Trayvon Martin Hoodie - Black and white

I’m still on the ball of my commentary for this Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman angle. Yeah, we know. We know for good reason. Some of us are sick and tired, with the same ol’ cliche’ about why we can’t talk local, and always going to the national stuff. The Trayvon Martin murder trial or tribute with the hoodies, Skittles and Arizona Ice Tea is an ongoing thing. For those who just want to whine, Here’s a reminder: yes, Trayvon Martin was shot to death, and yes George Zimmerman got off Scot Free with not guilty. Now many are realizing that George Zimmerman’s life is not the same after pulling the trigger on Trayvon. Not only he murdered a black teenager, but he may have started a new Civil Rights Movement. Uh-oh. Talk about a wanted man. Like I said previously, George Zimmerman now has a “bounty effect.” On his head, his life, his family, his gun, and anything that he touches or connects with. Face it folks, for those who like George Zimmerman after what he did, that’s a cop out. Now as we know, it’s open season once again on unarmed African-Americans. We know also that on July 20th, 2013 will mark a 100 city protests/rallies across the country in regarding this matter. If that movement does last another 2 or three or more years. There are those who think that the movement would last about 2 to three weeks. If those who are going to those rallies: PROVE THEM WRONG! I mean it. Prove them wrong to an extent that us U.S. Citizens who are just tired of this mess in our Justice System! Prove them wrong that us the U.S. Citizens who can hold our leaders, and those we put in office or many of our organizational leaders, accountable in regarding this matter. If we don’t, it’s on us. However in my last blogs, if the leaders or groups DON’T address or come up a plan, or to address the issues in general, we got the voting ballots on stat, and we’ll go with someone who will listen to US! No matter if they are republican, democrat, independent, libertarian, or constitutionalists. We see them. And I don’t care if it’s a green party person. Just saying! If one false move, they out!

Now: I want comment those who are on Facebook. Me also. Why is losing your facebook contacts are connected with this matter? Seriously?! I’m checking my news feeds, and one facebook connection that I got on my list was “unfriended” all because of his viewpoint about the case of George Zimmerman. Yes, many have mixed emotions about the case. My reaction was an utter shock. And I hope I wasn’t unfriended all because of this. Really?! I thought folks got unfriended because of pictures,  private decisions, or what was said that got them fired from a job or a group, but to unfriend someone because of this trial, is really stupid. REALLY?! Those on FB I ask, you want to unfriend folks all because the hate on Trayvon, or the Trial. Some of you who unfriended folks you used to have, maybe you don’t understand! You don’t get it. You haven’t had the bootstraps nor the boot prints to understand of relation. This is not some smoke and mirrors thing. This is the real deal. Now I see why folks were doing it. They all want folks to be on one accord. WRONG! Not everyone is going to agree or disagree with stuff like this all the time. Remember 1995? Sure you do. That’s when OJ Simpson got his not guilty verdict, and the white folks got mad. However us black folks were just jubilant that he didn’t go to jail at the time. But some were just still bitter about it, and yeah the same folks got their wish of him sent to jail. Oh check this: the late Michael Jackson in 2005. He had the not guilty verdict read to him 10 times and guess what, the same folks who got mad at OJ per say had to get mad at Michael all because his name and fame being Michael Jackson. That was that trial that had him accused of molesting a 13 year old boy, which we found out later after his death was a boldface lie to get his money! Ok, so Facebook wasn’t around at the time. But I’ll bet those who went to the yahoo boards back then had to vent. And it’s pretty sad that those had to do the “unfriendly” thing all because of the Murder Trial. Really?! I had to put that out because that is what happening here. They say be careful about choosing friends are, well that part is true.

Switching to the national stuff. I want to comment Melissa Harris-Perry’s viewpoint in all of this:

I had to say something here: this is Melissa Harris-Perry the real person. A mother who is concerned. This is not the #Nerdland queen, Professor at Tulane University, Speaker, nor the energetic sorority Sister Member of Delta Sigma Theta. This is Melissa Harris-Perry speaking (not shooting) from the heart. She talks about my race of black folks being not safe in America. I hear this all the time. Blacks (especially black men) are the endangered species. Those of you who are non-black and think it’s all smoke and mirrors: SCREW THE MINDSET! This is our reality! This has been our reality. Some of the folks can’t relate enough of why this happens. Many think they do. But do they really? Yeah, at 36 years old, I get bugged by my parents about where I’m going or where have I been. I do. I get it. Why? I’m their child! I’m their son. And for those who think that Melissa is doing this for a mouthpiece for Barack Obama, SCREW THE MINDSET! Like the line from Boyz in the hood: “Either they don’t know, or don’t know what’s going on in the hood”. I’ll bet folks who like the right wing media of Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and the washed up Rocker Ted Nugent will never understand. Yeah I said washed up. Look at him. I can’t forget Rush Limbaugh too. And guess what also: I hate to go there but this includes Larry Elder. This is not about Race baiting. This is addressing a concern that is been around for far too long. We know it. I know it. The Fulton/Martin family knows it. Rachel Jeantel knows it. The families of Darius Simmons knows it. Marissa Alexander knows it. Derrick Williams’ family knows it. Bo Morrison’s family knows it. My family, friends, classmates, church members, community knows it. But we know it very, very deeply. Screw with the sensitivity mess, this is real. Real racism as it’s worst. This has fueled a new era for Civil Rights. Already in the same year in which the voting rights act of 1965 was shot down by our Supreme Court, which gave the opportunity for African-Americans a shot of equality for this in terms of voting. But no…..the barriers got in the way after 2012, when majority of my culture voted more in a Presidential Election than any other election year that I can’t recall.

And Melissa had a question also: what do we tell our children? How can my folks be safe (who are mostly young) without getting stopped or getting racially charged out?  Again, I don’t have any kids. I’m a single African-American male that just wants to be successful like any other American in the country. I had to go the extra mile and still going the extra mile just to achieve that notion. But yes I had racism and haterism stumbled in my path. I had folks cursing at me on some occasions, not just because I’m black, but also different. That has been around since I was a child. Growing up in the Milwaukee Public Schools, and being spotted by folks who don’t care! I’ve been told by my parents that when the cops pull you over if your license plate expires, show them the papers to avoid a ticket. That happened to me and I survived. Smoke and mirrors they say? This is hard for me to write, but I’m unleashing it like a dragon in heat. Yeah, racism in America is still beating like a drum. At times we tried to figured out the rhythm. But like most things, it can change it’s tune for another beat, but the song will still be the same.

I pondered this also: how does a beat change for the better?  It’s not an easy fix. But it sure it takes a lot of study. And I just found out that the month of July, is National Black Family Month. I can’t think of a better subject in regarding this matter in order to ask why and how.

On Twitter, I had to go to my music crate and had to pull out these songs in which I called – #easemymindplaylist:

  • What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye
  • Freedom – Anthony Hamilton
  • Hard Times  – John Legend and the Roots
  • We Need a Resolution – Aaliyah
  • Our Generation (The Hope of the World) – John Legend and the Roots
  • Fight The Power – Public Enemy
  • How Can I Ease The Pain – Lisa Fletcher
  • You Gotta Be – Des’Ree
  • Waterfalls – TLC
  • Ain’t no love, in the heart of the city – Bobby Blue Bland
  • Storm – Lenny Kravitz
  • Searching for my soul – Amel Larrieux
  • Tell Me Why – Will Smith
  • Scream – Michael Jackson/Janet Jackson
  • No More Drama – Mary J. Blige
  • Won’t Back Down – Eminem
  • Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson
  • Don’t Feel Right – The Roots
  • Dear Mr. Man – Prince

To conclude: in the words of Melissa Harris-Perry’s father and it’s real talk – the struggle continues.

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