Not a dis today on “the spot”. But I had this notion on my mind for a couple of days. I was on the internet one day (actually this week) and I have researched mostly about African American Alumni Chapters at Universities. I didn’t know that University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and countless others have either a Black Alumni Chapter or a African-American Alumni Chapter for their Alumni Associations.

Here’s my question: Why doesn’t UW-Stout have this?!

Hey UW-Stout, I’m Stephen, a 2006 Alum, and I have an idea in which would be beneficial to you in regarding the Alumni Association support. No it’s not money, nor classes to help improve or merchandise to maintain or grasp new. I’m talking about forming an Alumni Association group, or a subgroup for a potential African American Chapter. Not to be confused with the Black Student Union currently in which it’s still active, but what about a “Black Alumni Union” Or a “African-American Alumni Chapter” for Stout?

Hear me out. I am well convinced about the low population of blacks that attend on campus. And by the way, during my 2002-2006 days, I was a distance education student, an off campus student, and I’m sure many in the big areas of the Alumni Association needs to know. If anyone on the current board for the University, is reading this with interest, or on the Black Student Union Chapter Board is serving,  I want you to think about this seriously. Why do I think UW-Stout should establish a Alumni Group for Alumni of African Decent?

1) It would help or assist the needs of the Alumni Association in terms of recruitment, classes, and many other uses of importance of the University. Including at greater assistance of the the Black Student Union.

2) The group could assist the use of more diversity among the campus body, and abroad that could boost the universities goals or objectives.

3) NETWORKING with other alums of color no matter the location or occupation. In terms of jobs, or social events. 

4) Assist or support with fundraising or donations to the organizations.

5) Establishing the achievement of the African-American Alumni or Black Alumni of the University in careers, community, sports, military and many other endeavors.

6) Able to recognize the recognition of the current students of African Decent for support and sponsorship.

This list was just a small sample I can come up with. In addition with a potential African American or Black Alumni Group, this should also influence other groups of Latino, Hmong, Native American, to have their own Alumni Chapters in relation to UW-Stout. Mainly this is not a way to divide the folks in the school. In Milwaukee, I went to at least three Alumni UW-Stout functions and yes I met those in the city that are alums. But after this realization: I need to meet more of  UW-Stout Alums who are African Decent also. No matter where they are, or what their occupation of work.

As a reference, take a look at UW-Milwaukee’s African-American Alumni Chapter. Also look at the African American Alumni Chapters of UW-Madison, and a 2009 edition of UW-Whitewater’s African American Alumni Fourm.


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