I was going to write a football blog, but due to the “hit in the stick”, I’ll dab my commentary on this and this only.

Dear San Francisco 49ers:

It’s me Stephen. You know that black blogging Guy from Wisconsin?

Oh yeah. The infamous hit on Colin Kaepernick. We know. The infamous hit on a Milwaukee born QB, now representing your team. I know.


For the last two days, most in the NFL, and those in our local markets are still talking about the hit by the CLAYMAKER!!!!! Or those know him in his native state of California, Clay Matthews. And the ongoing babble of Jim Harbaugh. Ok so the coach backs his players. Guess what? so does Mike McCarthy, who at one time was working in the as most of you call it  on Twitter: #ninerempire. Oh yeah, I see those instagram hashtags. And unlike Coach Harbaugh, Coach McCarthy took the high road with the Pack after the game of what was said.

I got names for the #Packers: #packmentalityinc  or #packersinc  or #thatlambeaushow or check this: #packerscrew

But Jim couldn’t let it go, now could he? On and on about the hit, and after the hit, I’m going to say it here: the more he talks about Clay Matthews,  he just wants to make Clay Matthews “famous”. He’s already famous. HELLO! I’ll admit, the game was a good one. I’ll admit it. That game was money all over it.  And that hit on the Milwaukee born/now 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick maybe confrontational, but that was clean hit. Too bad it had to be out of bounds. Just a fair question, don’t the 49ers have better things to worry about?!! Like week 2 with Seattle? And the Packers have to contend with RGIII at Lambeau.

One thing about this “NFC North/NFC West rival thing”, many are speculating that this is a start. Well its already been there, but not quite in a while. And yeah the championships, don’t forget the Packers won more championships that any other team in the NFL. Try 13. Going back during the Curly Lambeau days and Lombardi.

You guys: 5 SuperBowls. Duh! I get it.

And yes, last season in the divisional, the Niners topped the Pack, went on to the NFC Championship, but what about that SuperBowl? Hmmm…..oh wait that’s right! The Baltimore Ravens hit it first.

So yeah, Niner Empire, 49ers. Or whatever your name is. Yeah you got the Pack 3 times. Maybe the next time if the teams clash up again,  you know where Lambeau Field is.  And if Colin is still playing, it might be a “Wisconsin homecoming” for him to challenge. No pistol plays necessary.

But like any rivalry its going to get renewed. Want more proof? Reference the Chicago Bears. The Packers and Bears will face each other for the 186th time, this season. Which is in reality; Old School Rivals like this never gets old.




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