For the last few weeks, I like many of you have been paying attention to the ObamaCare stories. We know already that the Open Enrollment will come up on October 1st, and also we also know that the Republican Party mixed with the Tea Party (so called) liked the idea to avoid a shutdown and defund the Health Option. All in the name of the stupidity of hate against the President. Now for those who are younger than me and feel that it’s not a big deal. Oh, I got some news for you. It is.

Dear younger folks who feel that Obamacare doesn’t apply:

It’s me Stephen. The black guy from Milwaukee who blogs in all?

Many of you feel that the ObamaCare package may not be a need for you. Many of you feel based on my readings, that doesn’t apply. Well I want to ask this. What does apply to you? I mean really. Forget about what you’ve been paying attention to. Forget about your blogs, your interests, your other things that your parents and others probably don’t care about. Don’t forget about your Health. Literately.

When I was about 23 years old, I was as the end of being covered by my parent’s health coverage. Back then the age limit was at the end of 23 years of age. And yes, I had to look for health coverage in which might be beneficial for me in the long run. Plus, yes, I had some “here and there” jobs and also had a mindset that this doesn’t apply nor feel that pleasing about me having insurance. Don’t forget I was 23. But in later years, after I sprained my shoulder working at UPS as a Package Handler, it was time for me to get to the doctors. And yes, insurance was a given thing. Fast forward to 2008, I was in a car accident in which my former vehicle, a 1993 Cadillac was hit as I was going to work. I wasn’t hurt in the crash. And my car was totaled. But for insurance wise I had to get checked out (minus the lipids) to make sure that I wasn’t harmed in any fashion. Do you see what I’m getting here? Yes, I know again it may not mean much, but it will climb up as you get older.

Partially, it’s a hard headed excuse not to take insurance. Nobody is not going to live forever. But for the time being, you have to get covered. Now this Affordable Care Act thing may not be your cup of tea, but it could be a beneficial standard. According to the website,, here is their summarized rundown of what to expect:

Benefits of the Affordable Care Act for Americans

Improving Quality and Lowering Healthcare Costs

  • Free preventive care
  • Prescription discounts for seniors
  • Protection against health care fraud
  • Small Business Tax Credits

New Consumer Protections

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Consumer Assistance

Access to Healthcare

  • Health Insurance Marketplace.

Benefits for Women

  • Providing insurance options
  • Covering preventive services
  • Lowering costs

Young Adult Coverage

  • Coverage available to children up to age 26

Strengthening Medicare

  • Yearly Wellness Visit
  • Many Free Preventive Services for some seniors with Medicare

Holding Insurance Companies Accountable

  • Insurers must justify any premium increase of 10% or more before the rate takes effect

Timeline of Health Insurance Marketplace

  • October – Open enrollment begins
  • January – Coverage begins
  • March – Open enrollment closes
  • Future – All Americans have access to affordable health care.


Does this make sense? Or some sense?

I mean it’s really cut and dry. And I don’t think there are no “nightmarish” Uncle Sams coming out and checking you. For those of us who live in state in which the Governors said “no” to Obamacare (I.e. Scott Walker in Wisconsin) you will still get the ACA under the Marketplace option. Which is a way to choose your plan of health coverage. You have heard the phrase of “Pick your plan”. That is what this is, according to the website.

So the thing is you all need coverage! If those want to stay on the field for the next 80 years, it’s a beneficial time NOW to get checked and covered. Some of you have probably refused. Probably don’t need it. OR in this case, “I don’t need insurance.” Well, I hate to tell you, it’s more that meets the needs over wants. So you BETTER get checked up. OR get checked out. Your health is the most important thing going on. And it’s been going on since your birth. So, are you going to let it sit and wither away? Or what are you going to do about it after you get checked?





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