Oh, it’s time to for me to unleash some stuff here. And for this, I will not be held back on what is this about in all. Technically, the announcement of the Government Shutdown all because of the GOP ideals of stripping the now official Affordable Care Act out of the barn and into the pasture to be shot. Well guess what, the Affordable Care Act had gotten over a million hits since today, October 1st. And will continue to get more hits especially for those who didn’t have enough coverage, or no coverage to get into to see a doctor for physicals and of course the words of Health and Care!


Now the GOP failed to realize that going against Obama on this, maybe a grave mistake. A real grave mistake because look at next year, 2014. That year might be a execution style in which who from the U.S. House of Representatives will be gone into the unemployment line and if Speaker of the House John Boehner is on that list to be FIRED, I’ll say it here: he needs to be fired! I remember when the GOP in 2010 had a hat that read “Fired Pelosi.” All because of the whole health care set up. And it was the same set up when Congressman John Lewis was called out a racial slur and got spat upon all because the so-called Tea Party fans didn’t like the mentality of health care. Oh wait it’s not about healthcare? It’s Obama right. The first black president right? Why I’m not surprised.  This whole Shutdown reminds me of 1995 in the very same year that I graduated from High School that Bill Clinton faced the hot-seat of a Government Shutdown in parts of a potential Universal Healthcare. Then came that commercial in 1994 about “Harry and Louise” trying to accomplish to dump the Clinton’s version of HealthCare for all. And the elephants had to stomp all over that. All because they at the time was socialized medicine was about to take over. Can I say that they were copying Ronald Reagan’s notes? just like the leeches of the Tea Bagging Citizens who just had this imaginary sign of less government. Really?

And to those in the international community, please forgive America.  Really I am asking this as a citizen.

Out of my home state, Congresswoman Gwen Moore in DC had to comment about the decision that led to this “shutdown”.  She didn’t held back.

So technically, this shutdown was just a punishment for voters like me who voted up in 2012 for Barack Obama. If anyone deserves to be punished it’s not guys like me. The Republcan-Led Congress, and those in the Tea Party: THEY NEED to be punished. All because of their ongoing hatred against the President. since day one. Oh, and the thing about Reince Priebus and Michelle Bachmann having this notion of “supporting the veterans” is very sickening. Why I am saying this? I am a son/nephew of Vietnam Veterans. And Grandson of WWII Vets, Cousins of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and many others that have served in my family. As a son/nephew/cousin/grandson of those who have served in arms, I am stricken with disgust. I’ll bet many of you are who are sons, grandson and etc, are just a disgusted as this act. Yes, I realized that those who are WWII Vets want to see the WWII Memorial. Not a problem with that . But the folks who were welcomed were the same REPUBLICANS who wanted this Shutdown in the first place. Michelle Bachmann is a fraud! Sorry Minnesota, I know she’s your girl, but I’m just saying. And a far as Reince Preibus, from Janesville, don’t get me started! He is just as a fraud as Paul Ryan and Scott Walker in the same realm.

So in my view, are using the WWII Vets like pawns in a chess game to think, “Oh, we care about those who served and they deserve right to see their memorial.” Can I get the phone and dial 1-800 B.S.! Or hashtag on twitter #AmericansPlease! If the republicans cared about the Vets so much, why not help out the WIC? Or the support of the 800,000+ folks who aren’t working all because of the B.S. of them Shutting down the Government.  All because the hate on Obama, and the hate on the Affordable Care Act. Just to reiterate something here, I’ve been through the shutdowns in 1995-1996, so this is a second wind for survival for me. And no I’m not pleased with it. Technically it’s foolish. Now I know that there are those in the Republican group that want to distance themselves away from the shutdown decision. Well…..ok. But I wish those in the party would just make some common sense. Other than reciting in Congress, of Dr. Seuss.  This Senator Ted Cruz person, who ever he is, is really nerve racking. Yeah I said it, Texas. It needed to be said. All that “defund ObamaCare” mess. He can talk defending it all he wants to, but it is the law of the land.

Let’s just face it. The Republicans lost. They lost the last election against Obama. They lost the Health Care Debate. And they are whining up the storm all because of it. Now the Tea Party should know how it feels when most didn’t do scrap. And there are 81 members are holding the country hostage all because of this. Like I said, if those in the party are holding America in imprisonment, they need to have their jobs stripped. And what is the way to do it? Everybody in America, if you don’t believe in voting, you better start now.

Next blog on “the spot” a  letter to the 800,000 folks that are currently not working because of the shutdown. I got some inspiration for them. And trust me, anyone can pay attention.


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