Three Way Dance Time! As usual I picked three subjects ini which I believe that should be summarized. And the subject is a mix of things that are good and bad. So buckle the seatbelts, keep the F1 button on the work computers and here we go:

Magna Carta Holy Grail. Yeah, I got the CD at the house. Edited version – don’t judge me! And unlike everyone else, I didn’t have a Samsung Smartphone to download or preview the songs on the album. But I have to say this: Jay-Z is a freaking genius. Whether you like him or hate him, the thing about him putting his new CD as a preview on a smartphone app way ahead before the due date of release was serious brainstorming. I have to admit, RocNation is on point! Now don’t call me a Jay-Z fan. Don’t get me wrong, he’s made good hits, and just to think, about 10 years ago, he’s thought about retiring. But after American Gangster, Watch The Throne w/ Kanye, marrying Beyonce, and welcoming Blue Ivy Carter, plus taking a stock in the Brooklyn Nets, and the RocNation Sports Agency, I guess Jay is not done yet. Hold that retirement party! But getting back to the Magna Carta Holy Grail Album: The songs stood out to me (and me only): Holy Grail, BBC, Somewhereinamerica, (yes it’s all one word), Picasso Baby, and Heaven. Those are my faves on the joint. In the Samsung Ad, and you probably did see it, Jay-Z talked about writing the new rules, when it comes to music like his, and to get it out on Smartphone Apps for a preview, guess what: It’s a start. And yes, expect to see more artists in the future to do almost the exact same thing. Doing the product, make a app on a preview, and sell the actual product in the stores. Or digital downloads. Can you imagine if everyone in America could somewhat follow an idea like that for jobs? Just saying. So we’ll see how Magna Carta Holy Grail goes not just in sales, but in quantity.

Speaking of apps: What is the matter with folks? An app maker had to put out a game called “Angry Trayvon”. Really?!! Seriously whoever had the time to make an app called “Angry Trayvon” should be fired. FOR LIFE! We all know right now that the trial of George Zimmerman is going on. And yes I’m also glad that Trayvon Martin’s family is getting their say during the trial. But to have a game of a black dude wearing a hoodie and looking angry is down right (can I say the word?) ratchetness! Or like ghetto! Or maybe just plain preposterous. Call it what you want, but it is what it is. And I’m glad that the Google folks, Blackberry Folks, Apple folks and others have realized that it was wrong to display the game on their app stations while someone’s child is in the grave! Stop it! And I’m glad it got pulled. This is not the time nor the place to have this. I’ll bet those who put the app out, probably had this as a joke. Just my assumption. But the fact of the matter is, this is no assumption of truth.

And speaking of assumption: The Essensce Festival. Want to talk about that again. Now if those who went to Essence Festival and had a ball with MSNBC, had a ball watching Rev. Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz doing the Cupid Shuffle (he did folks), Melissa Harris-Perry bringing #Nerdland to the game, or seeing Tamron Hall or Chris Hayes, or playing “Hardball” with Chris Matthews and others like Joy-Ann Reid, and Alex Wagner yes you had a ball. Either at the festival or watching it on TV. Now I want address something. And to those who were hashtaging negativity about #msnbcEssence about African-Americans being exploited, shut up! NOW! Why is it that when a positive event for African-Americans like the Essence Festival or any other Event around the country gets promoted, there’s always have to be this formic notion about this? Many of those who were on the online commentators like Twitter or others had to come out of the woodwork and badly judge the Essence Festival as anti-white? Question: have any of these folks complaining ever been to the Essence Festival? Probably not. Have ANY of these folks ever been to a Juneteenth Day Parade, or an Festival that was promoted by African-Americans? Maybe. But why the so-called “sensitive feelings” about them not being welcomed or not being included? I’ve seen folks show up at Milwaukee’s Juneteenth Day and African World Festival who were Caucasian per say, and either worked, assisted or just hung out with us African American folks, without judgement or comment. Did the Essence Festival had a “blacks only” sign hanging around? No.  So as I used to say back in the 80’s: what’s the haps?

Back in the old blogs when Milwaukee Fox had them, I commented about the Black Fraternities/Sororities, and Scholarships that were geared to blacks in education and groups. Now I did mention that yes, other ethnics can be a sorority sister or a fraternity brother, or be recognized for a scholarship named after Martin Luther King. I’ve seen it happen. But I have to caution something here: don’t make a big huge judgment about something that you don’t understand. That’s is what’s happening now. I was listening to Sherwin Hughes today on WNOV, (yes I still listen to Sherwin)  And the part about his commentary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that was put out by the Supreme Court. And the thought of the hardships of us African-Americans had gone though and still going through. Word to the wise, if those who thought it’s all smoke and mirrors, know this: It’s not. There are those who don’t understand and have not walked in our footsteps. Nor worn our shoes in dealing with oppression, racism, being arrested while driving black. Or being brought up in a neighborhood in which it’s the ghetto. Or a central city. Nor being denied of a house, credit, job, or a good car or truck all because of the skin color of BLACK! Somebody better be a witness! If you don’t know why the anger fuels. If you don’t know why all the time we comment and talk about slavery while those who say “get over it”, you don’t get it. Some of things that occurred in history from buying off, or sold off, or keeping folks from voting, is almost happening here! And I dare say this: there are somethings, and I mean “somethings” that can’t be forgotten nor should be commented to get over. I hear lot of talk about the Holocaust, Remember the Alamo, never forget Pearl Harbor, or even 9/11. But when it comes to slavery, and we should forget that never existed? That right there, is a load of B.S. – yeah I said it!

Yes it didn’t happen to me. And I got lucky to be Patriotic and being born in a city that was geared to Harley-Davidson’s birthplace. But I also MUST recognize that those of my Ancestry, that had to go through the B.S. of being whipped, shackled, separated, placed on ships bound for a country known as America. Why? Because it’s a constant reminder. I often say that don’t forget what got you here! Other folks like you haven’t been so lucky. Basically when last year when the country was about to get President Obama back in office, I saw on Facebook, or many other Social Media sites about “N*gger it’s a White House!” or “Keep the White in the White House”. Do any of these yahoos realize that it was BLACK FOLKS who built the White House? It was Black Folks who built the U.S. Capitol, and placed the statue of Freedom on top the Capitol Dome? Mostly, it was BLACK FOLKS who mostly built the country, and majority those who are serving in the Armed Forces and in the beginning, the majority of the ethnicity that dawned the uniform or took up arms were Black Folks!  Either they were slaves trying to be free or actual freed men, We better recognize. No matter who you are. Even black folks today who may not want to hear it, and play their own game. Hey, I play my game too. But I have to recognize the ancestry always. It’s sort of like going to your family reunion. I went to mine this year in Indianapolis and I’ve met relatives that I never knew. On my mother’s side.  Some I met lived in Milwaukee, my birthplace. Others I’ve meet from California, Virgina, Tennessee and others. So yes, I can say it was my “American Discovery”. Go to your Family Reunions! No matter how expensive it might be. And before if you might get married, check him or her out first. Just to see if you or that significant someone might not be related by blood. Just saying.

All in all, don’t just forget it. And about the black festivals. Look, anyone is welcome. In my opinion, that shouldn’t be a big deal for some. Check the comments at the door. Just saying.


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