This is what it is. Just today, a new Miss America was crowned by the name of Nina Davuluri. Heard of that name? Well you should. This is the name that has been on Twitter today ,and not many in the country is happy that someone of Indian American decent has won the crown. And she’s 24 and got a scholarship. Why be mad at this? REALLY?!

Oh check out the tweets that have been passed around the internet:

OH REALLY? Are we in this Post-Racial Society?



To those so-called Americans who think seeing someone who is different winning a crown, or in a higher office, better start learning. Oh wait, they can’t! I’ll bet these are the same Americans who AGAIN: Hate blacks, or those are in the “minority majority”. Those who oppose gender. Those who have extreme hate on President Obama, who had nothing to do with this, (by the way) And those that I can go on and on who are just HATERS!

Frankly, I’m not surprised. To those who got the hate tweets out: YOU GOT EXPOSED! Wait to you get to your jobs and classrooms and if you are one on of those who got tweets like this, guess what? Will your tweet be questioned at your bosses’ office or teacher’s cubicle? Or your groups, churches where those think you’re a good person? Here comes the judge!

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone said this: #brownfacestakingover.

Plus also, this year also marked the anniversary of Vanessa Williams’ win of Miss America. Simply being is, she was the previous contestant of color that similar to Nina won the crown, but her crown was snatched up because of the nude pics in Playboy. And like Nina, she too faced racist attacks all because a black woman won Miss America.

I ask again: post-racial much? NOT!

Or someone said this: #peopleofcolortakingover.

Time to learn today!


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