Write this name down: Asean Johnson. He’s young, gifted, black and yes he knows. Plus My take between MSNBC and the Essence Festival.

Posted: July 6, 2013 in #TwitterShare, African American Stories and Viewpoints, Black America, Black stories that all should know and realize, Decision Factors, Editorial, My Special Commentary, National, News and politics
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I’m looking at MSNBC. And yes right now, they are at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. If those who don’t know, Essence is a magazine publication that is mostly geared toward African American women. You probably seen them around alot. However this event in New Orleans is not about promoting magazines, in a printing sense. This Essence Festival and the combination hook up with MSNBC for that last couple of days had me thinking: Why I am not there?! I’ve heard of the Essence Festival before through Jet Magazine, but never had to see it though an angle of the news or video. Yes, I know many of you have probably uploaded pictures or videos on Social Media or Youtube. Don’t worry I’ll look at them. For the MSNBC part of it, whether it was The Ed Show, PoliticsNation, NewsNation with Tamron Hall, or the hometown favorite of the Melissa Harris-Perry Show, it was a different view in which yes, the event has now got the exposure. And also another reason to visit or revisit New Orleans! – Personally, my first visit to New Orleans was in 2001 and yes, I want to go back.

Speaking of the Ed Show: I was watching this young man named Asean Johnson. You may have seen him before, and I should point out, he’s 9 years old. Young, gifted and black.

Yes, this is 9 year old, Asean Johnson at a Teacher’s Union Rally in Chicago. Now this may come as a shock for some, but why would a 9 year old show up for a rally like this? Asean is one of the kids in Chicago that is in their Public School System that is also voicing his liberties about the problems in the schools. Also voicing his opinion about Rahm Emmanuel closing the schools and building more prisons. As I was listening to him, through the video and on the Ed Show, it’s aware that a young man like him is speaking out. Yes I know he’s 9 years old. A third grader. But he’s saying something. And I wish more young men and young women who we send to the classrooms Monday through Friday, other than asking “how was school”, or who won the game in gym class. I want to know also how are they are really feeling in the state of schools, with all the politicians or most like to slash education! You know what Scott Walker is doing in Wisconsin, right?  However for this young man, he might have a future something great, as long as he keeps level headed with his family, friends, and community. And yes we ADULTS need to listen to our children! This is our future and the teaching should begin and continue now!

For the other angle with MSNBC and the Essence Festival, it’s not just about fun, it’s about serious issues like jobs, education, voting rights, racism, segregation and many issues that go often ignored or have a different angle of opinion. The Essence Festival, according to them, is about empowering African-American Communities. Plus also in 2012, MSNBC had a rise in viewership based on African-Americans. It’s a fact. Even though that this is just one African-American Festival of empowerment, but we need more and still stable more festivals like this to get out and empower our issues, concerns, and ideas that mostly no other festival can’t address.  Even if it’s Milwaukee’s Summerfest. Yeah I said it! – Milwaukee’s African World Festival? Maybe. The All-White/Black Affair – Possibly. But the regular Summefest. Don’t think so.

Even though that the Essence Festival is ending this weekend. But likewise, the struggle continues.

Follow MSNBC and the Essence Festival on twitter like this: #msnbcESSENCE


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