gears, yes, I will say Detroit is showing something, but we’ll see in a NFC North thing with the Bears and Vikings. And as far as Dominic Raiola: Has anyone seen this? Dude had to jaw jack at the UW-Madison band of making fun of the tuba players and trumpet players. Some say that was hate speech. Wait a minute, this is the UW-Madison Marching Band were talking about. The band that does amazing shows at Camp Randall Stadium and one of THE BEST Bands in the Big Ten. Yeah I said it! As a former band school person myself, I can relate being made fun off from those who don’t have a clue about being in a marching band. Oh yeah I know. And for a guy like Raiola is a nobody. He needs to stay on his game than worrying about the UW-Band doing the Jump Around at Lambeau Field. Speaking of which, Lambeau needs to TURN UP when the UW-Band does the Jump Around. And have more DJ’s to represent. DJ’s as in Urban DJ’s from Milwaukee that needs to make a trek to do a live DJ set at the stadium. Love the Packers, just saying. But this Raiola guy, let me tell the UW-Band this as some advice in which you are sent out to do: Keep Playing! Keep marching! Don’t let the haters like Dominic Raiola stop you all because he couldn’t get a win in Lambeau Field. Keep playing and marching so those who want to hear and see, can hear and see! Keep playing and marching for those who can’t walk or run. Keep playing and marching not just Lambeau, play for all of Wisconsin! Even play in Milwaukee. (yeah I said it!) For the Lions, in the words of Michael Blackstone: “Try Again (insert expletive language here)!

Third: Who’s Mary Burke, and why she wants the Governor’s Chair in Madison?

If those in Wisconsin like me woke up today with this news, we should know:

Mary Burke for Wisconsin

For many months, the Wisconsin Democrats had been searching for a competitor to try to unseat Scott Walker for the next State election. Which is next year. And the name Mary Burke was circulating around the brainstorming of the Demos. Clearly before, the Wisconsin Democrats didn’t and probably don’t still have a strong competitor to run against Walker in the next election for the state. Even in the black Milwaukee media has said the same thing. Reference WNOV. How many times have I heard Sherwin Hughes say this? Alot. I’ll be honest, picking a strong competitor to beat Scott Walker may not be an easy thing, but however it must be challenged. In her ad what you have just seen, yes she talks about her upbringings of 4 generations. And her ties with Trek Bicycles which is Wisconsin Born. And she highlighted the jobs she brought to the state, concerns and many Wisconsin families across the board. Now this is my question: What about the black community, and the largest city of Milwaukee? I’m going there also. I have to. I got love for the other cities, BUT Milwaukee is my home! We got issues here in the brew city that Mary Burke has to understand. Unemployment, AIDS, Dropout, Crime, Education, Transportation issues to jobs, Health and Wellness. Many of these issues is still a concern in the Black Community. Wisconsin’s heart maybe in Madison, but the “economic engine” itself is in Milwaukee. In other words, you got to go through Milwaukee to get to Madison in voting. Challenge my statement, Wisconsinites. Go for it. That’s not just me saying it. WNOV is saying the same thing. If Mary Burke has a chance, which most likely she will, she has to convince the Milwaukee Audience, in my view of why she would be a better competitor for the Governor’s Chair. She has to convince the Blacks Residents in Milwaukee why she should have our back in regarding black male unemployment, jobs, Health, education, and also the revolving door of Segregation. Uh-oh! I did say the S-word? Segregation is not just a Milwaukee issue. But it’s also Wisconsin’s Issue. Think about it. The Badger State has 6% of residents who are African Decent. That is a fact. There are less black folks here in the whole state at that rate. Most of that percentage is in the larger areas like the Southeast. Reference Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha. But the main concern: IF and this is a BIG IF: If Mary Burke is to be a real candidate per say, she needs to also to make Milwaukee a must visit! Then if she is successful, she could possibly be a strong contender to beat Walker at his own game. However, there has been another name that hasn’t been thought about, but could be an Idea. And I’m really stumped that the Wisconsin Democratic Party has not picked this name. I’ll give a hint here: Who in Wisconsin, besides Jim Doyle has beaten Scott Walker? If you say no one, check this: Congresswoman Gwen Moore. Yep, the same Gwen Moore that beat Scott Walker in a State Assembly race years ago in 1990. Yep, she is another competitor in which some think could be another competitor to defeat Walker. But her name is not being circulated. Except on WNOV. However it was Polly Williams’ thought that Gwen Moore should run for Governor.  And by the way, Gwen Moore is black, FYI. Don’t get it twisted. She could be open to represent. Now why do I think that she would be a far better candidate over Mary Burke? Congresswoman Moore has been experienced in Wisconsin politics. She is a Racine resident. Went to Milwaukee’s North Division High School , got a bachelor’s degree from Marquette University (unlike Walker who dropped out!) received a certificate from Harvard University in 2005, volunteered for VISTA, founded the Cream City Community Development Credit Union for low-income residents, worked for the City of Milwaukee in the position of a neighborhood development strategist, and the State of Wisconsin for Employment Relations and Health Services. Plus WHEDA.  Plus she was a single parent on welfare but was able to rise up from the ashes to be the first African-American Woman to be elected to Congress from Wisconsin.

Um…….does this sound an idea to be a potential future Governor?

Plus also, way before Scott Walker dumped BadgerCare, Gwen Moore was a key part of making BadgerCare in the first place. So Democrats of Wisconsin, I know Mary Burke is a prime choice to challenge Walker, but hey, if Gwen Moore is open to get the job, just saying. – And by the way, look for another of my “blog letters” to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. And trust me, I want it to be thoroughly “THOROUGHLY” read!

Fourth: WNOV is Upgraded – An hour for Polly Williams, the Forum is 3 hours and you will another voice in the Afternoons.

This week began a brand new era in the history of WNOV. And I do mean a “Brand New Era”. In the previous days, the station was announcing a change. No it wasn’t going country, probably more talk and probably more music. Frankly, it was additional talk. Beginning this week, The Forum was upgraded from 2 hours to Three Hours, from Tuesdays – Fridays. Yes, you will hear 3 hours of Sherwin Hughes behind the mic. And for Mondays, his Forum show will stay at the 2 hour format. Why is that? Annette Polly Williams has a one hour show called “The Polly Williams Show” that will go for one hour. Just to clarify: The Forum on Mondays will go from 9:00am – 11:00am. Polly Williams will be on from 11:00am – 12:00pm. Plus, The Forum on Tuesdays – Fridays will be on air for 3 hours from 9:00am – 12:00pm. All the times are in the Central Time Zone. Now, what about the afternoons? WNOV had to go into the 1290 WMCS playbook to get “Keeping It Real with Al Sharpton”. His radio show is national as we know, which is about three hours between the 1:00pm – 4:00pm hour between Monday – Friday. So in reference, it’s almost that WNOV is upgrading to give the black audience in Milwaukee more talk of the issues that need to be addressed. Not just in Milwaukee, but those in Madison, Green Bay and many others that you don’t necessarily hear about concerning the black community. To those in the rest of Wisconsin. WNOV is the now the ONLY Black Owned Radio Station in the state. After 1290 WMCS went off the air to Elvis, and now Martini Radio, there was void in the Black Communications side of Milwaukee. But since then, WNOV had risen up to be the last standing dragon of Milwaukee Black Radio in the Badger State. Who knows, maybe another familiar voice might join the fray of addressing black issues in Milwaukee, and in Wisconsin.

Now for those want to know: WNOV stands for Wisconsin’s Negro Only Voice. Now that moniker is living up to the hype.


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