To the United States Republican led Congress, I have just two words to say: #ENOUGHALREADY!

To the SO-CALLED Tea Party – I have these words to say also: #ENOUGHALREADY!

I have had enough of the B.S. shenanigans about the Republican-led congress giving President Barack Obama a hard time.

I have had enough of the B.S. shenanigans about the Republican-led congress giving the President a hard time in trying to get Jobs, and Infrastructure.

I have had ENOUGH of the B.S. shenanigans about the Republican-led congress giving the President a hard time really with Healthcare.

For the last 41 times they have dug in their graves so many times in which they tried to get rid of the Affordable Care Act from the books. But today, they have decided to play the devil’s saxophone of avoiding a Government Shutdown, while not giving funding to ObamaCare. Yep. Halloween is approaching and the graves are set for burial. Knowingly, the Senate will get their chance to shine up and I think mostly the decision not to fund ObamaCare will get funded. And additionally, the defending of the poor is un-American. As well a denying funding for SNAP, Vets, Children, Elderly, and many other needy items that most couldn’t access. – This reminds me of Wisconsin. Cutting away all the access for the poor and needy stuff. And the Tea Party folks in my view, are just leeches. All that talk about “oh, the government is getting to big. We believe in less government spending.” You want to talk racism as it’s best, look a them! These two groups have been up ever since Obama got into office, and I think already: start setting up their funerals. The funeral of their careers and jobs on the line of what they think what America should be, are just reaching the morgue without notice.

Earlier Today, the President was on the road and said this to the GOP. And trust me, he did not let up, nor held back in saying this. Fast forward to the 18:00 mark.

Notice the words: “They’re not focused on you.”

Let me repeat that sentence again, that I totally agree with.  Or in a sense from a Facebook pic might lighten the mood.

Yep. It’s all about politics. Politics has no business being involved in folks trying to get Health Insurance.  It’s all Bull. Mainly, I’ve been saying it and I’ll say it again, It’s not the plan, it’s the man. Again, ever since President Barack Obama came into office in January of 2009 and again this year, it has been against him since. Not just the plans he’s making, but it’s him. His color. His shade. All of that. Just admit it. There are those in this so-called country called the United States of America (yeah I said it!) that does not want a President of Color in the White House. Well too bad! But the Republicans (not all) want to defund his Healthcare Package. And this is how to get jobs here in the country or creating jobs? Really?!!


Many of you probably are somewhat surprised I am writing this. Don’t be. Many of us have been doing this for a while, and it’s no surprise package.  Even with Michelle Obama. She was recently in my homestate, at Watertown High School about drinking water. We know that we should be drinking more water than soda, coffee and many others. But the likes of the Right Wing (ala Rush Limbaugh) had to make a comment (politically charged) about her drinking water. He should know better. Why make some dumb comments about folks drinking water? After all, it is a need for health.


Let us have decent healthcare. If you got it, good. But don’t forget those who try to go back,  or to find a doctor at least to get checked up. There was a time I about 5 to 6 years to look for a doctor and it was hell. But I found one and now I have to find another. As far as those like John Bohner and Eric Cantor, those dudes along with those like Amy Kremer from the Tea Party Express, really need a realty check. Or in the words of Melissa Harris-Perry: #HaveASeat. Speaking of Amy Kremer, she needs to get her head out of the gutter in regarding Obama loving America. Hate to say it, whether they like it or not, what she said on PoliticsNation and recently on Disrupt with Karen Finney was just flat out ridiculous. Yeah I said it.  We’ll see on October 1st.

Decent care for pre-existing conditions. Why against this?

Is this being #Americanenough? If not, I don’t what is.


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