Has anyone seen this picture? I’m sure many have. Courtesy of Ebony Magazine.

Oh I’m sure we’ve all seen it. In a preview stance. (Picture is courtesy of Ebony Magazine)

So this upcoming September issue of Ebony Magazine, will be having 4 covers in honor of Trayvon Martin. Many have not forgotten. So have I. And also it’s a call to change up a movement that has to be calling to say, of saving the young black males in this country. Yes the same young black males that most are afraid of, and having the notion of being labeled suspicious. And all this other stuff. Oh yeah, I’m ripping this out.

Now the so-called Americans on Twitter have gone to their computers and made this declaration of boycotting Ebony Magazine all because of the four covers. And also, what is so racist about Ebony Magazine, anyway? Just because it’s a magazine is geared to black folks? Well it’s geared to black folks for a reason!

For the past 68 years, Ebony Magazine has been a staple of publication for and around the African-American Community. Now for those who well…….”have the brain set to dumb and mush”, let me lecture this. Since November 1st, 1945, the magazine was geared to news that most news outlets or publications never features or written about blacks. Never did. No matter it was jobs, economics, fashion, achievements, goals, entertainment, Census, Milestones and many other issues or concerns that were passed up by non-black publications. And it was and is not making money of folks dying. If you’re currently black and thinking this in a social media sense: stop that mindset and know your history! Remember years ago on this blog, about blacks telling their stories? This is one of them. This picture of the 4 Trayvon tribute covers, maybe well: racist. But I want those who feel racist, to look at this:

The first issue of Ebony magazine, Nov. 1, 1945. (Newseum collection)

What you’re looking at, is the very first cover issue of Ebony Magazine. And yes there were 6 Caucasian boys and one Black boy on the cover, that was taken place in Harlem, New York. But the cover also addressed the issue of race relations. BACK IN 1945! And today in 2013, we’re still addressing it. Now for those who though race relations were just stuck in the 1950’s, stop dreaming! This was long talked about before the 1950’s hit us. So I don’t know what the deal is Ebony Magazine is a labeled racist. Oh, that’s the Tea Party Talking. Do they read Ebony after being called out in a joking manner? For those in the group that believes in less government spending and spitting in the face of Rep. John Lewis, or having governors like Scott Walker who have been elected with his High School Diploma, no college degree, college dropout, cutting and slashing education, cutting folks out of badger care, forcing women to have ultrasounds, or halting a High Speed Rail Project would have connected Milwaukee and Madison, in his so-called boondoggle mentality in which some thought it was run away government spending. BUT MOSTLY it was also spreading more of the segregation effect in the state (reference Milwaukee’s WNOV). One thing about living in Wisconsin, yes we can talk about the features that most like, but when it comes to try to improve the quality like High Speed Rail, most are stuck in that mindset thinking it’s a eyesore. You also have the same guy like Walker that wants 250,000 private sector jobs within his first term. Hey Walker backers: Exactly how many jobs are made under his administration? And don’t you dare Google! Don’t ask your friends, your family members, or any other Republican Representative. Neither don’t ask the Democrats or any of the Independent folks. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not nowhere near 250,000.

For things like this you have to know it by heart! That will be the thing to do. But oh, no some will attempt to Google anyway in a cheating way of course. I’m just saying!

As far as the Ebony Magazine thing: some folks need to get a grip. This publication ain’t going nowhere. And those who want to boycott Ebony, let me hashtag this in which most can understand.

And it goes a little something like this: #AmericansPlease!

Or like this: #AintNobodyGotTimeToBoycottEbonyMagazine.

Or this: #EbonyMagazineRules.

Or like this one that I had to come up with: #HatersKickRocksEbonyMagazineRules

Hashtag that all day Everyday.


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