A blog letter to: All of the 800,000 plus workers. I feel you.

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Commentary by all means, Decision Factors, My Special Commentary, National, News and politics, Regional
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This blog letter that I’m about to write is going to all of the 800,000+  workers who were effected by the Government Shutdown. I don’t care what side you preach politically, nor I don’t care if supporting President Barack Obama, or side being Independent. So here it goes:

Dear 800,000 Federal Workers:

It’s me Stephen. You should know, I’m a black blogger guy from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

First, let me get to my sympathies and my thoughts to you. You all have every reason to be pissed off of the effects of this recent Government Shutdown. It to me shows that the current Congress (Republican-Led Congress mostly) has decided to shutdown the government all because they feel the Affordable Care Act was won by the majority of the people who decided to keep the President in the chair for another 4 years. The real reason as we all know is the ACA, or Obamacare. But with all of that, your jobs were effected. Your livelihoods of bring checks to your families, put food on the table, to pay your bills, and I dare say student loans are now effected with this shutdown. My pastor in church a couple of months ago, had two words to say: HOLD ON! That is what I’m telling all of you. Yes, your jobs, your careers, your livelihoods have been effected, but you all just need to HOLD ON!

I know it’s tough in this working  world. I feel you. You guys work hard each day punching the clock for your 8 hours, (or 12 hours) take your breaks, negotiate, have discussions in all, and do it again all week long. Yes, there are 11 million folks also who need work to get in. Matter of fact, I need more work to get in.

But back to you guys, just keep this in perspective. I’m praying for ALL OF YOU! Not just because you’re in working for the Government, but you all have families and responsibilities to support. Roland Martin on his Facebook page comments this:  “Don’t just protest on Capitol Hill, govt workers. Take it to the offices of GOP House, Senate members nationwide. Y’all have families!” You all better tell them like it’s a serious heart attack. If they don’t listen to you. VOTE THEM OUT!  2014 is 3 months away. Voting is the most freest thing we can do and doesn’t cost a thing. Show up to the polls and demand a real change as if the President is on the ballots.  Again, I don’t care what your political stance is, and I don’t care. But I do care this: yes your jobs and livelihoods need to be resurrected in this shutdown.

Now many are asking, why should I care about these 800,000 workers, what about the 11 million folks who are still looking for work? Or those in the black community here in Milwaukee that have a dilemma of 50% of the unemployment rate? Look when ever you see it from one angle or different angles, this hurts everyone. It’s like getting laid off without notice. I’ve been laid off and it’s no fun. And it sucks. Some folks might look at you say, so what. I don’t care about it. Tell them what it means! Tell it over and over again. Even to those who are just clueless. TELL THEM! And they don’t like it, TOO BAD! Many of you are workers in health, housing, immigration, law enforcement, parks/museums, finance, regulatory, some in the Veterans areas, and also the WIC. Tell them straight up on how not passing a bill is holding your check from paying your bills and support your food stashes and families. President Obama told the folks in Missouri about the GOP is not looking out for citizens like us. They are not focusing on jobs rather to try to “defund Obamacare”, and hating on him. Yes, you are workers. Federal Workers that go and serve this country so semi workers like me can go to the parks and visit and get checked up by a doctor with reliable insurance. Socialist for this? No way. No how.

So it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist, to get this going. Many of you probably have gone on Youtube, or your social media platforms (possibly) and expressed your concerns. I say this: Express your concerns in a blog, video, your newspaper editorial section, whatever and let the folks know! Even if you have to go on AlJazeera America and express it like a concerned citizen. DO IT! Go on CNN, MSNBC, or your local news and EXPRESS YOUR CONCERN!

In closing: Hold on, folks. Just hold on and make change. And I don’t mean pocket change. Protest this madness!




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