Just recently, the Milwaukee Art Museum has unveiled a tour exhibit in which it’s getting exposure in the Art Game. I haven’t been to the Milwaukee Art Museum since the Summer of 2005, but for this, it’s about 30 Americans. The 30 Americans Exhibit at the MAM, has a displayed of several art exhibits of paintings, neon lights, portraits, a stack of cotton, a picture of a Basketball/Chain, plus also seeing a noose surrounded by several hoods of the Klu Klux Klan on wooden chairs. The whole exhibit was astounding with captured artistic value of African American Artists.  Also also it was to captured the thought of talking about race. There was a display of post it notes in the exhibits that displays different messages of thought that give the view a comment about dealing the ongoing issue in America.

My take on this. Very impressive!

I was impressed of the exhibit in not only seeing the artwork, but also conveying the message. Even in this era after dealing with the Trayvon Martin tragedy, or many other past incidents of Racism. Instead of having the thought of putting it in the ground and making it stay, it has to come out in various forms. No matter what. This is another way to me to discuss about race. And the patrons were mixed of black and white coming out. Straight, Gay, multicultural families, black families, white families and etc. And the mood was mostly critiquing the figures and the artwork was well mannered in a positive outlook. Above the story, is my comment about what must be done to improve race relations. Especially in a city like Milwaukee that is labeled being the top Segregated City.

Plus on the flip-side,  the exhibit also displayed the Wisconsin 30, which housed the artwork of local African American Painters/Artists in the Milwaukee Area. All are currently displayed until September 8th.

Follow the hashtags on Twitter: #30Americans,  and #Wisconsin30


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