I have never done this before. For the first time on the blogs, I’m going to do a “Four Way Stop.” Four stories in one post. Never happened. And yes It’s about Trayvon’s parents, President Obama’s take on Trayvon, my take on the American Dream, and plus many of you are doing this: vigils. Usually I do a three way dance. But not this time.

By now, we heard Juror B37, Rachel Jeantel telling the haters to buzz off, and today its the turn of Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin having their say. Like many I tuned into MSNBC, mainly PoliticsNation. And the parents of Trayvon Martin were interested along with their attorney Benjamin Crump, by Rev Al Sharpton. First I have to give credit to Trayvon’s parents for having the courage to manage this ordeal. Not only with the death of their son, but also this trial that Zimmerman got off Scot free. But I wanted to hear the parents speak about their son. Nevermind the supporters, never mind the attorneys, never mind Rachel Jeantel, nor Rev. Al Sharpton. I saw two parents on the show telling the world about Trayvon. And for those who thought he was this “gangsta thug” – SADLY MISTAKEN! The parents brought the truth about their son. Unlike those like Juror B37. Unlike those who had to comment about Trayvon being a thug, or being on marijuana, being in a hoodie and looking  suspicious. The so-called commenters on Youtube, or Social Media or the Right Wing, who like to paint Trayvon like a dog in the street as a low-life, don’t know JACK SQUAT about him.  I don’t know Jack about him. We ordinary citizens just picked up the paper, looked on the internet, our news stations, radio stations, and hear and see the story about Trayvon Martin. But his parents do. His only sibling does. Those around him does. They touched on the subject in which Trayvon was killed by George Zimmerman,  in a disappointing subject with God.  To reverse the sentence, it was George Zimmerman’s commentary with Sean Hannity that it was God’s will to do that to Trayvon. Sybrina’s take? “What God does he serve?!”  I’ve have to comment the exact same thing. Why would God’s will be challenged with his act of killing? Especially when it comes to killing an unarmed teen who had Skittles and Arizona Tea? I heard in church, and many of you ready in church ESPECIALLY in the Black Churches that “God Don’t Like Ugly”.  Sybrina also quoted a biblical scripture from the book of Proverbs 3:5-6 in text – Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.- That was in comment in which she felt would script to George Zimmerman. Plus she highlighted that in regarding the apology, she also questioned about being stabbed in the back for the gun used to kill Trayvon. I jumped to the floor and that was real talk. That will be like saying how could you say sorry and be proud of handling a job of killing?  That’s not right. And definitely not fair! And as far as Tracy Martin, when he commented about those on the jury who never felt or being black and going through the Bull Crap my folks had endured with Slavery, not getting the jobs because of being black, can’t get the house because of being black, being followed or having someone close to you who are a lighter color of white per say, clutching purses. And for black men being perceived as the enemy! Did Juror B-37 knew and those who favor George Zimmerman? NO!  The parents were in fact talking in defense, and from Sybrina’s comment about the Not Guilty Verdict, it was like a killing Trayvon all over again. For Tracy, he was saddened of course.  However I do have to applaud them for getting their story out in terms of their son. As far as the other sibling, whom we don’t know much, but will. Write this name down: Javarhis Fulton. He is currently serving as an Intern for Florida’s Democratic Representative Frederica Wilson while attending school at FIU. Which is Florida International University. The program in which he is apart of according to the Grio: “Fulton is also part of the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project. Founded by Wilson 20 years ago, the project is a drop-out prevention and mentoring program that addresses needs and issues facing at-risk boys in Miami-Dade schools.” So be on the look out for Trayvon’s Brother doing big and remaining alert of of the ongoing situation.

President Obama dived in on this today:

Many are saying that is Historic. Some are saying this should had been done a long time ago. Others are condemning him due to “race baiting”. Hey right wingers and Tavis Smiley, why you hating? But I want to say that yes he had to say something in a twist. And it may either get him likes or get him defeats. To the so-called Americans who are busy being overly patriotic and having this sense that there is no real racism, SCREW THE MINDSET. Remember that? Hope so. In the speech yes he opened up the floor in a surprising  entrance, he commented that  Black Americans feel the pain because of history. And, “Trayvon could have been me 35 years ago”. He noted the he wasn’t one few that didn’t experience being followed by police. He also noted being around those who clutch purses, and locking cars in Chicago. Yes, Mr. President: as a African-American Citizen who helped you get elected into office twice like many others in the African-American Community: Welcome to the club. Welcome to the club where we talk about the incidents, stories and commentary that we go though in which others who don’t understand. Welcome to the club in which we (or most of us) get lashed out all because “well that was long time ago”. “Get over it.” “It didn’t happen to you.” Or this: “Why you keep talking about it?  Let me phrase this: We have too! It’s a concern! Now for those who think that racism is over with, and it’s time to press forward like a DVR button, let me remind this: Racism is still around. We are NOT in a post-racial america that many have thought about. Ever since the President got elected, yes there were plans to block everything he does, thanks to the Republican Party. And speaking of the Republican party, weren’t they the same party who shouted “YOU LIE!” in a State of the Union Address, asking for his Birth Certificate, or Mitch McConnell had to blurt that the primary goal is to deny Mr. Obama a second term? And plus also, the racial effect of some of these Senators, Congressmen, and I dare say Governors, had to come out with the “Tea Party” Mentality, plus some Blue Dog Democrats,  and others just had to comment, and made it well known that it’s not the plan, it’s the man. It’s mainly stating that they don’t want to work with a guy who in my terms, is a different shade of color, per say. Like I said, this is not Smoke and Mirrors. And yes many of conservative folks are already calling him a “Race Baiter in Chief” all because he addressed an issue of race. Whuuuuuut? – When Obama spoke about his encounters, we had to learn today! And the folks who had to go to Twitter, mainly under #WhiteTwitter had to express their disgust in which he’s a baiting for race. If you’re tweet is exposed under #WhiteTwitter, don’t say nothing when you get spotted. Just for those who want to know what #BlackTwitter is, or if those forgotten without knowledge of what’s up , here is a piece of info that is the hub bub of the 140 characters, straight from BuzzFeed. Now keep in mind, it’s not a website, just do a search on Twitter. Again, #BlackTwitter is a TWITTER HASHTAG SEARCH. Not a website. What is related to African-Americans in the Twitter Buzz, it’s usually follows with that hashtag. As far as the mimic with #WhiteTwitter, not surprising. Just saying. Black folks we know this: whenever we create something, there’s always a copycat or someone else to copy. Yeah they can copy, but don’t mess and respect with the original!

My take on the American Dream. Now for the first time I’m going in on the American Dream. Straight up. Technically I think that everyone has a shot of it in terms of making it. For you Millennial and those like 13, I hear the question: what’s making it? It’s that same line I’ve been hearing since the 90’s. Not just the movie Higher Learning. Making it is a saying of achieving an endeavor or a goal. Or like Making it happen, if you will. However many of you read in past blogs on how I was discriminated in Wisconsin when I had a situation in regarding submitting a resume at a local career fair a couple of years ago. And I got a mailing that there was a civil rights violation on the part of Dresser Waukesha of not hiring applicants of color. Really African American applicants. I got the letter in the summer of 2010, and I remember getting my ID and proof that I was an applicant that was discriminated. And 2 months later, I got a check over $5,000.00 because I was discriminated because I happen to be African-American. I can’t believe that. To this day, I still talk about it. I have not gotten over it. It’s a constant reminder that companies need to stop tripping about not hiring applicants of color per say, and also, I don’t mean to go the extra length on this, but I am VERY VERY VERY careful whom I send my resume to in terms of me finding work. Usually I don’t have trust in terms of those who look over resumes, and applicants to be. Plus if they looked me up on Linkedin per say, to see what I look like and if that raises a red flag of discrimination, then I don’t know what will. I do get very critical at times of a certain organization that I get contacts or wishes to see my resume for “interests.”  And also, I had a flashback about family shopping in which someone looked at me, had to be a white female in a store was clutching her purse. My mother told the person that in her words not to be afraid of a person like him, and he’ll protect you. Now, why I am putting this here? Reference. But still, the American dream is there, but for guys like me and others like me, we see it. However it’s a different route in which we, African-Americans will continue to get the shaft all because of skin color. And with me being a male of African Decent, this fear still looms for some who feel that way. Speaking of discrimination, I read a blog posting on Salon.com. It was titled “Goodbye to my American Dream.”  In the story, Tiffanie Drayton expresses her concern about her status living in the United States. She’s black. But her birthplace is Trinidad & Tobago. She moved to with her family to the U.S.  since the age of 4, with her family. Went to school and everything. And she had talks and encounters about her native country and her being black. But those from this country didn’t see that a person like her from Trinidad and Tobago couldn’t be that black. For us Americans that don’t know: Nicki Minaj is Trinidad & Tobago born, and is black. Hello! Just saying. In the beginning article, this is highlighted:

My mom moved us here for a better life. But as a black woman, I’m tired of loving a country that can’t love me back.

She also expressed her viewpoints from Education, Jobs, neighborhoods,  relationships and the use the n*ggas word mostly heard from those in the hood, per say. Also, she’s 23 years of age. But when the verdict of the Zimmerman Trial went down and seeing our African-American pain of not getting that Guilty verdict, she made the move back to her native country. Matter of fact she was already in Trinidad and Tobago when that happened. As I read the comments of her choice to move back by having the freedom to move back from America, there were positive and negative. A guy that was a child of the 60’s had to vent and comment, that he was disappointed in her not giving America a chance with all the things established, thus far. Another had a comment in asking, what was the American Dream that she was leaving behind? Frankly, I looked at this as being moving out of Milwaukee. Nothing new. This is a mobile society. And yes Milwaukee remains a top Segregated City. Tiffanie feels that in the awakening in the trial of Trayvon’s murder would probably open up new dialect in dealing with the racial angles that America still lingers. Personally, I don’t blame her. I mean it’s her choice to move back to her native country. Yeah I SAID IT! She also openly expressed her viewpoint by visiting  The Young Turks.  And for those who think she’s making a bad choice on her part: I don’t know her. But she’s an adult. If she feels that America is not working for her, then she has the choice to leave. Remember us Americans used to say “Love it or leave it?” Guess what, she left. And the thing is, it was her decision. So I don’t know what the so-called Americans are thinking, but picture her in her shoes. Obviously we have been lying to ourselves if we hadn’t. Now here’s a hard quesiton: would I as an black man move out of America? I’m just saying. Maybe Canada or any other the Americas would call. Or maybe the U.S. Territories (for those who want to keep it real)  would be a good place to work. But I’m also reminded, and I hate to say this: Racism is everywhere. It’s all over the place.

justice 4 trayvon rally milwaukee

The Trayvon Martin Rallies: Now today in America, there was 100 cities that had the Trayvon Martin Rallies as most know. Yes, even Milwaukee had it share of the rallies as well. The well knowns from community activists, faith, local government , and media personalities were present to take part in an effort to not only seeking justice for Trayvon, but also who felt the killing of those who had the Stand Your Ground mentality per say to shoot and kill. The effort was lead by WNOV’s host, Sherwin Hughes. Even those who were mothers that lost sons or daughers that showed up. Teens and young kids showed up. According to Milwaukee’s Justice for Trayvon rally, it estimated around 3000 to 4000 that stood in front of the Milwaukee’s U.S. Federal Courthouse building. Part of Wisconsin Avenue was blocked off. Many folks of different ethnics showed up. Showing banners and signs for supporting Trayvon and others. The Milwaukee Police Department was on guard as usual. Plus no sighting of Milwaukee’s Mayor Tom Barrett. To quote those now: Whuuuuuut?! Apparently, the mayor was attending another event in the city. However like many others it was peaceful. Nobody didn’t have any drama from my perspective. Even in a segregated city like Milwaukee it can have this. I was in attendence as well around the 1:00pm hour. And yes it was growing. When the rally was concluded, it was ended with a prayer courtesy of M.I.C.A.H.  Overall it was a good look. But now, since we were 1 week removed from that not guilty verdict, I ask this: what’s next?

We heard from Rachel Jeantel. We heard from Rev. Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews and many other national syndicated newscasters. We’ve heard from The View, and President Obama. Here in Milwaukee, we’ve heard from Sherwin Hughes, Milwaukee’s NAACP President James Hall, William Muhammad, Community Activist Tory Lowe, others in the Faith Community, and others. Even the detractors who might think 3 weeks or less. BUT my question is, still: what’s next?

Since this assembly has been taken place, the fight against Stand Your Ground, and many other plagued African-American issues are still at large. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 in which the Supreme Court struck a key element is still on notice! After this, no more sitting around on the sidelines. No more sitting and watching the parade go by. It’s time to get up and start re-revolutize and stay active in all we do in a new way. Yes many of the things 50 years ago may not work now. I get it. But that should NOT be a factor in making progress change.

Part six and final installment of my commentary will continue.


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