It’s time for a double take. The take in which I take two stories and have one blog thing.

First, the WWE. As many know in this world, the big news hit the company in which one of the Prime Time Players came out Gay: Fredrick Douglas “Fred” Rosser.  (aka Darren Young). For those who don’t know, he just might became the first African-American wrestler in WWE’s History to make the move to the LGBT crowd. This year, He and Basketball Player Brittany Griner so far are the only ones from the Sports/Entertainment Industry that came out to be apart of the Gay/Lesbian Community. Now I’m going to comment this: Yes, I’ve seen the comments on WWE’s Facebook Page, as well as the WWE’s main page, about Darren getting support from his fellow wrestlers in arms about coming out of the closet. Even Titus O’Neill. Like many others, let Darren have his platform. Let him have it. Now some are asking wait he has a platform. He’s a WWE Superstar in all. BUT this platform being Gay is a different situation. In terms of getting this out of the way, and being able to set forth in his objectives. I say this as a wrestling fan: that will NOT bother me watching WWE Television. Nor buying the pay per views (on DVD), or going to a live event in Milwaukee. Yes I know that there might be some nay-sayers of those who think that having a Gay Wrestler in the WWE is going to get the negativity and asking the on going questions of “what about the children?” Don’t forget, the kids watch this stuff. And I’ll bet the parents who grew up liking Hulk Hogan per say, is watching along with them. This story is not scripted. Now when Dustin Runnels (aka Goldust)  came out in 1995-1996, his character was leaning gay. Remember Chuck and Billy? Sure you do. That was rumored that they had a “gay angle” but they weren’t really gay! Now with this: in regarding Darren Young, this is real. And already, Darren will get the support with the company’s Be A Star Campaign in which the WWE Wrestlers come out of their element of the ring, and tell kids in different states and cities about showing tolerance and respect, while dealing with the pressures of racism and hate. Is Darren getting hate on this? Knowingly. I think those who are getting hate on him, just don’t like the Gay/Lesbian thing. Like Chris Rock said back in 1999, “If you hate gays, you’re going to have a Gay Son!” And my favorite quote, “Who ever you hate, might end up in your family!” – warning to the haters.  But yes, let’s be realistic. This is not a Civil Rights Moment. No where near what Martin Luther King and others went through. This is to me is more a Humanity Rights Issue than a Civil Rights issue. I’m just saying. Plus on the audience side of this, would the WWE get more of the LGBT crowds to watch their programming in regarding Darren Young? That’s a possibility. We’ll see.


Rapper Common will make an appearance at Harley-Davidson's 110th Anniversary in Milwaukee.

Rapper Common will make an appearance at Harley-Davidson’s 110th Anniversary in Milwaukee.

Note to those who like my blog, and like Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, guess what:  The 110th Anniversary is coming up, and will be called home. Home to Milwaukee. If those that are coming to Milwaukee, let it be known that yes the city will be ready. And yes, your V Twin Engines will be ready. (But don’t disturb the neighbors!) Really when those descend on Milwaukee, which is the home of Harley-Davidson, yes, by now, hopefully everyone coming does know what up for the weekend. And that weekend will be part of the Labor Day Getaway as I call it: August 29th – September 1st. Yes, for those who are coming for the first time, yes you will come to Milwaukee. Which is 90 miles north of Chicago and yes its on the Lake Michigan Shoreline. Many of you also have booked hotels, and/or know about the connections in order to stay. My points of visits: It’s already been mentioned about the H-D Museum, Henry Meier Park (aka Summerfest), and many others. So I’m assuming those know of the connections very well. Plus also if possible: Visit the 37th and Juneau Plant. Which is the main headquarters. And If the company is lucky, they might have the old school shed in which the company started out from. But also know this: I’ve been blogging about Milwaukee in general as being a segregated city. And the majority of the Minority citizens living here: is African American, which is about 50% are unemployed.  And the state of Wisconsin doesn’t have High Speed Rail system that interconnect with the Midwest region. Which has nothing to do with money or location. It’s all about widening the segregation in the state.

But I know this celebration should not hinder you for coming. I know this. And in speaking of Summerfest: Hip Hop’s own Common and Lupe Fiasco are to make an appearance to come to the celebration. Yes, I did say Hip-Hop! The reason why I said this, because I know that Harley-Davidson attracts many of all comers. Including African-Americans. And mad respect to H-D AGAIN for letting the Iron Elite telling their stories of black motorcycle interest. And on the side, yes Milwaukee does have Black Motorcycle Groups. Look them up.

And yes, Milwaukee does have Motorcycle Cycle Establishments geared to African-Americans. And that – is not on “the list”.  But it’s on mine. Throttle Twisters on Center Street is one. And there are others. Plus, also 5 years ago when Harley-Davidson was celebrating 105 years, parts of Martin Luther King Drive were decked out in Black and Orange and had Black Motorcyclists visiting. And speaking of that in a entertainment sense, the music at the Summerfest Grounds for Harley’s Birthday is going to be diverse. Ranging from Rock to Country and yes, Hip Hop, Rap and Dance. Now for those who were on the Harley-Davidson Facebook Page, and took a look at a picture of Common on there, the rap artist, had to express their so-called liberties about him. Let me tell those and those “Facebook Users” who feel that Harley-Davidson sold their soul in inviting black performers or well known blacks to a motorcycle celebration. SHUT UP and SIT DOWN!

Not liking Rap Music is one thing, but I’m here to tell you: not EVERYONE is going to like Trace Atkins or Joan Jett or Katey Sagal singing when the event starts. Yeah, the last time I liked Katey Sagal was in her “Peg Bundy” days.  Now some of the “real bikers” are asking the question like, what does Common, Lupe Fiasco, Chance the Rapper, have in common per say with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles? You do know that there are black motorcyclists fans? Am I right? But with them, let them perform! I think with the addition of Urban Artists like them can somewhat help to bridge the gap in which was and IS a concern that Harley-Davidson has to be aware of! Out of the two rappers that I mentioned: One favored President Obama, and the other didn’t favored Obama. Take a wild guess.

Many of you probably saw a black director, F. Gary Gray on Harley’s Website. Some saying who? He is a black director of Hip Hop Music. He also directed films like Set it off, and Law Abiding Citizen and is a Harley Rider. To those who chimed on the Facebook Wall, DON’T EVEN THINK about coming to my hometown with your attitude! If you don’t like a certain performer who performers Rap Music or Hip Hop Club Music and is invited to the Harley Party, STAY HOME! This celebration is welcome to all from Milwaukee to Madrid. So stop tripping!

And on the side note, Bring your bikes, bring your cameras, your biker network connections. Bring them all!  But check yourselves at the door!


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