Part 3 of my commentary of the George Zimmerman Verdict.

We know the decision – Not Guilty. I get it.  The ongoing hate against a young 17 year old black male of Trayvon Martin and the “overshadowing” of those who didn’t get a chance to get to see their son or daughter on a T-Shirt when they passed: I have sympathy, but also I have say this: SCREW THEM! Screw their negative snobbish attitude. Screw their  snobbish point of view. Screw their snobbish mindset. Screw their Youtube Videos of “F*** Trayvon” or any other biased opinions that lingers in the country everyday. Why I am saying this? I knew that when a disaster or a bad decision goes down, there will be always folks who oppose those who go to the measure of expression of comment. Even if it’s an article like this posted online about thanking God for the bullet that killed Trayvon. Um. Excuse me?!!!

Take this: I was listening to yesterday. Yeah, that station. And on the panel, it was discussed about this subject about the trial, and those asking why were they surprised about what happen. And yes, the commentary in terms of asking: I never seen my son or my daughter on a T-Shirt, while this Trayvon Martin thing is sweeping the country. Why were some in the country WERE surprised? Maybe something different was supposed to be expected. In terms of the verdict. But it wasn’t meant to be . Just like history it self is repeating like a broken record. But to use the verbiage of asking where’s the love for the local folks is just like asking for change on the street. I’m sorry it has to be said. Now if those who have lost a son, or a daughter to violence and had to go though the dark times, I sympathize with you. I also can understand the pain that I lost 2 cousins in Milwaukee in the last decade due to violent endings. And yes, we mourned and wept, and followed the caskets and/or looked at the urn that contained the remains of those that I knew. And hearing the tributes and eulogy that the life was shared. I get it. We all are going to have to take that walk in which we must go though. That’s everyone. And not everyone is going to have a T-Shirt with a face on it! I’m sorry to say that sometimes you don’t always get what YOU want! I may sound harsh, but it’s the truth.  Everytime when a well known thing goes down, folks got to complain about where was this, why didn’t this happened to Jasmine Owens, or others in Milwaukee that didn’t have a image to show in parts of America. The same with La-La Brown, or many others who were felt by this. I’m tired of this! Look, I sympathize. I do. But I wish folks would just stop with this barrage of overshadowing. Already, when those do that, guess what: it’s really losing than winning. The complaining about that is NOT going to bring back Jasmine Owens, or La-La Brown. Or many others. You want to honor their memories? Don’t just complain on the radio or online and whine to the world about this. Like that lady says: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” When I went to my cousin’s funerals back in the Summers of 2002 and 2010, I saw T-Shirts, cakes that had bible shapes, memorials of candles, folks like me wearing black, Caskets and Urns were in use. And yes, grave markers and online tributes are still displayed. Never complained. And I’ll bet many of you reading probably had the same thing. And speaking of that, I had to get this off my chest. I said this last year and I’m saying this now: there is nothing wrong supporting local and national concerns. Trayvon Martin’s death is just one of the numbers in the black community, really among our youth, that the deaths are just off the charts. But don’t get that much exposure. But on a respectable level, I do like Blowradio, but have to disagree with the statement.  Why can’t we support BOTH Local and National concerns? Instead of being one sided Local. Some many don’t realize that this is both Local and National. This is my point of view. And check this, since this is nothing new, we hear from the “overly patriotic” folks that whenever someone is famous dies, or something well known is going down, they have to back up on defense like, “what about our troops?” – Be careful what you wish for, you might get it! I’ll bet a bottom dollar, when Emmett Til, Medgar Evers, Dr. King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, and others who were tragically killed or died peacefully, probably had folks saying yeah, but what about my daughter or son who was killed? Why haven’t they who were at gathering for any of them, marched for them? What about our Troops who died in battle? – same ol’ commentary. Don’t mean squat. And I learned that no one is not going to be pleased all the time! – (Just a memo to the black community in Milwaukee.) I’m being straight up about this because it’s an old issue that is way beyond sensitive. My advice: STOP!

Now: what is up with the juror B37? We all seen Anderson Cooper, and the juror gave out her viewpoints of the case. I’m sorry to say that her view points were just invalid. The juror thought Zimmerman’s Heart was in the right place. What? Right place? What does a person like think that a person like George Zimmerman who shot and killed a 17 year old teenager, who was still a minor, having a heart in the right place. And then she had to comment about the use the verdict not being well racially charge towards Trayvon Martin. But she also commented that he was a “boy of color” and so forth. Um, what does she mean boy of color? Also word around that she was supposed to have this book deal in regards to her experience of the trial. But guess what happened after that? It was shot down – via #blacktwitter. Ebony magazine reported that recently and whenever #blacktwitter goes to play, there are no excuses! None. Obviously, the juror isn’t wasn’t very bright in dealing with the issues. And speaking of not very bright: there was this video floating around on Facebook. If anyone has a chance on Facebook, check out the group called “Penny’s Politics” and scroll down to a video clip like this:

Yep, there’s your “Juror B-37!” A former Miss Teen USA Contestant. Who also long time ago, had to question about maps! Is this the real reason? Seriously?!! Get the blank out of here! And this is that Juror that felt sorry for George Zimmerman and don’t give a crap about Trayvon of what happened to him. And the verdict thing wasn’t that racist? Somebody tell me something! Again, not mean to judge, but not very bright in answering the facts nor the realization that this portion of her commentary on AC360 I think, was semi-contributed to racism. I’m going there today! And plus it should have been 12 jurors instead of 6. But as far as Rachel Jeantel, she brought the truth on Piers Morgan. Now for those who think her door got slammed shut by haters, I viewed her commentary last night. She had to go to the different angle of her viewpoint in terms of the verdict to be in her terms racially angled. She also commented the use of the words “Cracker **** Cracka” and of course the infamous N-Word or the N-bomb. She also said that it’s not just the generation of now using those terms, but also those older uses them. Speaking of “the Cracka” term, I’ve heard that before. Chris Rock, back in 1999 had a special called “Bigger and Blacker”  on HBO. He was at the time, talking about President Clinton, bullet control, guns, the Trenchcoat Mafia. But it when came to talk about the real racist folks per say, he commented old black men. And Willie hates your guts stuff. Go check it. If the stores or Amazon carries it. As for her, word around the wires she might get a full ride scholarship to any HBCU, tutors, SAT specialists to help her out in the future of her endeavors. Take that Lolo Jones!

Finally – the protests. We know that San Francisco, Oakland had the protests and marches. New York City, same thing. Houston and LA, had the freeways shut down for the Trayvon Martin marches. Whuuuuut? Yep. Freeways shutting down! And speaking of that, the groups the NAACP, National Action Network, Delta Sigma Theta sorority, and others on jumping on board with the marching and standing up for the rights of this young man’s death. Even Stevie Wonder is making a protest himself that he will not perform in any state that deals with the Stand Your Ground laws. We know Florida. If your state is on that list for SYG, he is not coming. Frankly, I don’t blame Stevie Wonder. For us younger cats, and those way younger, back in the day, artists, especially black artists at time see things wrong in the country and they make a decree of protest of not performing. This has happened before. It’s nothing new.

Stevie Wonder Reacts to Zimmerman Trial Verdict

And yes I know that there are those in 100 cities on Saturday that will have Vigils in honor of Trayvon Martin. Yes, Milwaukee is on that list.  Now for those in Milwaukee that are going, yes while the rally for justice is going on, think about those also like Corey Stingley. Or guys like Derrick Williams, Bo Morrison, Darius Simmons, and many others who felt the bullet here in Milwaukee. I stated earlier that why can’t we support BOTH local and national concerns? The names many not mean much to the rest of America. Or the names of Sybrina Fulton or Tracy Martin. But yes, it does matter to Milwaukee. It matters to the Midwest. And it should “equally conversely matter” to Black America. And really, the United States of America. Some say that there are those who believe that the protests of this would last 2-3 weeks and be long forgotten. I say prove them wrong! I’ve heard Roland Martin say that this should be for the long haul. He’s right. The folks who were part of SNCC and the NAACP and others who were apart of the Original Civil Rights Movement, they were apart of it beginning in their late teens, early adult hood like 18 and 19 years old. Not in their 30’s and 40’s! And they were in it for the long term! I think that is what missing. It’s too many short terms, and not enough long terms. You really can’t solve this movement with a short fix. And speaking of movements: OFA. Organizing For Action where you at?!!!!  Those of us who got Obama back in office and serving on the OFA volunteer stuff,  jump into this! We know about the Immigration Reform, Jobs, Gay Rights, Voting Rights, Affordable Care Act, and many others. BUT THIS regarding for the past couple of days with the Verdict of George Zimmerman and the ongoing Movement of Trayvon Martin, regarding race in America and so forth, I want (and I WILL put this here) I want the Organizing for Action groups to be involved in this matter regarding race relations, justice and the anti-discrimination objectives among African-Americans and Americans alike. First Lady Michelle Obama said that this group can be what we want right? So I don’t know, but get the going. I’m just saying. And plus it will make folks do more in the communities right? Is that what the group is for in terms of giving back more in such? And those know, better recognize that this is a local, state, regional and NATIONAL concern! Come on folks.



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