A Three Way Dance that I have to talk about: A “fake” jobs report from Scott Walker, Black Clubs in Milwaukee are in the cross-hairs, and an updated report about Malcolm X Academy with MPS

Posted: September 30, 2013 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Black America, Black stories that all should know and realize, Local News and Politics, Milwaukee African American Commentary, Wisconsin African American Commentary


These three subjects I have to bring up. Many in Wisconsin have seen the “liftoff” commercials about the jobs in which in my opinion  has to be far more proven than the actual truth. In addition that they were just “blindsided” with past recalls. Plus also, I don’t really go to clubs that much, but as far the black clubs are concerned with urban music being targeted, oh I have heard about it and read it of course. And remember about that exclusive blog I wrote about Malcolm X Academy in which it might be a Community Center in the Bronzeville District, well that also has an updated status.

First the lagging numbers of jobs in Wisconsin.

This past week in the half, there has been a liftoff of job reports in the state. I’m sure that many of the Wisconsin folks have seen it.

I had to say, of all the “political commericals” in Wisconsin, that has to be THE MOST fakeest commoerical ever! Oh, I’m going there. If that were to be the case in terms  of improvement then it would reflect the truth. Obviously it’s not the case at all. What the WMC and Gov. Scott Walker FAILED to bring up, the job numbers according to the Philadelphia Fed Index is the direct opposite. Really opposite.  In the ad, the highlights of the arguement, in laymens terms that the state had done this:

  • Ranks fifth in manufacturing job growth (source: CNBC)
  • Is ahead of four Midwest states in weekly wages (sources: Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Is third in the nation for three-month job growth (sources: the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and BizTimes.com)
  • Is second in the nation for potential economic growth (sources: the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and the Capital Times)
  • Is first for growth among all Midwest state (sources, again: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and the Capital Times).

HOLD UP: there’s more to this. I went on youtube about this ad and there were missing elements of this that is not telling the whole story.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had a Economics Score Card about the jobs and this is mostly true:

Yes, it had some slight improvements BUT the state is still behind. Literally. And get this in a extra nutshell, Walker had to put the blame of this mostly with last year’s recall election in which he got away yet again. Partially, it was his policies got these job numbers low. Not the recall. Remember the High Speed Rail project that was supposed to connect Milwaukee and Madison, and many folks said it was boondoggle. It will never work. No it’s “runway government spending!” Shut up! If that project were to remain in tact, more and more folks from the Milwaukee area, particularly in the black community  would be working RIGHT NOW! Obviously, those in the 50% plus who felt Walker was a God over Barrett, didn’t realize that when the red county yahoos didn’t want to see the train in all, here is comes yet again: SEGREGATION! We know that Milwaukee is the most Segregated city in the United States. I’ve said that many times.  Ask anyone that knows.  I’ve heard this on WNOV as well as read this in the Milwaukee Black Newspapers. Even when 1290 WMCS was on the air ALL DAY, it was talked about many times. And by the way, for those in Wisconsin that want to know what’s up in the Black Community, no matter if you are in Madison (yeah I said Madison), Menomonie, Green Bay, and many other cities across the state, if you have time out of your leisure, between 9am – 11am, listen to WNOV. Let me tell you also to listen to Blowradio.com – let me also warn that Blowradio.com is explicitly open. Which means you might hear some colorful language in all. Just some advice.

But getting back to the “fake jobs report from Wisconsin”,  everything in the last couple of years since Walker took office has been low. Think about it. And that so-called 250,000 jobs may not happen as expected. Speaking of that, what is up with the casino jobs that would move the jobs out of Milwaukee and into Kenosha? I’ve seen the both sides of the commericals in which those favorite, and also this one, that was a comment that has ties to the mob.

Really Wisconsin? So Milwaukee will be once again on the list of the extra “stick it to Milwaukee hit list?” Don’t forget, Milwaukee needs jobs too! The economic engine of the Badger State has about 50% plus of the African-American Community that is in NEED OF WORK! Despite of the community that may not have a Driver’s Licenece, or a car or both to get them to. Many had to rely on the county bus, but the buses don’t go to the destination in which the jobs are. This is what mostly in the Badger State DON’T understand. I know personally because I went through it. I had no choice but to get a licence in 2004 to be ready to drive in 2005. And what the buses didn’t reach, I went to in the car.  I guess many who like to chime on the JSOnline Comments don’t even realize it of their segregation issues have swarmed in regarding this issue. However there are those need to understand.

Now on to the next item: Milwaukee Black Clubs.

Here is a secret I have yet to yearn. Now I’ve explored the Milwaukee nightlife. Downtown Clubs and bars.  And mainly with black owned establishments. If you’re African-American living in the brew city that has been on the case for years, you should know. Milwaukee’s Black Nightlife has been a recent target in the last couple of years due to segregation, hip hop music, and many others to pinpoint. We should know. Eugene Kane wrote in the Journal Sentinel of this scenario of the Onyx Nightclub, 618 Live and the Lady Bug Club establishments. One of the clubs is on the northside, and two are downtown on Water Street. And yes, I have read about the incidents of clubs being on the pulse of gunshots, and other violent incidents. Mainly nothing new.  Back in 2008-2009 way back, on those MyFoxMilwaukee.com Blogs, I had to ask yet again: Is there a place in Milwaukee for blacks? In terms of good times, no drama, chilling out, coming from work and catching a break, or just going out taking a break having a good time without many drama? Oh, and I had the hotseat. Partially from whom never explored it or had an assumption. But I took the chance to explain that there are those of African Decent, living in Milwaukee, that do go out in terms of who they know and connect with.

But this recent stint about the clubs closing down raises many questions and red flags: what is the real deal? Is it the customers, or is it hip-hop music? Are we going back to the 90’s again when most of this was going on? I mean really? Now i know many reasons why most don’t go to club on a frequent basis. Like you hear every single week there is a Old School Saturdays, or Ladies Night Wednesdays. Or when a well known up and coming artist per say Meek Mil can attend the club of his choice, you know it’s going to be packed to the walls. Just saying. But in the story, it’s no secret that it’s an ongoing issue of keeping the clubs open. Many have heard about Questions, The Matrix, Club Escape, Mecca, and many others in Milwaukee that were going on, but now just closed up for ordinances.  Now in regarding this issue, I’ve heard this on Homer Blow’s show a few weeks ago, when the clubs like the ones I mentioned get closed up, why don’t the folks who support them go and fight for them to stay open? That’s like saying if the Latino Community per say, hears about one of their clubs getting closed up unceremoniously with the latter of concern, they assemble with the alderman or have a meeting at City Hall about the matter. The same with other ethnics, and also when a store like Walmart, peaks up in a suburban community per say, the Caucasians folks are at a community center or a centralized spot, they are on time, and they come PACKED! Why can’t us in the Black Community come out for stuff like this? In terms of keeping up with our nightlife in Milwaukee? I’m just saying. We in the black community….we gotta learn! And yes, partially the reasons of the concerns of racism and segregation still exists. Reminds me of that Channel 12 news coverage about Decibal Deepbar on the Eastside that refused patrons of color, except at one time when a black woman was in their club. Google the footage.  Oh from that clip, there was the security folks who had to stop the black patrons of their clothes being too big or not right. And the basis of that was just trying to keep the black Milwaukee folks out of the clubs. Talk about segregation in Milwaukee. With this story, regarding the black nightlife in the city, in terms with the clubs of Onyx, 618 and others, this ongoing fight is still in progress in which it must be brought to a complete stop!

Third on the dance card: The updated stance of the MPS/Malcolm X Academy Sale

Another breakthrough of the sale of the Malcolm X Academy building story still grows. Recently, according to Milwaukee Public Schools, and Facebook, MPS has updated their standings of the former school:

  • The Board agreed to enter into negotiations with 2760 Holdings, LLC for the purchase of the property at 2760 North First Street (Malcolm X Academy). 2760 Holdings has 90 days to negotiate terms of a sale.
  • The Board authorized the administration to entertain proposals for the possible sale and/or redevelopment of 619 East Dover Street (Dover School) and to seek community feedback on the proposals.

Plus another story that is factual for MPS:

– In 2012, the Board of School Directors determined that a good use for some closed or surplus facilities, including Malcolm X, was as community resource centers which may include educational components as well as community support services. This year, MPS was invited to participate in a collaborative community planning session led by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee involving the Martin Luther King Economic Development Corporation, the Martin Luther King Drive Business Improvement District, the Milwaukee Department of City Development and the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA). This planning process validated the Board’s vision of a community center for the site. The MPS Board voted in August to move forward with that vision after months of discussion.

– MPS is open to discussing other building options with private and public organizations for unused space the district has not identified as needing for future growth of successful MPS schools or for our charter partners.

– MPS is committed to making decisions about buildings that benefit all Milwaukee taxpayers, families and students, not just one school or advocacy group. The citizens of Milwaukee deserve to have a thoughtful, comprehensive plan implemented for the buildings their tax dollars have paid for. That is exactly what we have done.

So my question and I must ask: What was St. Marcus thinking?

Has St. Marcus actually read the fine print in regarding the building? I mean all that marching around the school acting like it’s theirs for the taking is not good. And the “fans” , especially Sheriff David Clarke, who felt that MPS is shutting out the kids of an empty building is just pathetic. Keep in mind that it is up to MPS to decide the future of the building. After all it’s under their name! Why couldn’t St. Marcus see that? I mean HELLO! I’m all for kids moving into new buildings or updated buildings, but if you’re going to this thing, do it right! Personally, MPS hasn’t done anything wrong in this matter, in my view. However they did say that they are and willing to be open to other buildings and sites for future educational ventures with other organizations.

So I think the “fans” really should have the FULL PRINT, instead of making assumptions that the Milwaukee Public Schools doesn’t give a care about kids and futures.  And I’m speaking as a Alum of MPS.


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