First: take a look at this pic.

This was just coming in this week. After many years of speculation, complaints, ideas, blocking and concerns, the Bronzeville District in Milwaukee, where mostly of the history of the area of African-American connections, would finally get a Community Center landed in the Black Community. Also there is another angle in which a private school wants bids on the building of the school of St. Marcus. Already, the Milwaukee Public Schools has been scanning and making decisions based on some of the buildings that have been vacant for the past several years.  This week on WNOV, and in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,  it was reported that this matter of the building received a 8-0 vote, and several other alderman were on board in reflecting the unanimous vote. Plus also, even a private donor has put up 2 Million Dollars of the individual’s money (ALL 2 Million of it) to contribute to the building of the Community Center. This is a breakthrough news mostly because it’s been a talk about over 5 and a half years for a Community Center to be developed in the BLACK community!

Of course also, there was competition coming from St. Marcus in which they wanted the building to be converted to a private school for their 900 students in the same area. The bad news for them: they lost the votes, and were late to the decision making. According to MPS, they wanted the building to be a community center and that should be that. Period!

With all due respect to St. Marcus, there is another building they could use to expand, and it’s right next to the Black Holocaust Museum. The old Garfield Elementary School. Or the former Lee Elementary School which is not far from Malcolm X Academy Building. And speaking of the Black Holocaust Museum, word on the wires and on black talk radio, that might be on it’s way back being open again! The museum that the late James Cameron founded on his experiences of racism and discrimination, might be reborn. Currently it’s available in a virtual sense online, but for this, is another attempt of a revived breakthrough.

If it all goes well, this could be another main source for blacks to go in terms of health, voting, driver’s license renewal, jobs, workshops, business, the arts and others to gain more of not only the Bronzeville Community, and the Black Community.  This has been a long time coming. And it should have came sooner than later. The reason why I say this, as I was listening to WNOV this morning and about the 110th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson. Previously I said in the blogs that the African-American Community ALMOST was not included in the festivities. Not being pictured on the cover or added to the programs. And yes, with the suggestion of Annette Polly Williams in making flyers, so the black businesses could be added to the stops or hangouts for the guest Harley riders. Or should I say, the black bikers. If there were a Community Center that were up in the Bronzeville District, that would get more attraction in my view. Especially for those in the Bronzeville District. Oh, it would have been WAY BETTER than having Dollar Tree in the area. I’ll bet that the visiting Harley Riders, probably visited other community centers in the Milwaukee Area, such as the Serb Hall, Irish, Italian, Hispanic, LGBT, Polish and others, but what about the black community? For those bikers who don’t know, or those who are just curious, you might have seen all of Milwaukee, BUT this area! So in the next five years, I predict that the Milwaukee Bronzeville area will be upgraded in which a Community Center and many others will come and see what that area is about. Not just being part of black Milwaukee, but part of Milwaukee that should have been looked at positively. In sense by then, maybe the 115th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson would be interjected with IronElite Black Biker Jams in Bronzeville.

EXTRA FOOTAGE: Read the articles courtesy of the Milwaukee Courier and the Milwaukee Community Journal in regarding the former Malcolm X Academy.

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