A Double Take: A recent Milwaukee Violence act in the streets and The Case of the extra $500,000. Plus also why that money IS NOT being put to good use (I.E.in the African American Milwaukee Community)?

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Time for me to unleash a comment here: Why?!

I don’t about anyone in Milwaukee, but I’ll say it here: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Take One: Usually I get giddy about this, but I have to come out like and say what is it going to take to put the guns down in the city? If those who don’t know, the city had a rash of shootings in the last couple of days. Two of the shootings happens near the areas of 35th and Capitol Drive and also near the corner of Sherman Boulevard and Capitol drive. I picked these two areas because this is the area where I grew up in the city. No I wasn’t raised in the hood. Or the broken areas way before it came up. And I don’t want those who say, Oh, it’s a bad neighborhood. Back then, it wasn’t like that. My neighborhood near Sherman and Capitol wasn’t always bad. It was nice, clean and multicultural. That was in the 80’s. In which in those days you can play out side and yes, folks knew your name and families. But now, not a bit much though. The Citgo Gas Station, on the corner of Sherman and Capitol. I want to highlight this place. This place has had incidents before dealing with those who have been shot and I dare say robbed. This Citgo station, in which may be new for those who are just reading it, but for a person like me that grew up on that part of town, that is nothing new to me. This is also the same area, where 1290 WMCS was stationed for a number of years, and we know what happened after that. Plus, a Watermelon market, a U.S. Cellular Store all are in that area. If those who haven’t been in that area for a while, (either those who have moved away or probably forgotten about it) the neighborhood slightly changed but stayed the same. And of course yes crime has effect the change. This string of events of shootings reminds me of Milwaukee in 2005. Actually the summer of 2005 when you saw or read in the paper about the shootings almost every day! And yes, Tom Barrett was the Mayor at the time, along with Jim Doyle being Governor of the state. And Walker? Doing damage at the County Level.  In 2005, there were talks about bringing in jobs. And having more programs and more. The jobs thing, should build up in the urban communities. Not just going out to the rural suburbs all the time and having the notion to not get to the jobs! In regarding the transportation issue. I’ve heard it the comments like “get a car” and such, but the ISSUE is not everyone in the Greater Milwaukee Area doesn’t have a car to get to work!  Ever heard of the bus routes? And I dare say, these employers(not all but some)  who turn their noses up like a bad rash and tell folks who ride buses can’t work a shift that is in demand of 40 hours per week! Over the years, the bus routes were cut in getting to the jobs. But there are those left standing in tact. I used to ride the bus. I know! But getting back to the reaction to the shootings: The Churches, Neighborhoods, Districts, Schools, start ups and many more really need to step out of their comfort zones and get into these streets!

Especially the churches! Those of us in the church on Sundays, or those that go from one congregation to another, no matter which denomination: It’s time for us to take our ministry (and I mean OUR MINISTRY) into the torn up streets and neighborhoods and get involved with those in the activists, and peacekeepers who are doing the job everyday! And many of the activists I read about, they don’t have a church home! But they are doing God’s work! Can we learn something from them?!  I maybe United Methodist, but does the guy down the street care about that? I don’t think so! Yes, Dr. King was a minister, but he was also an activist for Civil Rights. And many others who were the same way before. Now I know we keep preaching it about the subject all the time, BUT……..WHERE IS OUR ACTION FOR THIS?!  The UMC talks about “Rethink Church”. Which I like.  But for all churches or those who speak it, need to express it in many ways to work. Even to combat violence!  Also, just yesterday on Facebook, there were activists standing near the corner of Sherman and Capitol expressing solidarity for the victim that was fatally shot. And some were Alumni from a local high school in Milwaukee. I have to give credit to those apart of Vincent High School Alumni that came out and showed support. Even though I’m a “John Marshall Guy”. I did challenge this last year in which Alumni Organizations should step up and bring positiveness to the city. Yes, the schools are liable. But the partnership with the community must be connected. But mainly: It all starts in the home!  Not the streets. Not the gangs. Not the friends house. Not the TV’s, Music, Social Media, Music Videos, etc. It’s should start IN THE HOUSE! With real families at the helm. Not the “passing through families” that messed up and left. And having the dumb mentality to come back after 20+ years like nothing has happened. The dudes (and females also) need to wake the mess up!

Take Two: I was reading and listening this week about the Milwaukee Police Department receiving more that $500,000.00 from the Mayor’s Office in which is was geared to the overtime mode of the police department. Also this issue has raised many eyebrows. And also where did the extra funds of this $500,000 dollars came from? Out of a shoe box? Really? $500,000! First of all, WHERE was this when the community is going through turmoil? OK I get it. That money was in good use for those on the force who worked hard. BUT that money should get folks to invest in Wisconsin Workers who want to work. Check this, I visited a Urban Ministry Convention here in Milwaukee, and yes it’s related to the United Methodist Church.  There was talk about bring jobs to the urban community. In which I whole hardly agree with. In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, one of my Aldermen Joe Davis, .had to comment about this matter:

We accept group homes, day cares, gas stations and corner grocery stores as a pro business growth strategy while other local economies are looking at us in the rear view mirror. I shake my head as the City of Kenosha has landed Amazon’s distribution center while City of Milwaukee officials are sitting on the sidelines crying, ‘What about me?

HOLD UP! An amazon distribution center in Kenosha? And not in Milwaukee. SHAMEFUL! And I wonder why.  Now I’m not advocating anti-police here. Yes they are workers and deserved to get paid to lock up, arrest, and go out into the community to assist organizers and groups. And the mantra of Serve and Protect HOWEVER, most will tell you that an investor should have taken that money and build a new business! What is the math ratio of the unemployment in Milwaukee pertaining to Blacks? Try at least 50%. Somebody at City Hall must have been very overlooking! Or could have made a suggestion to the mayor in regarding the money’s uses of giving back in creating jobs! Or bringing in companies that want to invest, and retain in Milwaukee. With all due respect to Tom Barrett, yes in the minds of others he’s not a bad person overall. But I have to question his judgment on this one. I hate to say it.

This is what happens when overlooking gets personal. And it’s no different. I’ve seen this before out of the Milwaukee Government and mostly it’s been the wrong way asking why. Again, when stuff like this happens in a nutshell, we should be all over that. And if that doesn’t solve the clue of us VOTERS, well we know that the ballots are waiting to be marked for something else. Milwaukee is no different, in my view of having concerns that remains to be unfinished. Yes, it’s a “genuine city” of age, but still even the cities that have that moniker should also look in the mirror and fix the truth.

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